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A Day Off (Sugar)

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A Day Off (Sugar) Empty A Day Off (Sugar)

Post by Celio August 27th 2017, 3:55 am

As Mocha was relaxing on a bench in Tampa Bay,  she was planning on what to do for today, as it was her day off. Normally, she was usually preoccupied on her job as a bodyguard for hire, but today she set herself a day off so she could have a bit of relaxation time. She was wearing her usual clothes, a small white sleeveless shirt and some pink cargo shorts, and despite it lightly raining, she did not opt to wear a rain coat, and instead decided to use a umbrella as she lied on the bench as she checked on her phone on where to go for the day.

"Hmm... Should I go to get something to eat first, or should I head to the flower shop to get some flowers for home?" This was a question that Mocha was thinking as she was typing on her phone on where to go. As she searched on her phone, she ended up smelling a sweet aroma coming from a nearby building, and as she approached the building in question, which turned out to be some sort of candy shop. Wanting to learn where this aroma was coming from, Mocha went in and looked around the place for a bit.

As she went inside the candy shop, Mocha ended up at the back of some long line of customers, and as she waited for her turn to ask where the aroma was coming from, she noticed that there was something weird about the girl in front of her. The obvious thing that was different from her was that she was made out of some sort of pink liquid candy, and it even dripped and fell from her, much like goo. The woman's hair also seemed to be made of candy, but it seemed to be more solid then the rest of her body.

By the time Mocha reached near the front of the line, all she ended up having to wait for was for the candy girl, and as she waited her stomach was beginning to growl a bit. After a few minutes of waiting, Mocha simply tapped on the candy girl's shoulder before saying in a calm manner "Excuse me, can you hurry up a bit? I do not mean to be rude,
but I smelled something wonderful coming from here, and I really want to learn where the smell is coming from so I can try eating it."

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