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The fuel of war

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OPEN The fuel of war

Post by Cerek on April 15th 2017, 12:57 am

"Ten series L-27 interceptor bots? this crap is so weak a can opener could beat them."

Cebra stood with his typical arrogant disinterested look pointed directly at the bipedal robots. The ten of them started to surround Cebra, pointing the steel EMP charged katars at him calculating an attack vector. Though the streets of Surrey B.C may have seemed empty the tactical police unit was close by monitoring the situation. The people were evacuated from the area already for their own safety, as well the police kept a safe distance. Cebra's eyes shift for a moment to the police who's weapons are pointed at both him and the robots. Cebra smirks and rolls his eyes releasing a long sigh of derision at both the humans and robots.

"Fucking useless meat sacks, you'd think they would thank me"

Two of the bots charge at Cebra with high speed, one leaps up high and they both strike at him. The swings are easily dodged by Cebra, he then quickly grabs the two by the arms releasing a burst of saxon energy into their bodies making their circuitry burn and shut them down. He quickly uses the metal of their husk to form a sword as three more charge at him. With a precise swiftness Cebra Slices the first one to the right of him diagonally across the chest jumps and spins avoiding one strike and impales the third through it's head. The second one that attacked turns quickly to attack Cebra but not quickly enough as Cebra reverses his sword and stabs backwards going through the robots chest looking non challant.

"... I wonder if I left the T.V. on at home? Huh"

Cebra pulls his sword out and flings off the dark blue fluid from the robot, the rest of them close in on Cebra though he doesn't seem to care. Cebra pauses for a moment his eyes widen, there's suddenly a gigantic shadow stretching across him. In the sky above a VTOL (vertical take off and land) rig fitted with repeater lasers takes aim at Cebra and the police.

"... you're shitting me"

Cebra says in frustrated disbelief. The rig opens fire on the police, Cebra and unintentionally the robots trying to kill Cebra. Cebra dodges the fire and makes his way to cover while at the same time still fighting the robots off with his blades...

Status :

Quote : "Humans are comprised of whiny, entitled, arrogant, fat, ugly usurpers and I will be damned before I care what they think" -Cebra Ulkenne

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Number of posts : 401
Humor : dark
Registration date : 2017-03-20

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