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Hocus Bogus

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INV ONLY Hocus Bogus

Post by Langstaff on March 17th 2017, 7:26 pm

Langstaff sat on a bench in Central Park eating a hamburger he had gotten from a nearby. He had contacted a woman days before who claimed to be the “mistress of magic”, and while Edward C. Langstaff certainly did not put faith into the esoteric energy known as “magic”, he sniffed and wiped his nose with a handkerchief. He grimaced as he blew his nose. ”Damnable cold,” He muttered as he put the rag back away in his pocket. ”Someone should eradicate this god awful virus. Preferably using monkeys.” He looked around the park.

His strange outfit didn't seem to even phase the citizens of New York City. He looked at the top hat he had put into his lap to ensure it didn't get picked off his head by some nearby child. He had always wondered why people believed in such silly things as “magic”. It seemed to him as though it was simply energy manipulation that resulted in various effects. Yes, some types of “magic” seemed to disobey the laws of physics. Specifically, matter cannot be created or destroyed; only changed. But that didn't mean that the “magic” was actually disobeying it, but instead following the rule to a T. Changing matter using will instead of creating it on the spot like most would assume.

Magic. Such a load of crap. And yet, here he was. Awaiting this “Mistress of Magic”. Like some fool who wants to know if he will find love. Love was also crap for other reasons, but he didn't feel the need to dwell on such things; as they were below his recognition.

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INV ONLY Re: Hocus Bogus

Post by Adam Johnson on March 17th 2017, 8:45 pm

No matter what was happening within Elena Marie’s life, she always found herself busy in some respect. Being a prominent figure within what magical community existed within the world was an annoying one, but it was   position that she ended up accepting. Not too long ago she had been contacted by a certain individual, one that wanted to meet with her in New York of all places. No matter what, it always came back to that city and one had to assume fate had something to do with that. Central park had been where she was meant to meet this person, and she decided that she didn’t need any back up to talk with him. Comparative to the eccentric villain’s choice of dress, Marie looked mundane in comparison, save for the faux-mink coat over semi-formal business wear.

One might argue that her hair was also a bit flagrant, but that was something that she could easily shrug off in a city like New York. Should anything prove an issue she had laced a few defensive spells within her coat, things that would provide aid against most things, or things that she could imagine anyway.

Well-crafted heels clicked on the sidewalk as Marie approached the man with a top hat seated on his lap. He stood out, so that made finding him all the easier.

”Quite the public place you’ve chosen.” She stated in usual amiable fashion, settling down on the bench a respectable distance from him.
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
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