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The Ebony Skull

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The Ebony Skull Empty The Ebony Skull

Post by KingTyrant August 21st 2017, 10:48 pm


"Humanity is a piss-stain on this beautiful blue marble... It's my job to scrub it out."

The Bio

Real Name: Jebediah Elliot
Villain Name: The Ebony Skull
Title: Leader of the Anatomy
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 177 lbs.

The Looks

Jebediah is a rather thin-bodied man with a narrow, slightly bony face. His hair, which is somewhat short and unkempt is noticeably thinning on top, his facial hair cut into a goatee. He has a number of chrome teeth, as well as chrome fillings. Most of the time he wears a variety of ornate skull masks, as well as fancy suits in a number of colors. While in combat, he wears a military combat uniform in a dark jungle camouflage variety.

The Personality

Jebediah Elliot is a cruel human being who delights from human pain and sadness. He enjoys any level of suffering, no matter how small or minuscule, and takes pride in the suffering he causes. He justifies this sick enjoyment by simply stating that humans deserve no less. He isn't malicious while hurting people, either. Rather, he is somewhat lighthearted and jovial, which makes him even scarier.

This isn't without reason, as Jebediah believes that humans need to pay for ruining the planet in the way of pollution, animal poaching, deforestation, etc.. He finds all other life to be innocent, and human beings to be the only true evil. In his mind, an Earth without humans is an Earth worth living on. His ultimate goal is the utter extinction of mankind, including himself. It's unclear whether this means that Jebediah has a certain level of self-loathing, or he views himself as superior to other humans.

The Story

Jebediah grew up in a poor home in southern Louisiana, with two older brothers who beat him constantly at the behest of their alcoholic father, who made money from a dogfighting ring. Jebediah was somewhat of an outcast in his hometown, getting good grades in school and being somewhat of a nerd amongst the other boys around him, who were all athletes and outdoorsmen. He had no friends at school, and his only companion at home was his pet golden retriever, Eddie.

Jebediah was a quiet boy who rarely answered to his teachers when they asked about his bruises from the abuse he took at home, mostly out of fear that his father would take his dog for competition, a constant threat he was given at home if he was to ever reveal the nature of his abuse. He took the beatings without complaint, somehow still convincing himself that there was good in the world, even when he was equally bullied at school.

The breaking point came one evening in Jebediah's last year of middle school, when his father took Eddie for competition regardless of Jebediah staying silent. Jebediah tried to fight back, only for his father to beat him within an inch of his life before leaving with the dog. Eddie was killed in the first fight, and when his oldest brother snarkily gave him the news later that night, he cried himself to sleep. Now filled with a burning hatred from having his one and only friend ripped away, he made plans to kill his family the next day.

The next night, while his dad was passed out drunk on the sofa, he took a kitchen knife and violently slit his father's throat, grabbing the key to the gun safe before taking his father's revolver and shooting each of his siblings in the head. Before the police could arrive, he went and hid in the coat closet.

However, Jebediah was not found by the police, but rather an agent from the Chinese assassin guild known as the Sǐ Tiān, who his father apparently owed money to. Enraged that his father wasn't alive to pay the debt off, his son was kidnapped to make up for it, the agent seeing a use for the boy's newfound bloodlust. For the next several years, he was trained in complete isolation from the outside world in various forms of Chinese martial arts, and was specifically taught everything there was to know about the human body, as to ensure the most efficient kills.

Later on down the road, during one of his many initiation tests, he was given an order to kill a sick dog to ensure that he'd have no restrictions on killing in the future. This brought back memories of his dog, Eddie, and came to the conclusion that the ones who trained him only seeked to tear him down in the end, much like his father and brothers. He killed the dog as ordered, and was congratulated with full membership as an assassin of the Sǐ Tiān. However, he was secretly planning on betraying all of them, when given the chance.

For the next year or so, he completed contracts without error, and gained the trust of almost everyone in the guild, securing friendships more tightly knit than any of the leaders of the guild itself. During a celebratory party for one of the biggest mission successes of his career, he'd unveil a coup to overthrow the leadership of the guild which involved almost every reknowned assassin he had befriended. After poisoning the leaders' alcohol, killing them slowly and painfully, he claimed leadership of the Sǐ Tiān and rebranded it, 'The Anatomy,' immediately reshaping it from the ground up to fit his own agenda.

From then on, they weren't common assassins, they were eco-terrorists. A militia of warmongers, Hell-bent on teaching humanity a lesson. Finally, Jebediah was getting to live out a fantasy he had since he had killed his family all of those years ago. Donning a black skull mask, he acted as the leader and symbol of the organization, which attacked everything that attacked the well-being of the Earth. This included, but wasn't limited to oil companies, logging companies, coal plants, and wealthy business tycoons.

The Priority

1. Agility 2
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Master Martial Artist: While the Ebony Skull possesses  no powers, he is a master martial artist, studying in Kung Fu, Ba Fa and Tibetan White Crane, among others. He studied exclusively Chinese styles, as he was involved with a Chinese assassin guild.

Anatomy Expert: The Ebony Skull is an expert on the human body, knowing exactly which bones to break and which tendons to strike to cause both the most pain and the most damage. He knows a variety of pressure points and sensitive nerve endings that he happily uses against his enemies.

Firearms Expert: The Ebony Skull is a master of firearms, ranging from handguns, to shotguns, to snipers, to SMGs. He is a fairly decent marksman, and was taught extensively in guerrilla warfare.

The Weaknesses

Human Mortality: Being that he is human with no supernatural powers of any sort, he is just as vulnerable as the next guy, and just as easy to take down, if not for his hordes of minions coming to his aid.

Anger Issues: The Ebony Skull is susceptible to fits of anger whenever things don't go as planned, in which he will act irrationally, and do things he probably wouldn't have done, had his head been on straight. This anger includes destroying things, and harming anyone unlucky enough to be nearby when it happens.

Poor Tactician: Jebediah does not have the leadership of a military general, and is quite poor at strategically planning missions and attacks. This is what leads him to go for a shock and awe method, attacking suddenly, and overwhelming the enemy to the point of surrender due to low morale. Unfortunately, this leaves him quite open to counter-defense.

The Items

- Heckler & Koch MP5
- TEC-9 Semi-Automatic Pistol
- Butterfly Knife
- Pipe Bombs

The Minions

The New Breed

The Fluff

The Ebony Skull and The Anatomy both employ a logo which resembles a Vitruvian Man with the skin missing, revealing muscle, tendons, internal organs, and bone.

The RP Sample

Jebediah Elliot walked into the chamber holding the Anatomy's newest victim, the business associate of a well-known company; "Ericsson Inc.." To many, it was a company trying to save the planet, but for Jeb, it was just another cash cow, trying to buy people's trust with promises it couldn't keep. An industry of clowns trying to cash in on the suffering of the planet due to human interference.

Upon entering the chamber, Jebediah raised his brows at the sight of the man. He was a rather pudgy guy, with graying temples. Of course, it was hard to tell, what with the amount of blood pouring from his head that coated his hair. He was a mess... His arm had been burned with a hot iron, his ankles had been broken... Now he was prepped for the final torture, bamboo rods, right under the nails of the right hand. The guy didn't look  at Jeb as he entered, who wore a full skull helmet, made with hard plastic, as well as a fancy suit and trench coat.

He sat in front of him, backwards in a chair that he draped his arms over the back of, laying his chin down on his arms as he looked at the guy. "Mr. Eugene Cedric Alistair.  You're the buddy of that spoiled brat's daddy, right? The Ericsson family's yes-man..." He chuckled. "What do you want?" The guy asked, his voice strained from screaming, looking up at Jeb with a visible anger in his eyes. Jeb whistled. "Feisty one, we got here! Too bad I don't got time to play games, huh?" He asked, taking off his helmet and looking him dead in the eyes.

"Our patience has run dry, Eugene. You know what we want." He told him flatly. The guy spit at his feet. "It's gonna take a lot more than some beatings for me to help you hurt Conner..." He snarled. Jeb nodded. "Oh, I figured... But that ain't no problem to me. You see, I can do this all day. And if you don't bring him here..." He murmured. At that moment, three of the New Breed came in with a camera, and one more came in with a microphone.

Eugene looked around. "What is this...?" He asked, his eyes wide. Jeb stood, kicking the chair to the side. "Ah... Nothing much. Just a special little broadcast for Ericsson Inc. We'll see how desperate your bitch boy is to save you..." He said, laughing with a wheeze in his voice. "You son of a bitch..." Eugene growled. Jeb quickly shushed him, picking up a couple of the rods. "We'll chat later... It's almost showtime." At that moment, the chamber filled with loud screams as the broadcast began, Jeb laughing the whole way through.

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The Ebony Skull Empty Re: The Ebony Skull

Post by Super Cutie August 23rd 2017, 4:53 pm



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