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Shatter Empty Shatter

Post by Shatter November 6th 2016, 10:44 pm


"Riding the Wifi"

The Bio

Real Name: Lilith Elena Sands
Hero Name: Shatter
Title: Sand Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Digital Hybrid
Hair: Lili’s hair is a pale blond colour when she wants to appear human, while she’s playing a hero she changes it to a light lotus pink colour. It’s long and is usually held in a long ponytail, with a silver or gold band to keep it in place.
Eyes: Lili’s eyes are Heterochromia based, with amber as the left eye while the right eye is aquamarine in colour otherwise they look normal.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 121
Blood type: Digital

The Looks

Lili is a petite girl of 5’9 with a pale complexion and long ponytailed blonde hair, her eyes are duel colour with amber and aquamarine as their chosen colours. Her choice of dress defers depending on the season and the weather, in warmer months she’ll wear sundress and short skirts with tank tops or shirts.

In colder months or places she’ll wear jeans usually black in colour though sometimes white depending on clashes, her shoes differ as well depending on weather she’s going out or working out. On the back of her neck under her hair, is what looks like a computer connection cord. It resembles at times an USB connection at others it resembles another type of connection. It changes to sort the necessary function.

Her hero attire is an aquamarine tanktop with black and silver linings, with a similar colour skirt which is puffy underneath and black and silver coloured as well. Her wings which often appear when she changes are pixel like and teal in colour, a mask appears over her eyes which are black silver and gold. She also has pixelated looking sweatbands in a combo of her other colours also. When in hero form, her hair is let out and flows down freely in all its pink lotus glory.

The Personality

Lili is a strange person in many ways, even though she dislikes sheeple and fake people she still cares about innocent people being harmed weather it's by accidents or their own stupidity. She's more likely to remain silent however when someone's making a mistake as long as it's not a harmful or fatal one, knowing that most people need to learn their own lessons. She prefers to be on a computer surfing the net, than out in the world talking to people and enacting with them. At the same time she doesn't want the sheeple to be slaughtered though she doesn't think herself above others, more like she feels separate from them in a lot of ways not just because of her powers.

When she does have friends, they have to be of a certain calibre of good or tolerable to her. And she will protect these friends like they were family, as her own family are about as fake as can be to her and others. As such she puts a line between them and herself, otherwise she may cross a line that she could never return from. Having battled numerous demons (Metaphorically) in her childhood makes her a person whose emotions are hard to notice regardless she's in human or hero form, having closed them off as a safety measure.

The Story

Lilith grew up in a normal middle class family that lived in the burbs, they rarely wanted for much as her parents worked constantly to the point she was often left to her own devices. Because of this she had to teach herself many things including working with computers, Lilith got so good at computer both hardware and software she became quite skilled. As she got older Lilith became more shut in or more like shut out from the world, she was on the internet often with questionable folks at least from her parents’ point of view.

Lilith soon became a hacktivist who trolled many a government website or network for useful information or just because she could, one night she came across a rather defunct one where she found an AI who’d been cut off from the wide world. This AI was a lot nicer then she expected and they conversed on and off for some time, the AI even moved from the defunct server to Lilith’s own servers she’d set up in an abandoned building. Despite all her protections and security measures Lilith was tracked down by a rouge government agency, which attacked her within her own little refuge she’d built.

They didn’t care that she was a teenager at the time and without hesitation opened fire on her, she was left there to bleed out and die within a matter of moments. If not for the intervention of Lilith’s digital friend who used her complex thinking and programing, along with some new inventions Lilith had been working on to come into the real world. She merged her digital self with Lilith this kept Lilith from leaving the mortal coil but this sacrificed the AI’s life and personality in the process, with her last words the AI thanked Lilith and told her to live for the right reasons.

Because of this Lilith became more able to be sociable with people and finish school with at least a few real life friends, Lilith and her new friends won a scholarship to university where they still reside. While on her off hours Lilith became the hero Shatter and learned to use her powers for the good of all, often dealing with major cybercrime or anything else that came her way Shatter was born. During later high school and early university Lilith started learning Savate, as a way to keep her safe when fighting crime.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Shatter is the result of Digital Fusion, having come in contact with a powerful digital entity that she's unsure was earthbound or not. This left her with a digital hybridisation allowing her to switch from being human in appearance to being a digital hybrid, capable of various abilities related to the digital world. It kind of appears like a digital Magical Girl transformation when view, with pixelated effects and all.

Digital Interaction
Shatter can interact and perceive the digital plane, allowing her to use computers and other related machines without having to use the conventional items such as mice and touch screens. This means she open and run programs or documents without the need for a physical computer or monitor, and access the digital/internet plane without such devices.

Computer Virus Functionality
Although she is a digital fusion, Shatter could also be considered a kind of computer virus. Or at the very least, she can become one of sorts. This allows her to spread into computer systems, sometimes in conjunction with her digital interaction and take control of electronic devices. She can also turn them on and off regardless of whether they're plugged in or not, once she has them under her control she can control them as she sees fit.

Digital Data Constructs
Using digital data, Shatter can create constructs made of digital energy. These can range from simple weapons such as blades or more complex things such as wings, she can create holographic interfaces to connect with digital data.

Allowing access to the internet, wifi or other systems, as well as jotting down other useful information. A favourite construct of hers is a pair of pixelated wings, which allows her to float and levitate though the speed of which she can do so is limited.

Information Combat
Shatter is able to bring data into the world much like her constructs, by sending a burst of concentrated information towards a foe. This then overloads them and creates a physical backlash because of the body's inability to take on excess amounts of information, thus harming the foe in a physical manner such as flying back, doubling over etc. This can also be used as a shield much like a firewall, protecting the user from damage.

The Weaknesses

Because of her fusion with digital matter, Shatter is highly affected by magnetics and electromagnetics much the same as a computer or electronic device is. Using an EMP within range of her person weather she's in her digital form or not, can cause severe pain, neural disruption and possible death.

When it comes to magnetics, a strong enough magnetic field or power can also disrupt her person in similar ways but can also corrupt her data. This can then mess with her powers considerably, or mess with her body weather in human or digital form it can burst organs, move precise things ever so slightly which causes her body to stop working properly.

Lili has to transform into her digital self to use her fully realised powers, all she can do as a human is see and interact digitally. Meaning she can only use computers without mice or keyboards and see the occasional digital stream of data flowing by, but any of her more meaningful powers aren't available till she transforms. As she transforms she shatters, which is where she gets her name from. Whenever she does this, her human body, clothes and all are destroyed if you will.

Causing quite a bit of pain and suffering for Shatter, this makes jumping between human and digital very hard and jarring. Having turned Digital, Shatter cannot turn back quickly and needs at least 15mins before her body reforms. And when she's recently turned back into her human form, she can't turn back into Shatter for an hour and a half because the stress on her body could kill her.

Only Digital not Analog
Lilith can't control devices that don't have some form of computer in them, weather it's small or not thus she's not able to affect many analog devices. As they often operate on a mechanical not computerized interface, this means she can't control them or force them on.

Lack of Information
To use her information based combat or shielding, Shatter must first have information to use from an outside force. This can be gained from physical places but also the internet, but the amount of information used can also dictate the strength of the blast or shield. And it can sometimes take time to retrieve information depending on where she is, and any nearby interference.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

Lili is a skilled computer tech head without any real formal training, she's thus a skilled hacker and software engineer. But can also take apart a computer (Of varying types) and put it back together with ease, as well as finding out what's wrong with it and fixing it. She’s also trained in Savate, something she learned in late high school and university.

Lili is also a very skilled administrator, meaning she's a very fast typest, observer and problem solver. Lili is also skilled in digital music such as Nightcore, Nightstep, Trance, House etc. which often makes a lovely melody of sounds to dance and party too (When combined with her powers it can also be interesting).

The RP Sample

Lilith was on her way back from university one day after her friends had already gone their separate ways, Lilith was walking home and passed by a cyber café which she rarely used anymore for a variety of reasons. As she passed an alley next to the place she spotted a young staff member being harassed by some mobster type guys, so Lilith ran down the alley and started transforming while tossing her bag to the side so as not to lose it in the transformation. She became Shatter and leapt from the ground and kneed one of the men in the chin, this sent the man up and then onto the ground.

His comrade pulled out a gun and fired on Shatter who blocked it with a shield of information that she borrowed from the nearby café. Sending the bullet into the thick concrete wall beside her, Shatter then sent the remaining information back at the man and knocked him on his arse. Shatter then looked at the flummoxed girl to see if she was alright, telling her to call the police and have these two arrested.

Shatter didn’t hang around for thanks and vanished into the sea of people that arrived to see the conflict, using that as a way to slip back into human form Lilith made her way out of café and back towards home. She’d told the girl her name so no one would make something silly up, as she liked the name she’d picked for herself even though it didn’t seem to make sense to people.

When she got home and looked up the local news stories, Lilith was pleased to see her mentioned and hoped that would be the last of it but she knew she may have to look further into the local mobster scene. To stop any repercussions to the café and those around, Lilith figured it was some kind of shakedown and jotted down to keep an eye when she walked by that place from now on.

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Shatter Empty Re: Shatter

Post by Thorgron November 8th 2016, 8:31 pm

This checks out, approved until stated otherwise

Shatter Pbucket
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