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Putting Counts to Rest

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Putting Counts to Rest Empty Putting Counts to Rest

Post by Stacesune December 28th 2016, 4:05 am

Usually the first worrying sign of someone's fanboy status is the exact predicament mister Collin had himself in. Taking a day off from his usual street hijinks, today he was actually relaxing and doing something that he felt matters. Catching up on comics! The young man was laying down on a bench outside of one of Chicago's many comic shops, taking up the whole thing, one knee in the air and waving back and forth as he read through one of a small stack of comics he had laying beside him on the concrete below. A hotdog sat on his chest, almost forgotten as he peered through the pages. Sure, supers were all over the actual world, but there was something wonderous about seeing the action in the comics since in person the chance he would MEET someone heroic was.. Well, lacking. Well not so much lacking as he felt he was just a background character to the stories of the real superheroes.

Speaking of supers, and lacking, this very featherbrained super forgot just how long that hot dog had been forgotten. Lifting it up, and pausing mid bite as he realised how cold it had become. Looking around a second and thinking no one really noticed him, he'd blow a small streak of fire along the meat to recook it before taking another bite. Once more lost to his comics for the time being. Someone who had powers of his own so lost in the world of the make believe super heroes, when he could be one himself...

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Quote : "Dude. You're a superhero! Thats freaking awesome! whats your capename!? Can I get your au

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