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Post by Xan on April 13th 2017, 8:20 am



Theme Song:

"Baby, the man of groovitude is here to freshen up your day, liven up the party, and kick evil's ass! "

The Bio

Real Name: Bartholomew Lovegroove
Hero Name: GrandMister Marvelouserity ZX
Title: “The Hip-Daddy”, "Kaptain of Kool”
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 201 cm. (6'7)
Weight: 112 kg. (247 lbs.)
Blood type: A

The Looks

As Bartholomew:

As GrandMister Marvelouserity ZX:

The Personality

Bartholomew often times acts, in a word, immature. Ever since gaining the abilities of a GrandMister, he has often times found it hard for himself to "act his age", to the point where he takes practically every situation he's in with levity. Some have gone as far as to claim that he is emotionally stunted, with his abilty to talk almost entirely in sarcasm only helping his image of being apathetic. However, he is loyal to those he feels close to, and will his best to protect and help them, though he is personally resistant to receiving help from others. He is also slightly socially inept, his awkwardness making him often relying on spouting one-liners catchphrases in his hero persona or jokes. In the end, he is a man willingly whatever it takes to help those in need, even if he is a bit aloof while doing so.

The Story

For a story this groovy, it has to begin at with the the origin of the GrandMisters. Since before the creation of the Earth and it's home universe, there has been other dimensions housing their own beings. One such dimension was one known as the "Groove Central" by those native to world , a hub of powerful beings who were devoted to a life of music craft and lively spirit, along with complete peace among each other. Hoping to spread a life of love and "listening to the heart" to other worlds in the multiverse, the used their power to seek out distressed and developing dimensions and those there to assist them. One world in particular housed a certain species they happened to find practically interesting, and needing of a little "Jiving up"; the one that was known as mankind. Throughout the start human's development, the GrandMister's have played a guiding hand. Deciding the best way to lead was by example, every few decades a select human has been given the role of being Earth's one and only GrandMister, and gaining the power of the "Groove Force", a otherworldly energy source. Those selected have been required to do there best to further the planet into one of loving and harmony through helping and protecting others. There have been various points in history where the GrandMister and the "funkalicous" other-worlders have been discovered, often times being mistaken for some sort of religious figures, the most obvious example being the Muses. Not ones to indulge in the , they preferred to step back from the public eye, letting their chosen GrandMister do the work on his own.

It wasn't until the year 1977 that the young musician Bartholomew was selected during his eighteenth birthday as the ZXth GrandMister, for reasons not disclosed to him (the ZX being some sort of numbering system in Groove Central). He was given the abilty to tap into an energy source known as the "Groove Force", and with it he was able to transform himself into the dazzling and show-stopping form he named the GrandMister of Marvelouserity. This form gave him powers and appearance customized to suit his personality, thus aligning with his deep passion for the musical genre of disco to create his other identity. With his assigned task of serving man, he took to doing what was quickly becoming the norm for those gifted with powers did in his time, using his GrandMister powers as a costumed crimefighter.

He devoted the next years of his life fighting back the forces of evil to the point where he had become a well-known figure. While there was some who questioned his methods, many considered him a role model who spread a message of peace, love, and style. He was such an accomplished figure in his time that he even lead a team of those inspired by him, and together they helped end various sources of tensions and strife that would of otherwise been impossible. But not all heroes are meant to last. Thanks to the arrival of another otherworldly power, a grand yet corrupt figure was able to threaten the entirety of  Earth and it's people. With his teammates having sacrificed themselves in trying to battle and force back the being, Bartholomew was left by himself to defeat the creature with his last few minutes of his life. Accessing as much of the "Groove Force" as possible, he not only erased the grand evil being from the universe and time, making it so they never existed, but also his entire own self. Thus the entirety of his impact through his time on Earth, along with his entire own existence, seemingly vanished forever.

However, this was not the end of the ZXth GrandMister. Deeming that his final act proved enough to show his worthiness of the mantle, those of Groove Central found a way of preserving his essence. For the last few decades a new body has been slowly been created for Bartholomew, with most of his memories able to be intact even after the events' having been actually removed from the timeline. His new form is weaker then his previous, however, thanks to it being the remnants of what could be salvaged from the event.

However, in a world slipping into chaos more as time goes on, it's likely that once again the Earth will need it's GrandMister to awaken and return to make things funky once more.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

Once Bartholomew invokes the phrase given to him by those of "Groove Central", by uttering the simple phrase of "Shafunk", he accesses his connection to the
Groove Force transformed into GrandMister Marvelouserity. During this transformation process, Bartholomew's body rapidly flashes various colors as if he was a living disco ball, before an explosion of confetti appears in his place along with his new costumed form. In this form he is able to call upon the guidance of the previous GrandMisters . Without properly transforming, Bartholomew lacks any meta-human abilities.

Super-Boogie Physiology
While transformed, Marvelouserity's metabolic efficiency is greatly increased, along with the enhancement of his skeletal composition, muscles, nervous systems, and most of his bodily functions. This allows him to put most of his powers to use in ways that a normal human wouldn't.

Super-Boogie Strength
One of the powers given by the Groove Force is that the GradMister's physique's limits are increased, allowing him to life a superhuman amount of weight with minimal effort. He has been shown to be able to lift heavy objects and up to 11 tons with ease. He is also capable of exerting an impressive amount of force through any sort of combat, allowing him to harm those that are superhumanly durable, along as being able to break through most natural materials. He doesn't even know if his strength has a proper limit, and is still testing his own capability.

Super-Boogie Speed
His enhancements in speed while transformed allow him to easily travel at superhuman speed. He is able to hit up to mach 3 on his average speed, but when pushing himself beyond that and he starts to wear out, and oftentimes can become exhausted and deplete himself of most of his groove energy.

Super-Boogie Reflexes:
With the senses provided by the Groove Force, and his overall enhanced physique, the GrandMister is able to react with speeds incomprehensible to most, seemingly faster then even his own thought.

Super-Boogie Durability
Thanks to being a living vessel of groove energy, he is able to take an incredible amount of damage without forcing his body to stop and shut down. He is able to take blasts from some of the more powerful meta-humans with ease, along with most of human weaponry, though eventually after taking extended periods of damage he will begin to wear down. His internal body parts are as strong as the outer shell, meaning that penetrating his skin does not necessarily mean it will be fatal, but much like his skin enough damage and it will eventually be too much for the Groove Force to withstand. His body is resistant to extreme temperatures on either end, though if extremely cold he will start to shine light blue and if in extreme heat he'll begin to shine light red. No one knows why this is, but it's possibly his body's way of adapting to it's surrounding. Either way, his body is a marvelouserity of wonder, and is able to take an immense amount of damage.

Musical Note Materialization:
One of the main powers of the GrandMister is the abilty to materialize musical notes in physical form. Marvelouserity is able to create musical notes of any size and weight, and use them as he sees fit. Usually he uses this power in the form of combat, using the notes as an arsenal of weapons. Another use he has is creating the musical notes under his feet, as thanks to their abilty to float in place, he can use them to traverse in the air.

Sound Manipulation:
Marvelouserity is able to hone the Groove Force and manipulate the sound around him, and change what those around him hear. Thus he can create music in any instance, or simply change it so he is completely silent, or any other instance of sound. He is able to also make it so each individual hears specific sounds. Most of the time, however, he abuses the power to play his theme music upon entrance.

Light Manipulation:
As GrandMister, Marvelouserity is able to become a living disco ball, channeling light through himself in a variety of ways. He is also able to shape and bend the light around him in any way he sees fit, controlling it with relative ease.

Musical Instrument Connection:
Thanks to the Groove Force, the GrandMister is able to communicate with musical instruments as if they were living beings. Whether he uses this power to make them play music, or share information that they might have, he is able to engage in full conversations with instruments of any sort as if they were actual people.

Glitter Breath:
Inhaling the air around him, the GrandMister is able to exhale with great force, changing it into a flurry of glitter that can barrage any opponent while also covering them in a glitter of Marvelouserity's choosing. The force of the blast of the exhale can vary, being able to be just powerful knock a normal human slightly backwards, or be at level where it's strong enough to move heavy objects or cancel out natural disasters such as a tornado.    

Afro Manipulation:
Much like his connection to music and the world of sound, the GrandMister also is able to connect with afros as if they were actual people. However, unlike his power over instruments, the GrandMister is change the shape and size of the afro as he sees fit. Along with this he can also adjust the color, durability, and general feel as the afro as well. He is a natural born hair stylist, but only in the afro variety.

Afro Materialization:
With his power to communicate and control afros, the GrandMister also is able to create afros out of nothing. He can do this with any living being by forcing the hair style upon them, or just out in the open, forming the afro without an owner if need be.

Funk Sense:
When things are gettin' funky, and not in the good type of funk, Marvelouserity is signaled. When danger is upon him, even if he is not conciously aware, his head begins to rattle. The severity of the rattle adjusts to the level of danger he is in, allowing Marvelousriity to be aware of his surroundings at all times.

Access to "Groove Central":
The most vital part of being a GrandMister is being able to understand what it truly means to be a "hip and lovin' daddy-o", and because of this, they are given the abilty to access the "Groove Centeral" at any point they choose to. By ripping a hole in the fabric of reality for a short while, a portal of a size to the creator's choosing is formed, which allows the GrandMister or others to transport to the other dimension. There the GrandMister's powers are all enhanced ten fold, and he is allowed to heal. The "Groove Centeral" itself is only one big dance floor that never ends, with music constantly playing and people partying non-stop.

The Weaknesses

Time Limit:
If Bartholomew returns to his human form, be it by choice or by being forced by some reason, he has to wait twenty-four hours for the groove energy to recharge so that he can once again access his "Grooveafication" and transform back into Marvelouserity.

Country Music:
Upon hearing any sort of country music, the GrandMister’s powers begin to slowly weaken. For unknown reasons it counters Bartholomew’s access to the Groove Force, and makes it so all of his powers are half of their initial strength, and listening only continues to diminish his powers.  Continued exposure to the genre for thirty minutes will fully revert him back to his human form.

Techno Music:
Much like country, music of the techno genre has an effect on Marvelerouserity, but unlike country it’s effects change upon each hearing. The techno genre also has a negative effect, but can cause any sort of change be it in personality, appearance, or practically anything else. The only way to reverse the effect is for the GrandMister to hear a disco tune, in which case the effects will immediately stop and he’ll return to his normal state.

Limited Musical Note Materialization:
The musical notes created by Marvelouserity in the psychical world only last for up to sixty seconds. After reaching the time limit, the notes will disappear into a glittery puff of smoke, regardless of how they are being used in the moment.

Focus on the Light:
To properly edit the light around him, the GrandMister must intensely focus on his surroundings and the various sources of light or the lack thereof. The power can continue to be in use as long as he keeps his focus, but the moment he breaks it, the light returns to how it was before his alteration of it.

Afro Materialization Limitations:
The afros that the GrandMister creates on others are not permanent, and upon rubbing for a few seconds, those the hairstyle was force on can easily make it vanish and return back to it’s original state.

Musical Instrument Connection Limitations:
Just because he can communicate with musical instruments, it doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily like him.

Sensory Over-Load:
In extreme cases, the GrandMister can be surrounded be such a vast amount of dangers that his Funk-Sense is overloaded, and he can be so overwhelmed that his body is not able to properly react or put the power to use before it’s too late to counter-react.

Allergy to Cantaloupe:
Bartholomew has a slight allergy to cantaloupe in his human form, but when transformed the mere touch of it can send him near death.

Secret Weak-point:
Much like his allergies, Bartholomew’s human abilty to be effected by tickles is greatly enhanced when transformed. The GrandMister is extremely ticklish in his underarms, soles, palms, and neck. If tickled enough it could potentially immobilize the man of Marvelouserity.

The Color Razzmatazz:
To those of “Groove Centeral”, the color of Razzmatazz is an unholy abomination that cancels out any sort of party mood or good vibes. Because of this, the GrandMister is instantly weakened when around the color, and if touched by anything of the color he shall transform back into his human form.

Act First:
Bartholomew often will act before thinking, oftentimes to his own detriment. He will do whatever he feels is right at the exact second he feels so, rather then ponder the ramifications of doing so.

One for Theatrics:
Bartholomew considers himself a bit of a show man, but really in the end this just means he’s a show-off. This means he’ll do anything to pull of an idea he thinks is “cool” or “hip”, even if it doesn’t necessarily help the situation or is too time consuming. His full attention can easily be taken by trying to pull off his concept, and thus he can put himself into compromised position because of it.

Psionic Attacks:
Because of his mind being open for communication with those in “Groove Centeral”, he is more ideceptable to psionic attacks then others. His mind can be taken control or altered with ease by those with the ability to do so.

Extreme Brute Force:
After taking enough brute force in the most extreme cases, it is possible for the groove energy to not be able to protect Bartholomew. Instead it can cause his GrandMister form to shut down thanks to physical trauma, and at worst instantly return him back to his human form as his super-powered state recovers.

Good Intentions Only:
With his powers there is an expectation placed upon Bartholomew that he will only seek out to help and assist others. If he ever tries to use his abilities with extreme malice, and in a way that does not ultimately help the greater good in the end, then he’ll be forced back into his human form before he can do so and have to wait the full twenty-four hours before he can access his “Grooveafication" once again.

The RP Sample

“Awaken, young master of Grooveitude. Welcome to the world of the existing once more.”

Bartholomew’s head rang with the words, the soft spoken voice continuing to increase in volume with each reputation of the greeting. All he could remember from the last few hours was a flash of light, and the scream of what sounded like a great monster, before everything went black. He felt empty, as if he had no form or mass, just thoughts in space. He felt completely out of his body, alone in a grand dark void with nothing but himself. He chuckled to himself in his mind, the description was something you’d find in a sloppily written poem, not what he’d expect to be describing his actual experience like. After what seemed like a great pause he heard the welcome and could feel himself returning his body, or at least a body, his memories and bodily control flooding back to him. Taking a few moments to remember how to open his eyes, he was met with a white void. The white space continued for what seemed forever in every which direction, and when look down it appeared he was sitting on some type of throne crafted from pieces of various disco balls. He took another pause, trying to find the strength to stand, as he began to wander around the space to figure out just exactly where he was.

“You are back, Bartholomew.” It took Bartholomew a few seconds to realize what the disembodied voice meant. He was at “Groove Central”, the otherworldly dimension he had visited at various points before. But this was nothing like the never-ending party scene he had been to before, and he had no idea how he wounded up here. “We understand your confusion. This is a part of “Groove Central” that has been hidden from you, as before now you have never needed to see it. This is a place where we are able to heal those in dire need with the power of the groove energies. You have been away for a long time now.”

Before Bartholomew could get a word out and question what the beings meant, a translucent and glittery screen appeared before him, it’s scope so wide it seemed to take up most of whatever area he appeared to be. He was shown what appeared to be the body being created, starting with the skeleton before being covered in muscle and continuing so on, all in the very room he was currently in.

“You were gone, Bartholomew. Beyond gone. You had erased yourself in an attempt to save everything and everyone that you, and also we, hold dear.  Back home, you never existed now. But because of this we decided it bring it back. It wasn’t easy, it has taken us many decades to craft your new body.”

Bartholomew nodded at the screen and took the news with apparent ease. In his years of super-hero adventures he had gotten used to the strange and unexplained, and while the apparent erasure from the time stream or whatever was confusing and a bit alarming, he was more focused on his current situation.  

“New body? Why didn’t you just properly restore my old one?”

The screen continued to play the recorded footage of his creation, as the voice and Bartholomew exchanged an awkward silence.

“Your old body now never existed.” The voice responded calmly, but seemed exasperated at trying to explain the concept. “We were only able to save the essence of you. Thus we were able to craft a body that we thought would be to your idea liking. Here, have a look.”

The recording stopped, and instead in it’s place became a mirror reflecting the image of Bartholomew. He was a bulky figure with what he considered a stylish hairdo, and he took several minutes to stare at the stripes of some sort put on his arms. He also turned around and examined the fashion he was created with, the shades and blue t-shirt being an especially impressive choice in his book. He was amazed by his new appearance, and had to admit to himself he much preferred it to his previous lanky and frail self.

“We also took it upon ourselves to modernize your costume while were at it.” The mirror returned to being a projected screen, his new costume being shown in full detail. Once again, Bartholomew had to marvel at the snazzy features, though he didn’t understand what happened to his old cape and why it was traded out for the admittedly “fresh” jacket. Had capes become outdated somehow in the time he had been gone? As he continued to ponder only one question began to surface, but before he could ask it the voice simply stated, “We hope you enjoy your new self.”

Bartholomew strutted around empty void, keeping his focus on the screen. He did enjoy his new self. And yes he was pretty confused and, yes, his head hurt quite a bit right now probably thanks to whatever procedure he had just put through, but in the end he could get used to his new form. But still, the one question continued to stick out to him.

“But why save me? Why not choose another host, and why am I needed now?”

The voice did not hesitate in it’s response.

“We decided to give you another chance because you had proven yourself, and you had succeeded in stopping a great evil. As for why you where chosen to come back now, it was partially because of how long it took to reconstruct you, but also…” The projection vanished, and the floor underneath Bartholomew was swapped out with millions of screens projecting footage of what had happened and what happening back on Earth since he had been gone. He saw many costumed heroes and villains like once before, but also saw the hatred spewed at those that were given meta-human powers, along with a chaotic event in New York. He saw how divided Earth was, and how it had apparently made no progress in the time he had disappeared, and if anything may of regressed. “…because more then ever the world needs to be groovy again.”

Bartholomew stood still, taking it all in. He watched the screens play out, and watched the suffering that transpired. How had he allowed this all to happen? How had he let himself vanish and let the world become such a mess? The voice was right. The world was needing to be groovy once again. And it needed someone to make it that way. Clenching his fists, he whispered a single word.


Bartholomew's body flashed a dazzling array of colors until exploding into a mess of confetti, his new costumed form taking his place. Cracking his neck and smiling to himself, Bartholomew felt a new surge of energy that he seemed to have only had touched a lifetime ago. Doing a karate chop in the air, Marvelouserity created a crack was formed in the void that created a portal back to Earth.

The voice cried out, almost as if in anger. “We have to explain so much to you, before you can-“

“I can’t wait.”
Marvelouserity turned and pointed at the sky, posing as dramatically as possible while doing so. “The world has waited too long for me. It’s time for me to return. It’s time…”

Marvelouserity streched his arms out, and let himself fall backwards into the portal as he did one last salute however was watching him, transporting himself back to the home planet he had been absent from for decades.

“…for things to get funky.”

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Post by Xan on June 16th 2017, 8:14 am

Finally finished this bad boy up, and am ready for it to be reviewed.


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Post by Chellizard on June 16th 2017, 1:38 pm

This checks out. Welcome to SHRP. Good luck bringing the Groove back.

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