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The New Breed

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The New Breed Empty The New Breed

Post by KingTyrant August 22nd 2017, 9:14 am

The New Breed

"To reap that which exploits mother Earth, to douse the flames of humanity's reign. Act as one, though we are many. One anatomy for the extinction."

The Bio

Real Name: Varying
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: The New Breed
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Varying
Gender: Male & Female
Race: Varying
Hair: Varying
Eyes: Varying
Height: Varying
Weight: Varying

The Looks

The New Breed all vary in looks, but one thing is common about them in presentation. Not only do they all wear military-esc combat uniforms, but they all conceal their identity with animal-themed gas masks, as well. This is most likely a method of inducing fear, but it could also be extra precautions, in case of situations where clean airflow is restricted.

The Personality

The New Breed are all much like their leader, in the way that they seem to take pleasure from human pain, and how they seem to enjoy and be eager to dish it out. However, it should be mentioned that none of them exist this way because of a voluntary hatred for the sins of mankind, but simply because they have been conditioned to be this way.

Similarly, they have been conditioned to do what they must to ensue chaos, by any means necessary. This includes, but is not limited to harming themselves, and even killing themselves to complete tasks. The same goes for keeping the Ebony Skull safe from harm. They are not especially intelligent, except for in the areas of combat, where it matters.

The Story

Near the downfall of the Sǐ Tiān and its re-branding as the Anatomy, the Ebony Skull realized that he needed an elite task force who didn't value their own well-being, and would comply with orders without question, as it was easier than dealing with henchmen who still had their morals intact. With this, he devised a heinous plan which involved the brainwashing of the organization's youngest members, effectively turning them into zombified killing machines.

The New Breed was the designation for these brainwashed troopers, who were lethal in terms of firefight capabilities, and had no qualms with taking a bullet for their leader, or suicide bombing on a dime. In a matter of months, the Ebony Skull had hundreds of these, the recruitment process being as simple as a routine kidnapping of young girls and boys from poor countries with ill-defined laws. In true Anatomy fashion, human beings became tools of wanton destruction.

The Priority

1. Agility1
2. Endurance3
3. Reaction2
4. Strength4

The Powers

Military Expertise: The New Breed have the knowledge and skill of a Navy SEAL team. They're lethal with firearms and in close quarters combat, and know a ridiculous amount of military tactics to thwart their enemies, which just happen to be any human within range.

Unfazed: The New Breed are stuck in their ways, and their former mind is all but unrecoverable. Similarly, they are impossible to interrogate, and will not speak, no matter how much pain or trauma is inflicted upon them.

The Weaknesses

High Death Rate: They are suicidal by nature and don't value their own well-being, which results in a high number of deaths from them often jumping into harm's way, whether that's for the sake of a mission, or protecting their leader.

Stupidity: The New Breed are little more than drones, who are almost completely mindless, other than their military knowledge and following orders they've been given. This means that their mind when it comes to higher thinking is rather dull, and conversation with one would most likely go nowhere.

Shut-Down Feature: If a mission is to go horribly wrong, the shut-down module is placed within the mind of a specific soldier in a New Breed platoon. All that is needed is to kill the leading man, and the rest will drop like flies as well. This is usually done via a suicide order, but it can be induced by an outside force killing the soldier, instead. Obviously, this leads to complications on the field.

Cowardice: In a state of panic, when things seem to be going horribly wrong, the New Breed troopers tend to scatter and run away from a mission, usually out of fear that they've underperformed for their leader. Unfortunately, this bug seems to occur at very minimal occurrences of things not going as planned.

The Items

- AK-74u Assault Rifle
- Glock 18 Machine Pistol
- GP-25 Grenade Launcher
- Studded Billy Club
- C4 Explosive (Strapped To Chest)

The Owner

The Ebony Skull

The Fluff

The soldiers' breathing through the gas masks are rather wheezy in nature, and loud. The reason for this, is unknown.

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The New Breed Empty Re: The New Breed

Post by Super Cutie August 23rd 2017, 4:55 pm



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