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Boombox Empty Boombox

Post by Celio August 14th 2017, 12:43 am


"Let's see if you can still hear after this beat!"

The Bio

Real Name: Shannon Kulbart
Villain Name: Boombox
Title: Baroness of Sound
Alignment: Villain
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Orange Eyes
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 132 Pounds
Blood type: AB Positive

The Looks

The Personality

Shannon Kulbart is a mischevious and rather rash individual who prefers to use underhanded methods to get whatever she wants, even if it ends up hurting her in the long run. She can be rather rude and brash to others, but if it comes down to it she will work with other villains as long as she gets a good enough cut of the earnings. She's okay with flirting from other villains and is looking for a lover, though she does not have good luck with keeping lovers.
The Story

Shannon Kulbart was born in a family in Berlin, and was without arms at birth due to a major birth defect caused by malnutrition from her mother not allowing her to develop completely. Due to this she was given prosthetic arms at a young age in order to fit in with others as well as to give her a way to take care of herself. As she grew up throughout the years, Shannon acted more mischevious than her brothers, and while her brothers was blessed with the ability to manipulate metal, a power that ended up being common among her bloodline, she ended up with no powers at all, making her jealous, as well as making her brothers feel smug and superior over Shannon, causing them to pick on her.

By the time she was a teen and was allowed to travel the streets by herself, Shannon often ended up getting into fights over money, avoiding arrest by using the strength from her prosthetics to knock out any police who wanted to arrest her. Still jealous over her own brothers having powers while she did not, Shannon fought person after person until she saved enough money to get augmentations on her arms to add speakers to them, so she could have something special for herself. Despite this however, her brothers still felt that they were still better than her, and still picked on her regardless.

It was around her 18th birthday when she could not take any more from her brothers, as the picking on developed into abuse, and at that point she had decided to kill her brothers. As she prepared for her eventual killing of her brothers, she had slowly upgraded her prosthetics's speakers to create louder and more destructive sounds, and she had even tried to create a device within her prosthetics to create vibrations that could shatter anything she happened to hold. As soon as she finished up her prosthetics, she took her time killing one of her brothers after another, until she was finally done.

After she had eventually killed her brothers, Shannon eventually decided to run away to try to cause mischief now that she was free from her brothers. This mischief developed into violence, and the violence eventually developed into full-on chaos, as she started to feel more powerful then her brothers ever could. As of now, she has plans to cause chaos at a major level, by planning to go to the one ruling Germany, and take their position by causing chaos until they willingly give her the position.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Reaction

The Powers

Sound Burst: Due to not possessing arms at birth due to a defect, Shannon instead has prosthetic mechanical arms on the sides of her body, which have built-in speakers on the palms. These arms can launch great blasts of sound at her opponents, which can burst their eardrums at a close enough range.

Strength: Shannon can easily lift and throw up to 3500 pounds, thanks to her prosthetic arms.

Sound Jumping: Using sound blasts to push herself into the air further, Shannon can use sound to do a second jump into the air, giving her a bit of a extra distance in the air before landing.

Sound Teleport: By holding both of her prosthetic hands together and firing dual sound blasts from her arms, Shannon can teleport by using sound up to 50 feet away from herself, giving her the ability to dodge attacks through teleportation.

Vibration Breaker: Using sound, Shannon can emit vibrations into solids such as glasses, minerals, and metals, and cause them to shake and emit very loud noises until they eventually shatter, sending many pieces of it all around.
The Weaknesses

Strength Weaknesses: Shannon's strength only comes from her prosthetic arms, and as such the rest of her body is proportionally as weak as any other human. In addition, if her arms are disabled she cannot use her strength until her arms can be fixed.

Sound Teleport Weakness: Due to emitting loud sounds as she teleports, everyone can easily hear where she is going to appear after she is done teleporting. In addition, she can only teleport once every few minutes in order to prevent her arms from overheating.

Sound Jump Limitations: Shannon can only use the Sound Jump to give herself a extra jump, and as such she can't use her sound as a form of flight. In addition, overuse of the Sound Jump can cause Shannon's arms to overheat and eventually automatically shut down to prevent a explosion.

Vibration Instability: Shannon cannot control how much vibrational energy she emits through her hands, and as such she can accidentally break anything she owns due to unwillingly using this ability. In addition, in order to successfully break a object willingly Shannon has to keep a hold on that object, leaving her vulnerable in the process to attacks.

Electrical Weakness: Shannon's arms cannot handle huge amounts of electricity well, and stuff like electrical attacks or EMPS can disable her arms, preventing her from using them as well as any of her abilities.

Human Body: While Shannon's prosthetic arms can handle a bit more when it comes defensively, the rest of her body is still as weak as any other humans, and stuff like bullets can harm and kill her.

Toxic Phobia: Shannon does have a subconscious fear of spiders, snakes, and anything that can create or manipulate poison and venom, and is scared of seeing them around due to not wanting to be poisoned. At the most she prefers to stay a good 100 feet away from a poison source.
The Items

Sonar Earring: Disguised as a earring on her ears, Shannon has secret earbuds on her ears that scan out people by detecting people using sound, much like a sonar. This can help her find people who turn invisible, but aren't able to be silent.

Sonar Earring Weaknesses:
Shannon's own sound can end up back firing when she uses the Sonar Earrings, and can block out the sonar function of her Sonar Earrings.
The Minions

Beats: Beats are the personal minions of Shannon, hand built by herself to make the bulk of her forces, and work to help her mess with heroes and take over places. Like Shannon, they have arms with built-in speakers, and can fire blasts of sound from them.

Beat Weaknesses:
Constant use of their sound blasts can cause them to overheat and even explode from overuse, which can mean danger if they end up using it many times.

Beats have very low IQ, and only know to listen orders from whoever speaks to them, and not much else. As such, they can be easily tricked to change their target to someone else.
The Fluff

Phone Function: Besides the sound abilities that her prosthetics are capable of, Shannon also has a phone built into her prosthetic arms, which allows her to call others and access the internet using her arms. Much like her other abilities, this can only be used when Shannon's arms are not disabled.
The RP Sample

As Shannon Kulbart worked on maintenance on another one of her Beats, she was bored on how she always had to do maintenance on these dull robots after a long fight with someone else, whether it was a hero or a villain. She wished that she had hired someone to fix these robots for her, she thought, then maybe she wouldn't have to fix them all the time, and have a lot more time doing what she did best: cause chaos and destroy stuff. Continuing with the maintenance of the Beat, Shannon sighed a bit as she slowly fixed the damage to the armor that the Beat was experiencing.

By the time she had finished maintenance on the last Beat, Shannon quickly went out of the base to try to destroy a building with her sound for laughs, only to come out into a swarm of mosquitoes as she walked out of her base. As she tried to swat away the flies in a rather annoyed fashion, she eventually got too annoyed at the swarm and said "Ugh, stupid mosquitoes, maybe this will silence them." before unleashing a burst of sound at the swarm of mosquitoes, causing them to fall to the ground dead. Now that she was done with that annoyance, she quickly called out her Beats, as she was ready to march out and cause chaos.

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Boombox Empty Re: Boombox

Post by Celio August 14th 2017, 6:36 pm

Ok Shannon Kulbart/Boombox is finished.

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Post by Bliss August 14th 2017, 7:15 pm



Mitsy's Boutique


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Post by Sponsored content

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