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Chef Alistar

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Chef Alistar  Empty Chef Alistar

Post by Celio August 18th 2017, 7:16 pm

Chef Alistar

"Embodiment of Gluttony"

The Bio

Real Name: Alistar Blaze
Villain Name: Chef Alistar
Title: Embodiment of Gluttony
Alignment: Villain
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 Pounds
Blood type: Olive Oil

The Looks

The Personality

Alistar is a genuine embodiment of gluttony, and as such inhabits the aspects of gluttony, such as being overconsumed by his own popularity, as well as having his own want to have others indulge in their own desires, usually in food. Due to living under a great amount of popularity for the past few years, he has become vain in his popularity and while he does care for his fans, he more sees them as a ways to spread his ways of overindulging in their ideals. Surprisingly for a gluttony demon, he has a bit of pride in himself as well, as he sees that he is above normal humans when it comes to fighting, but he will know when to back up, at least when it comes to a strong Meta.
The Story

Being created in Hell at a unknown time ago, Alistar was made as a embodiment of gluttony, a demon meant to spread the want to overindulge on things to empower the sin that they represented, and was given the Grimoire Cookbook as a baby before being sent to Earth to fulfill his duty. As he grew up from the slums in Chicago, he began his life of corruption by sneaking through the streets and knocking out a few rich people and stealing their money to make himself look good. After doing that, Alistar eventually deceived and lied his way through, until being able to pass as a middle class citizen.

As Alistar was now able to pass as a middle class citizen, he took a job that he thought most represented the sin of gluttony these days: a chef at the most social restaurant in all of Chicago. Through this job, he worked through the ranks, instilling gluttony through the magic from the Grimoire Cookbook into the foods in order to make customers want to come back to eat more. This lead to a promotion to a higher role in the restaurant, which allowed Alistar to make even more foods to instill even more gluttony into customers to make them want to come back...

This cycle of promotion through magic continued on until 2015, when the restaurant eventually received praise and Alistar became a minor celebrity in America due to his absolute mastery of cooking. This has lead him to appearing on live television, where he had begun to cook on live TV in order to spread the recipes to the people who stayed at home. All of this was going forward to Alistar's plans, as he has been hoping that through spreading his recipes that people would learn to create the spell-enhanced foods that would cause gluttony and hunger, allowing the power of the sin he represented to grow in power at a extreme rate.

Unfortunately for the demon, while everyone was able to recreate the foods from the Grimoire Cookbook that he had shown on live TV, they were unable to replicate the effects of the spells that went into the food. Because of this, Alistar ended up deciding to go even more celebrity and go on a world tour to cook for the world to make them indulge until they cannot indulge further. And while he is doing this, he has also decided to stop anyone who happened to find out his true race, just in case.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

The Powers

Magical Cooking: Due to being a lesser demon of gluttony, Alistar is a master of the culinary arts, and he can even put his unholy magic into his cooking to give each and every meal he makes magical powers. Each of his recipes are contained in his Grimoire Cookbook, and with the cookbook Alistar can create a big variety of gourmet dishes, both magical and normal.

  1. Cake of Gluttons: Alistar's most perfected dish is rather simple, but also rather dangerous to those who do not know him, the Cake of Gluttons is a small carrot cake induced with the pure essence of gluttony. Those who take even a single bite of the cake are filled with a insatiable gluttony that lasts for as long as 3 hours depending on how well Alistar made the cake, making them want to eat everything edible around them, until the effects wear off. In addition, according to how much the victim eats, the essence within the cake will help modify the victim's body as they eat it, preventing them from dying by making their bodies able to store as much food as they can swallow. This cake is usually used as a last resort in order to try to immobilize people who are close to stopping him.
  2. Stopping Chocolate Spread: This chocolate spread, usually used in desserts, can also be used in it's rawest form by Alistar when infused with his magic. When infused with magic and spread on the floor, Alistar can make whoever walks onto the spread stuck to the ground, making their legs unable to move.
  3. Demonic Stew: The Demonic Stew is a giant stew contained in a cookpot infused with dark energies and boiling to the touch. With this dark stew, Alistar can manipulate it freely and use it to wrap it around a foe's neck before sliding down their throats and burning them.
  4. Cherry on Top: Depending on the foods he cooks, Alistar can sometimes apply a demonic cherry on top of his meal for a bit of a boost. When applied to whatever he is making, not only does it double the tastiness of the dish, but in addition it also acts as a tracker, allowing for Alistar to detect where the person who ate the cherry is at from up to 1000 feet for the next hour.

Self-Heating: Alistar also contains the unique ability to heat up his entire body, thanks to his demonic genes, and this gives him the ability to heat himself up to temperatures up to 600 Degrees. Not only does this ability allow him to cook his foods without using a oven, but in addition he can also use it in combat in order to burn opponents in case he is unable to make any dishes.

Durability: Due to Alistar being a demon, his skin is much more durable than normal humans, and because of this, he barely gets hurt from gunfire, and his internal organs are of a similar durability level.
The Weaknesses

Holy Magic: Due to being a demon, Alistar's body is naturally easily harmed by holy objects, such as crosses and holy water, and even prayers from a holy priest will physically harm him. These kinds of holy magic even surpass his Durability, and if he ends up in contact with a holy object long enough, he will die from the holy energies.

Preparation Times: Alistar needs to create his dishes, whether enhanced or not, before he can feed or use them on his opponents, and as such he usually needs time to prepare before his food before he can properly fight. In addition, if he does not have enough time to prepare the foods he will make will not end up tasting well and will be less effective.

Needs Coffee to Live: Due to Alistar being a gluttony demon, Alistar needs a high intake of energy to power himself, and as such he needs to drink energizing stuff like coffee every hour or two to keep himself empowered. Without this energy, Alistar will be unable to heat himself up and his skin will be like that of a ordinary human's when it comes to durability.

Popularity: When not in his villain persona, Alistar acts as a popular chef on international TV and is beloved all around the world by adoring fans. Because of this if he ends up fighting his fans will swarm the field and will make it hard for him to fight without hurting his own fans.

Cherry on Top Weakness: While the cherry Alistar can place on his foods can allow him to track whoever eats it, in addition it allows whoever eats it to track where Alistar is, as the tracking works both ways.

Ice Magic: While Alistar's Self-Heating does give him a slight advantage in battle, the downside is that while he is Self-Heated, he gains a weakness to Ice due to the ice being able to make his body cool down and get brittle from the sudden change in temperature.
The Items

Grimoire Cookbook: A book handed to Alistar from the demons of gluttony, the Grimoire Cookbook is a magical cookbook filled with a very wide variety of foods from all over the world. This cookbook is where Alistar keeps all the recipes for his magic-enhanced foods, and in addition Alistar can use magic from the book to figure out the specific ingredients in any dishes that he encounters, including any unnatural food ingredients such as poisons.

Grimoire Cookbook Weaknesses: Much like how Alistar is weak to holy artifacts and magic, the Grimoire Cookbook will not be able to open when near holy artifacts or when hit by holy magic, in order to protect itself. While it is closed, Alistar will be unable to access any of his recipes and as such will be unable to cook at all.
The Minions

Piiza: Piiza is Alistar's wife and only flunky, a human woman weighing 110 pounds and standing at 5' even, who ended up marrying Alistar over their love of gourmet cooking. While she was not born with any Meta powers, she is a expert cook like her husband and is capable of wielding a iron spatula to help her husband fight, which can cut through flesh like a sword can.

Piiza's Weaknesses:
Piiza is as weak and fragile as any other human is, and as such is easily capable of being hurt and killed from bullets and powerful attacks.

While she may be a good cook, she is not really good at planning ahead during fighting, and is capable of being caught off guard easier than others. She is also easily duped by mind tricks and illusions from those who can cast them.
The Fluff

Earth to Hell Travel: Due to being a genuine demon, Alistar can freely travel between Earth and Hell after focusing his hands and creating a portal. Because he needs absolute focus to create the portal, he cannot be in combat in order to successfully finish creating a portal between the two realms.

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Chef Alistar  Empty Re: Chef Alistar

Post by Bliss August 21st 2017, 2:29 am



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