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Casmaudius Empty Casmaudius

Post by Casmaudius June 5th 2017, 8:50 pm


Casmaudius Tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

Basic Biography

Name: Casmaudius
Title:  The Son of Creation, The False Idol, The Warrior Prince, Son of Light
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Deity
Hair: Brown (white when exerting full power)
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5’9 ft
Weight: 160 lbs
Blood type: Golden ichor

The Looks


The Legacy

He was raised to hold honor as one of the highest virtues in life, and as such he himself is very honorable, almost to a fault. If something can be done in an honorable fashion, he will do so and he is inclined to protect those that he perceives cannot protect themselves, typically styling himself as a champion of the people. Those that terrorize the people will typically find that he is not so kind to them, and will deal with them as the crime demands, ranging from a simple beating to even “execution” and that tends to bring him at odds with most heroes, or rather ones that dislike killing.

Added to his honorable nature, is a kind heart that dwells within him. He cannot stand to see anything suffer, and tends to go out of his way to ease the suffering of others, so long as they are not in the middle of performing some manner of wicked deed. Then he will have to punish them, and if they are still alive, then he will go about helping them. He has a soft spot for small animals, as well as younger children.

Despite what many would call a keen intellect, he is very new to this world and knows little of its customs. What would seem commonplace to some, he would find to be incredibly new or foreign to him. What could be taken as a compliment to one person, may come across as a grave offense to him, and what he refers to himself as tends to offend some here. So in short, he really knows little about our world, so he may make a lot of mistakes because of that.


He was born within a time of peace, a time when his home realm was as prosperous as it could ever be.  A place where a race known by many as The Gods ruled with a benevolent hand, and all that followed them reveled within this time of peace, hell, they even loved their rulers, worshiped them and that was what allowed them to keep this rule cemented. In this realm, there were thirteen deities and atop them was the one who was said to have created everything, a being with power almost unparalleled. Yet this was a power that had gone unabused, as surprising as that may seem to many who had heard similar stories before.  Though i'm sure you're not here to hear about his parents and how their lives went, no, I bet you want to hear how everyone's favorite demi-god was born midst this utopia.

Well, it all started one day, when he was watching the mortals within their everyday lives and a curiosity fell over him. While it was true, that he had understood how it was to have siblings, he never truly understood what it was like to have a child of his own, an offspring even if he was immortal. Even with omnipotence, even with supposed omniscience, he still did not know what such a feeling was like and so he did what anyone with enough power to do was would do. Well, he didn't create new life, but rather sought out a person who's soul he thought interesting, pure enough to do so with and within a year he found one. This child was not born of your typical means, but through a long forgotten means of creation, a being taking a portion of their own soul and mixing it with another, to create a life that had never before been seen.

His fellow gods warned against this, and yet within his own want, he did not heed their warnings and went through with this. Mortal and immortal had been fused, forming something far different than either, yet it held qualities of both. Two children were born of this union, a young girl and her brother, fraternal twins as they were known otherwise. Yet the differences between them were striking. The girl had hair blacker than midnight, and eyes as brilliant as molten gold, while the other hair of snow, yet they shared eye colors, though as to why that was no one could really know. Despite their strange appearances, many of the people welcomed to birth's of the new gods, celebrating them with a festival that had lasted months on end, until they could no longer celebrate and so the mortal inhabitants went about their lives.

As was decreed by their father, the two would be raised as he saw fit, going through rigorous training overseen by their greatest of warriors, so that they would not be lacking within any area. The boy took to such training like a moth to flame, but his sister was not as skilled within the marital arts, and in fact she seemed to be unskilled within them. She resented her brothers natural martial prowess, and while there seemed to be no real reason for this, a sort of resentment grew within her heart while she continued to study the arts of magic, something she took to much easier than her sibling did. While this did nothing to stop her jealousy over her twin, the boy felt no such negative feelings towards his sister, and any could argue that he was just kinder hearted than her.

That aside, their training went well, and so was their life for the most part. They enjoyed the splendors of the realm they were born within, until one fateful day had arrived, which came in the form of a dark messenger upon their world. The had an aura of death, and everything they touched wilted away, perhaps a herald to the end of their world and yet the creator would have nothing of it. They of course met this herald with all courtesies, until they made themselves an enemy. This being had gone by the name of Thanatos, who had proclaimed themselves to be death and that he would devour their realm. Naturally, they did not take well to this, so a battle had ensued, which lead to the near destruction of their realm, yet something about this unknown being captivated the daughter of darkness who had taken a new name for herself upon learning more of this dark being.

She became known as Nyx, the primal chaos. Within this battle, she joined with this death incarnate and revealed her true power, nearly managing to destroy the very realm she was born within, and this was the first time siblings were forced to fight. Barely, he was able to push her and this Abyssal creature back, and saving their reality from destruction, which lead to a time of repair. The betrayal was still felt however, and suspicion that these beings would return spread among those that remained. Only one solution could be designed for now, as many had no idea if the remaining demi-god child would become much like their sibling, and to prevent them being assassinated, he sent this child to another world, one where these vile gods could not touch him.

Little did he know the effect this world would have upon the child.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Idol:  Idol is empowered by the love, adoration, trust and worship that is directed towards him. The more that is directed towards him, the overall more powerful that he becomes. The intensity of these things directed towards him also plays a part within how much more powerful he could become. This extends to his strength, speed, ability to take damage, his reactionary speed and even his bodies ability to recover from damage.  All of his other powers are also fueled by this power.

Flames of creation:  Being the son of the deity that created his realm, despite his half-mortal status, he has gained some of the power that his father held. This takes the form of brilliant golden flames that he can call upon will, typically springing out from his person and under his mental control. With this control, he can even convert normal flames into his own fire, and unlike mundane fire, this fire burns hotter and is far more difficult to snuff out than normally. It is said that these were the very flames used to forge his world in its beginning.

Forged in fire: His affinity with fire allows him a near immunity to flames or heat, allowing him to walk through extremely hot flames with minimal if any damage to himself. If there are flames hot enough to burn him, he has yet to encounter them.

Creation: Being that he is the son of his father, a being that is known for creating an entire universe, his body is naturally blessed with a lesser version of his creation powers. This allows him to create things, ranging from items as simple as pens to something as complex as life, though his power is limited and he cannot hope to create anything too powerful; usually sticking to humans when pressing himself. What dictates what he creates is dependent upon his former power, Idol and the less worship he has, the less he can create without tiring himself.

Blessing: He is capable of bestowing blessings upon people, typically those that pray to him. Usually this comes down to things such as curing a person of their ailments. There are many things he cannot do, such as simply killing someone because they prayed for it, or destroying reality, so he is more limited to simpler things, and he cannot go against his nature with this, meaning he cannot destroy.

Divine Blood: His blood is a golden ichor that holds a rather special restorative property with it. Either by ingesting a few drops of this blood, or applying it to the wound, or the subjects system would cause their body to rapidly repair itself. Typically, applying the blood to the wound is more effective to injecting them with it or ingesting it, yet each means is still more effective than nothing.

True Sight: His eyes are imbued with the ability to see things for what they are, allowing him to see spirits, through most illusions and even some glamours if they are not too powerful.

Advanced combat training: From a young age, he was trained in various art of combat, ranging from swordsmanship, to marksmanship, to the use of lances and many other weapons. There were few that matched his combat prowess within his home realm, and perhaps few that match it within this one.

Divine Lightning: Cas can create, and control a brilliant golden electricity. This boils down to releasing bolts of it from his fingers, body, molding it into different shapes and even creating constructs such as lightning spears or a sword. Idol can also convert normal electricity into this lightning with minimal effort, which is much easier than simply creating it.

I bear the burden of those who count on me: He is constantly hearing the voices of those that pray to him, and with all of those voices going through ones head, they can be distracting.

I am bound by my word: He is bound by his word, and if someone were to force him to make a vow, then he would have no choice but to follow up with that vow, even if he does not want to.

Enemy of darkness: He is a being of creation, also know as one of light and as such darkness has an easier time of damaging him than normal means.

Loveless: While he does gain strength from the worship of people, there is a reverse side to this, which is that if he has none of the things that empower him, he is as weak as any human and slowly begins to fade.

Outworlder:  He was not born or raised within this world, and as such his ignorance can be used to manipulate him

I live to protect: He is fiercely protective of those that serve under him and those that worship him, making them prime targets for those that would want to manipulate or defeat him.

I am who I am: He is incapable of lying, and to attempt to do so would actually cause him great physical pain.

Fae-like: Iron burns him upon touch, and introduction of it to his system can weaken him.

Precious momento: If someone were to get a hold of his blade, they could get him to do almost anything in the hopes of it being returned.

My power exists for those who cannot defend themselves: If an innocent person is threatened, he tends to feel obligated to protect them, even if that means his own death.

Taint of mortality:  Human blood is actually pure poison to him, and to inject him with it, or force him to ingest it would likely kill him

Grounded: Much like lightning or any electrical element, his divine lightning can be grounded, especially with metal.

Emphatically bound: Abilities or magic that relies on intense negative emotions tends to weaken or damage him.

The Imperial Blade: A strange blade gifted to him by his mother, a masterful craftsman. It is composed of an unknown crystal that can shift upon the users will, turning into a bracelet when not in use, capable of releasing a burst of iridescent blue light upon being swung. It can also extend its reach by  foot through projecting the blue light as an extension of itself.
weapon image:
Weapon weaknesses:
RP Mechanics
Purity:[/b]Those who's hearts are not polluted by wickedness, tend to feel at peace around him.  

Font of life:[/b]  In his presence, flowers spring up and places that were once barren can start to teem with life once again.
Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Strength 2
Reaction 3
Agility 4

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Casmaudius Empty Re: Casmaudius

Post by Red June 5th 2017, 9:02 pm

Approved, seeing how this has little changes from the original.


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