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Really cool tittle

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Really cool tittle Empty Really cool tittle

Post by darthnaterh on May 22nd 2017, 10:51 pm

Keven  sits  in a dumpster waiting patiently.  He's been waiting' for this guy all night, this could be the tip off he's been waiting for.  Keven's been hunting down this troupe of assholes called "Your Heroes" for the last three years and when  he heard that they had some allies in Illinois, he knew it was to good a chance to pass up.  His sources led him to believe the man in this building had been selling them  information about  mutants  in the aria.  This was one of Keven's most important missions, if he screwed this up or his information was wrong he would  be back to square one.

                   Suddenly, Keven heard a door open and a familiar voice began to speak, "if you assholes would have just repaid the favor, we wouldn't have had to to this the hard way."  It was the man he had been stalking all week, this was his guy. The only problem was that their seemed to be another man with him, as Keven peeked through a hole in the dumpster he saw a scrawny little man being cornered by his guy, the big fat oaf, "I swear B.J., you give us a few more days and we'll find the guy, we just need time!" " I don't have time! this guy is following me and I need to know why! So sense you guys are risking my life, it's time I took yours!" Oh SHIT! they were talking about him! "well, time for an entrance," Keven whispered to himself as he slipped on his orange mask and became, Gut Ripper.

                       Gut Ripper leaps out of the dumpster, machine-gun in hand. "SUPPRISE MUTHA F-ough!" The fat man swats him away, proving to be more agile than anticipated.  Gut Ripper picks himself up off the  ground, "Well that wasn't very nice," As he said that, each of the other men pull out pistols with silencers. As the skinnier man was getting ready to shoot, he was struck down by G.R. the little man fell with a thud "thanks for cuttin' down my work load," the  fat man yelled over the bullets. " You won't have any work when I'm done with you...      get it? cus' you'll be dead? Aw fuck it." As he says this, two rods of energy come shooting from Gut Rippers left palm and  begin to strangle the fat man called B.J. as hes drops his pistol. G.R. walks over slowly , still strangling the man, "Now, tell me what you know about those who call themselves, 'Your Heroes.'"

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Really cool tittle Empty Re: Really cool tittle

Post by Chellizard on May 23rd 2017, 2:06 am

Cannot RP til you are approved.

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