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Redwood Empty Redwood

Post by Oakley on September 13th 2017, 7:47 pm


"Yes, I know I messed up. Want to tell me anything else?"

The Bio

Real Name: Holti Guttomur Baldursson
Hero Name: Redwood
Title: None at this moment
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 22
Weight:135 lbs.
Blood type:B Negative

The Looks

His actual outfit consists of a full body suit. The main color is grey with accents of white. The eyes themselves are not defined, rather there is a shape on the face, much like one on a motorcycle outfit. This too is white. The palms and undersides of the feet are white as well.

Holti himself measures at the massive 5’6. He prefers to keep his hair very fluffy, even if it takes him too long in the mornings. His build is athletic due to the activities he joined after gaining his powers.

The Personality

Holti is not one to shy away from saying or doing something, even if it isn’t the smartest. Often, he will say or do something without really thinking, which often ends up hurting him as a response. This can be him confronting someone or him running away even. Either way, he doesn’t think about the result as much as he should. He can be a bit blunt at times as well, choosing to be more honest than trying to be easy on someone. One flaw is that he can be easy to manipulate at times. He often trusts others too easily or tries to be too much like another person simply because ‘everyone else is doing so I should too to fit in.’ This does not dictate his life, though, and mostly happens during social events.
If he befriends you, his attitude may change a bit. He might try to be less blunt with some people, knowing it can be a bit rude at times. He does get worried rather easily as well, which isn’t always a good thing. He’s certainly a worrier and it often keeps him up at night.
He is one to want to improve though. Holti isn’t one to deny help or advice. While it may hurt, he knows it’s for the best and will take any bit of criticism thrown at him to better himself as a person. He does underestimate himself at times, mostly due to him feeling inexperienced in multiple fields.  
He can be in denial a bit at times. Often, if something changes his life enough, he does go into denial. Not wanting it to be true simply because he is afraid of what may happen or how it may change his life. He does work towards accepting it and does not refute it all together.
Overall, he does try his best to improve. He can be a bit too blunt at times. Holti doesn’t always think of the direct outcome and acts out of fear or worry.

The Story

Holti’s life started out completely normal. He’s always had an interest in science, more specifically, ones involving plants and animals. This was especially towards ones not native to his home country, Iceland. At the age of 16, after making amazing grades in his science classes, Holti got the opportunity to work as an intern at a lab with a couple of other students.
While they were there, the scientists were trying to develop a plant that could survive through many different weather conditions and with very little sunlight. At the time, it was in prototype form, not meant to be consumed or even handled too much. A couple of the other interns used peer pressure and other method to manipulate Holti into taking a clipping from one of the plants to eat, which sadly he did do. The plant would later fail to work out and to prevent any incidence, the plant was presumably burned. It didn’t start immediately, but later on that night. It was painful, but it only lasted about an hour. This was when it all started.
At first, it was extremely hard for him to control his powers. Plants would grow even when he had his hand too close. It took quite a while to truly control it, even now he still struggles a small bit at times. Secretly, he would go out on hikes to practice it in privacy, doing his best to learn on his own. It was only a couple of months in when he asked his parents to get him lessons involving mixed martial arts and to take on cross country. At this point, he knew he had to have more than just his plant powers, so he chose to take on some combat skills and running skills. At the same time, he would try his best to perfect any and all climbing skills, whether it be rock climbing or ropes courses.
At the age of 18, he did get a scholarship to attend university in the United States of America, more specifically, in Florida. Secretly, he’d continue to work on controlling his powers and staying fit, trying his best to work with his powers, rather than against. Lessons would continue so he could better himself. He’d continue to live there until just before his 22nd birthday, where he would get an opportunity to work in New York City, which is where he is today. His current job is as a Botanist and a Horticulturist. He often designs fancy gardens for people and events. It's an obvious job, but he believes  nobody will figure it out.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Plant Powers: His powers do revolve around plants, but are all limited in some way. He can grow plants, but there must be a pre-existing plant. This means either a seed, seedling, or even a fully grown plant. To grow one, he has to be able to picture the plant itself and have his hands free. No assuming that there’s a plant in the cracks of a sidewalk. This does result in him carrying around a small bag, which is attached to his belt, full of seeds. While he can simply grow the plant in his hands, to successfully use it for something like climbing, he must be able to dig it into some surface. This does come with him becoming better with his powers. The most he can do now is concrete, anything stronger than that will take a great deal of energy and he will not do as easily. When climbing the plants, he often wraps a small bit of the plant around his wrists or ankles to allow him to hold on. The same works with others where he will wrap the plant around them to most likely hold them onto something.
He too can revive dead plants, but this takes up far more energy than simply growing one.
No. He cannot create plant minions or anything of that sort. The plants cannot walk around and be self aware.

The Weaknesses

It is limited, though. He cannot grow plants when there is too much fire surrounding him due to the lack of water in the air. Too, if the climate is far too hot or far too cold, the plants may only grow very little or not at all.
His hands must be free as well for him to do anything. If they’re confined and he cannot move them, then there’s no using his power.
Weed killer...because you know, it hurts plants.
He does need either glasses or contacts to see, so this very well counts.  

The Items

A small knife used for basic defense. It’s small enough to hide anywhere but can help in many situations.
A pouch of multiple types of seeds. This way, he always has something he can grow. He collects them throughout the day, often when he’s walking or eating fruit. He too gets them from taking clippings of others plants either seen at work or seen when he’s going out on walks. Sometime, he does have to buy ones, such as ones for vines.

The Minions


The Fluff

When he first obtained his powers, he couldn’t quite control them. This resulted in small things growing when he didn’t want them to, such as when he’d walk in grass, it’d grow faster. This still happens whenever he is extremely out of it and not quite focusing his mind on the powers.
Not helpful, but he can play the flute and the piccolo! He’s been playing since he was 10 years old.

The RP Sample

Quietly, Eliot studied the other man’s expressions, attempting to figure out what he was thinking. Quite honestly, Ludwig was someone Eliot hadn’t even considered to see. Yet, now that he thought of it, seeing him seemed to be the most logical. This was relatively close to his home, correct? So why the hell didn’t he just call him as soon as this happened? He almost regretted simply not contacting the man, but then again, maybe it’d make Ludwig go too far out of his way. At times, he did feel bad when inconveniencing others, especially when he didn’t know the person as well.
“It’s fine.” He almost wanted to ignore that question, yet it wouldn’t end well at all. Being honest seemed like his only solution. Avoiding any questions would seem far too suspicious. “I was, but my ride cancelled on me.” That’s honest enough. He could very well add more context, but he chose not to. Tapping his foot on the ground nervously, he spoke once more. “Why do you ask?” All this made him feel anxious. Even if a small part of him wanted to have a ride, another part worried about the questions that would follow on the journey home.

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Redwood Empty Re: Redwood

Post by Chellizard on September 13th 2017, 9:53 pm

Approved and moved.

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