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Sight Master

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Sight Master Empty Sight Master

Post by Tguitar on February 15th 2017, 3:13 pm

Sight Master

"To be one with nature you just need to be one"

The Bio

Real Name: Raymond Azura
Hero Name: Sight Master
Title: The Eye
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human Being
Hair: Black and messy hair
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 1.73
Weight: 64 kg
Blood type: Umm, actually I should really go ask my Doc bout that.

The Looks

The Personality

Ray is an ok guy, after all he's been trough it's amazing to see him this way. Curious and inquisitive, smart and well, over all a nice guy, he seems to care deeply about others, he's really empathic to the extent that he sometimes feels others pain, due to this he seeks to help anyone that's suffering, pain, he just can't stand it.

The Story

Ray was a child of course, yet his childhood was normal, I mean sure he suffered, and his family worked their ass off to keep him studying, but that doesn’t really matter. The truth is that only one thing matters, and that’s why he chose this life. He loves nature, and that’s why he was almost always running around in his garden, studying every bird, that flew by, every plant that would stay still while being looked at. Yet his other love contradicts the first one, technology, Ray spent as much time as he did outside playing games, exploring his fathers pc. It wasn’t until someone gave him his first watch as a present that he started tinkering with objects, he opened the watch and changed the screen, he spent almost a month studying the watch until one day he could pick up on most signals around him with the watch! He started seeing tv signals with it. His family couldn’t afford a tv, they only had a computer due to his father work. So with this watch Ray started learning more about gadgets, watching “the gadget show” and drawing how he would’ve made those gadgets.
The truth is that there is no real reason, he was good with both nature and technology, Ray could even pet a bird without it fleeing, he actually bonded with one particular Double-collared seedeater, he was F***** cute. This bird started following Ray everywhere and soon Ray named it, Tito. He was a true friend, singing whenever Ray was feeling down, and ray scratched Tito in a way that he truly loved. When Ray turned 18, he started college, Biology was his field, with a passion for studying animals Ray was liked by everyone, not for himself but thanks to Tito following him, the teachers couldn’t believe a wild animal that out of nothing started following him, just like that, everyone really loved Tito. After a month of studying, Ray thought that a reward was needed, so he went to a natural reserve, filled with birds singing, sunshine and pretty flowers, it was lovely, and Tito was actually excited for that place, flying here and there, never stopping, he loved “talking” to other birds, while Tito played, Ray layed down on the ground, just close enough to a tree as to be provided with a shadow, and from his pocket he retrieved a joint, why did he smoke? It would be hard to answer, everyone has a distinct motive, Ray felt one with everything, so he just chilled there, feeling one with the birds, one with the sun, one with the grass, feeling one, until Tito landed on his chest, and for his life, Ray swears he heard “we have to go back now”. Being truly high he did as he could to stand up and hastily returned home, yet there was no one there. It felt weird, there was always someone, if his parents at least his sister April should’ve been there, the pone, Ray was so high he had forgotten to check on his cell, when he did, horror was on his face, it said “from Sis: Ray, you have to come to the hospital, something happened, really bad, I can’t bear to tell you this way, I feel terrible, please come.” His trip was non existent at this point, so Ray took the first bus to the hospital, when he got there, he told a nurse his name and last name, which gave the nurse the biggest “I’m sorry face”, after that the nurse proceeded to take Ray to a certain room it was room 114, he’ll never forget that number. In the way, there were other families already there, everyone was either crying or angry, the smell of burned flesh was there, Ray hadn’t payed attention to it before but it was horrible, it wasn’t like cooked chicken it was clear that it was human flesh, burned human flesh, (it could’ve been pork as it has the same smell). When the nurse stopped at a door he turned to Ray and said, I’m sorry but I need you to wait outside, your sister is inside, I’ll call her. So he waited, It couldn’t have been more that 5 minutes yet time seemed to stop, he got to hear some people talking about the incident, it appears that two super powers individuals got into a fight after someone took these people as hostages, a battle started while the hostages were there, the “hero” could turn air into fire just by thinking it and the villain was able to spit acid, there’s not much else to say, just that they were so into their battle that both of them forgot about every single hostage. When the door opened it was April hugging her brother, nothing else seemed to matter, she explained “two mutants had burned the skin of our parents, they were shopping when it happened, the paramedics couldn’t enter the scene untill the battle stopped, but since they were in so much pain the “hero” himself carried our parents into the hospital, they needed attention fast, it’s ugly, it’s really ugly, you have to enter cause the doctor don’t know if they’ll make it, but I’m warning you, they’re really damaged”. After all that, Ray couldn’t say a thing, how badly damaged could they be that even her own sister had to warn him of what he’ll see inside, and when he got inside, indeed, the smell was strongest here, they were in a coma, induced, no single part of them wasn’t burned, his father was missing one leg and his mother didn’t have a single finger on her hands, it was horrible, it was only for 10 seconds that Ray got to see them, yet as I said earlier, time stopped, he could see them, sense them, he felt their pain and started to scream out of his lungs, yet as fast as he started to scream, he stopped, when those slow ten seconds ended, they died, and Ray didn’t feel the pain anymore, it was terrible, as if they were waiting for the whole family to be there, they just left. Ray passed out. After a week April and Ray were still devastated, yet now both of them needed work, I mean what was left for them wasn’t enough to live by themself, so not even able to pay for a funeral, they already had to move on, Ray got a job at a tech shop, he liked that job, I mean sure it was mostly helping old people disconnect and connect a cable, but sometimes really interesting people came by, for example, after a year of work, someone came in while Ray was working on a gps map, it had internet connection and everything, this man, just hacked the program, and after that he hacked the whole store, making everything turn on and off, it was like Fireworks for Ray, he spoke to this hacker, Michael was his name, and he even started taking online “classes” with him, mostly chatting and learning to code, but it was great, it almost made him forget about his parents. As a Project, Ray started making a helmet, mostly a visor as the helmet wouldn’t even help him at a bicycle crash, it started as a Project, but he used whatever the tech shop manager would call trash to make it, he even mounted a camera on Tito, with it, linking it to the visor, Ray could see what Tito saw, as a Project, he started going to the Street, there was something he didn’t like about the Street, Heroes, Villains, they ruled the Street, average human beings are just sheep to them Ray, felt that the world was unjust, and as the Project advanced, so did his vigilante days.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Tech Creation: Ray is quite adept at making low budget gadgets, thanks to chemistry and great tinkering abilities, depending on the complexity of it and its requirements he could even finish a gadget in less than half an hour, if every condition for the gadget is met.

The Weaknesses

Human: Ray doesn't have a physical power, so punches hurt, and falling from a building kills, he is completely mortal and feels pain as you and I.
Empathy: Violence for no reason makes him sick, sometimes even feeling half of the victim's pain.
The Items

Hud Visor: This is what Ray uses to keep himself from death, with custom software and no internet conexion (thanks to a friendly hacker) it uses a software written by Ray, it shows a map (that must have been pre downloaded due to no internet) and enhances Rays natural targeting skills, and can predict a punch strength fast enough to advise him with a course of action (usually evading the punch). The hud main purpose is to show him a window with live feed coming from an attachable camera.
Weakness: The hud is made of glass, so if it can break glass, it can break the hud.
Attachable Camera: it's attached to his "sidekick Tito". It's a Thermographic camera and can zoom enough to recognize someones face from a 100 meters away.
Weakness: Loses signal if Tito is farther away than 100 meters
Terminal: Attached behind his left hand, used to connect to another device, pc, cellphone, etc... With it Ray is able to hack most softwares.
Weakness: Only has enough charge to hack 3 devices, if the software is too complex, it'll deplete all charges.
Quiver: Used to store his arrows, with 30 arrows ready for use. Usually he keeps more arrows stored for "reloading" the quiver.
Weakness: It's carried like a backpack with a strap, so if someone removes the strap it's bye bye quiver.
Belt: Carries Rays arrows enhancements. Such as:
-Sleeping gas, enough to affect a group of 5 average human males.
Weakness: Air or Water can neutralize this gas.
-Small explosions, Mostly used to break a lock or some device but give it a good headshot and it's quite effective
Weakness: Can't break anything harder than concrete.
-Molotov arrowhead, fire spreads only 2 meters from where it hits unless there's fuel around, catching only one average human male completely on fire or two average human males by igniting parts of them.
Weakness: Obviously water, 1 Lt of water is enough to kill this fire.
-Hacking arrowhead, used to link to a device strong enough not to break under the arrow impact.
Weakness: If intercepted, can be used to hack Ray, due to it being linked to his terminal.
-Grappling Hook, able to grapple up to 300 meters tall buildings, luckily for Ray he tinkered most with this adaptation cause, well, he kinda feared falling to his death. The grappling hook can lift Ray only so lifting someone else requires the use of another grappling hook. Ray has a max amount of 4 of this hooks.
Weakness: The rope is completely flamable, so a nice fire should neutralize this device.

The Minions

Tito the Bird

The Fluff

Software Knowledge: Ray can understand any software just by looking at the code, after that modifying it to fit his needs becomes as easy as typing.
Biology Knowledge: Ray knows flesh, any living being that originated on earth has a system that Ray knows how it works, so healing a living being comes easy for him, don't be mistaken, he's no doctor yet if you are on a rush it's probably enough.
Archery: Ray uses a bow since his childhood, he never killed anything with it, but the sensation of hitting a target always gave him a rush of pleasure.
The RP Sample

Where am I? It's a building, I'm not sure what's inside the building, I'm on top of it, this building could be a corporate business, it could perhaps be where Clarke Nt lives, I laugh at the thought. What am I doing here? Well I'm surveying the area, checking to see if anyone needs help, Tito, my lovely partner helps me with this, I can see what he sees, through his eyes, we are one. Buy nothing, he doesn't catch a single thing, there's nothing wrong anywhere, I've got free time, so I call him through a mic, it's like a videocall what we're doing really, nothing fanc. Here we are, chilling on a building, feeling the wind hit our faces, I can see why he loves flying, I would too. I take out a joint, it reminds me  of the past, all the other joints, I can remember my parents, yet that isn't enough to stop me from smoking it, when I smoke it, I just... I can feel the wind, I think I'm the wind, for a flash there I can feel I'm Tito, I'm one with my surroundings, and then, BANG. Chill, I say to myself as I jump across the rooftops, Tito knows the drill, he's heading to the place, yet making sure no one sees him, Now I get a clear picture of the shooter, he seems afraid, good, there won't be no need to shoot him, I jump down behind him aided by my grappling arrow, "Hey man, I see you've got a nice gun there, would you mind lending me that?[/b]" the shooter looks at my up and down, and throws the gun away, "I'm sorry dude! I was just trying it, I swear, I didn't hurt anyone, I was curious, you know?" Looking around I see he didn't actually hurt anyone, I call Tito and he lands on my shoulder and with that I say "don't make loud noises kid, someone may be sleeping, I'll be taking your gun, don't go making mistakes" as I say that I grab the gun from the floor, it's warm, really heavy, I completely dislike guns, so noisy, interrumping my thoughts I hear "Thanks hooded dude! I will not make a mistake, shooting that thing was horrible, I won't do it again..." I take my leave, and walk away from this guy, when he no longer sees me I send Tito to spy him, what I see shocks me, he's going home, and when the door opens he hugs and old lady so tight even I can feel that hug, I feel good, it feels good to be around.

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Sight Master Empty Re: Sight Master

Post by Rozmer on February 20th 2017, 8:45 pm

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