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Contest Shatter

Post by Nate6595 April 28th 2020, 5:26 am

Mirah Pengarden

"It’s amazing how easily broken we are."

The Bio

Real Name: Mirah Pengarden
Renegade Name: Shatter
Title: The Broken Reflection
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’3
Weight: 110lbs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

Mirah is a slender and short figure. Most would see an unassuming, unthreatening person at first glance. If anything, she looks quiet and physically unstable, as if a few small words could knock her down. Her expression holds a dull annoyance or a quiet, contemplative sort of look. Sometimes she manages a sly sort of smile, holding some semblance of mischievousness. Given her rather downtrodden demeanor and her pale, ghostly, skin tone many would assume that she was some sort of spirit or undead, unholy entity. Some would claim such an accusation would be right, though nothing of the sort is proven.

Mirah’s hair is long and dark, falling past her shoulders and stretching down to her waist. It holds a raven black color, boarding on a dark purple color. Her eyes a dark blue color, dull and nearly lifeless, as if she is looking past people. When she does make eye contact with someone it usually seems as if she is unimpressed or uninterested, a lack of expression and almost a sort of laze.

Her outfit, at one point, may have been considered relatively average, normal even. However, her clothes are torn and ragged, looking despondent. Her pants are a dark purple, tattered at the knees and sides, though beneath there are black stockings covering her skin. Her shoes are black, though worn out, tinged with dirt and dust. Her coat was once finely made, possibly of cotton or some soft material, though its whitish tan colors have faded and have been dirtied, under which she wears an old, collared dress shirt, buttoned up and worn out. Her hands are covered by old cotton gloves, surprisingly the least torn up of her attire, though still far from looking new. In some ways, she looks like an old dress up doll. Her most notable piece of attire the mask she wears. A plain, whitish grey mask with no real defined features, just a smooth surface with a thin red line drawn across where the lips would be in a neutral sort of state and two darken slits, covered with mesh where the eyes are allowing her to see out, but others not in.

The Personality

For the most part, these days, Mirah is a quiet person. She rarely speaks and even when she moves she barely makes a sound. She always seems to have an eerie silent composure to her, her movements almost robotic in nature. Though, when she is engaged with someone, especially one who irks her, she is spiteful, angry, and unforgiving. She’s a person who believes that the world forsake her and wants nothing more than a simple life free of the pain she endures. In some ways one may say she’s justified, and others may just say she is selfish and naïve. When she feels close to winning or as if victory is assured she is almost maniacal, devious, and just a tad bit crazy. With all these strange feelings in her, she is a very confident and calculated person.

The Story

There isn’t so much of a story behind Mirah, rather just a collection of rumors that sprung up over the course of time. Eventually, the rumors were wound together into more of an urban legend. In all the rumors it usually starts the same, Mirah was a young girl who loved the circus. Some say it was her father who would always take her whenever it came to town. They would parade around and see the sights, the performances, and all the different attractions it provided. Above everything else she loved the house of mirrors, her and her father laughing as they went through. It never seemed to get old. It got to the point where even the hosts and purveyors of the carnival came to know them and at each showing they would welcome Mirah and her father with open arms. Overall, the entire carnival was a wonderous time and she loved every moment of it. For most of her childhood she lived a good life, a happy life, even if it was just her and her father.

Though, rarely do such urban legends end happily. The idea is highly debated, but the assumption was that sometime in her late teens she discovered some dark secret her father had kept from her. There was an argument. A fight. Harsh words that could never be taken back. By the end of it, Mirah ran out of their home and as far as she could go. She found herself on the grounds that were usually home to the carnival, a place she felt safe and happy. It was winter and the carnival was down south at this time of year, though as Mirah ran through the grounds, sobbing, eyes red, she spotted something strange. The golden glow of light, a familiar sign illuminating the dark. She was drawn towards it and as she rubbed her eyes clean of tears she saw the familiar words spelled in glowing letters, “The House of Mirrors”. Confused, but still deeply saddened, she found herself wandering towards the entrance. Memories of her past filled her head, laughter of the times she spent with her father. Angered by the truth behind her father these memories, these happy times, all seemed bitter and empty to her.

Driven by rage she slammed her fist into the largest mirror, shattering it. Shards of glass rained upon, her handed bloodied and dripping. It is here the rumors align. There was something dormant in the girl, a force or mutation or unnatural presence which flared. The blood mixed in with the broken mirror and glass caused a sort of reaction. The bloodied pieces of glass hovered around her and shot out, burying themselves into her skin. She melded with it, her bones and essence taking on the qualities of the shattered pieces of mirror. She screamed as her body writhed with pain. Her entire body wailed and contorted, completely overtaken with the pain. It all felt like her body was going to cave in on itself. Eventually, the pain became so immense that she passed out.

Come morning, she awoke to find there was no house of mirrors, yet lingering tinges of that pain remained. She still felt as if her body was going to cave in on itself. Feeling as she had nowhere left to go, Mirah began to wander. Some rumors say that she and her father met again, but she was still angered by their last meeting and she left him there, alone. Over the years, more and more rumors have sprung up of a similar figure traversing the world. Sometimes they see her in a mirror, and other times she’s just standing there in the dark, waiting. Her goal is always the same, to try and remedy this constant pain she is, sometimes through inflicting it to others, and other times just hiding away in a mirror. A few have mentioned being able to speak with her and have always said that she seemed…desperate, constantly seeking some form of cure to this endless pain.

Of course, it’s all just an urban legend. A story people tell each other to scare them, that the thing they saw in the mirror is not a monster. Its just a story.

But perhaps…

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Shatter-Through physically touching something Shatter can weaken its physical state. The longer she remains in contact with something or someone the stronger the weakening force becomes. After about a second or so of being held a person with enhanced endurance/resistances would feel like a normal person. After five or so seconds a person with enhanced endurance/resistances would feel like an average, feverish person, body aching at this point. After eight to ten seconds a person with enhanced endurance/resistances would feel like they have glass bones, being absurdly fragile and susceptible to attacks. People of average resistances weaken at greater speeds and people of stronger resistances take longer to weaken. Further, she can also weaken objects and items, her ability isn’t limited to living things, the same times being applied to structures (It’d take ten seconds of contact for steel to be like glass). The effects of Shatter only last for about ten minutes or so. Regardless of the current status of someone inflicted with weakness they would suffer pain that is semi-equivalent to Shatter’s, feeling as if their body would collapse in on itself. (Permission based).

Mending-Shatter can, while weakening someone, drain them of their sturdiness, healing any broken bones she may have incurred and for a brief time dulling the pain she feels. However, when she drains a target the weakening process is slowed, the times to inflict the weakened statuses needing about…five more seconds (Example: It’d require fifteen seconds for someone to feel like they have glass bones). She can only use this ability on living things, not including plants and funguses.  

Shards-Shatter can create shards of reflective glass to spike out of the ground in a forty-foot range around her and only in places she can see. She can also break parts of these spikes off and levitate them, able to project them at speeds comparable to that of a projectile from a sling. The spikes can reach heights of up to eighteen feet and a max-width of four feet.

Reflect-If Mirah can find a mirror she can use it to reflect both physical and energy-based attacks back at a target. The attack will be at a fraction of the power of the original, about half of the same force put into the attack. If it is a physical attack, such as from a punch or blade, the mirror will project a glassy reflection of said attack, stretching the same length out of it. If it is an energy-based attack it will just reflect the attack.

Melding-Shatter can physically meld with a mirror, entering the reflected world. While in this world the effects of her weakened state are lessened, the pain nearly gone there. She can interact with things in the mirrored world and affect them in the original world (example, if there is a reflection of a cup she can knock over the cup in the reflected world, causing the cup in the real world to also get knocked over. Further, if there is a reflection of a person she can attack the reflection of the person and deal damage to the real person). While in the reflected world her bones heal at a quicker rate, though the pain from the broken bones remains. If there is another mirror within thirty feet in any direction of the mirror she entered she can teleport to that one.

Light Step-Maybe it’s the lighter bones? Or maybe it’s something else that changed in her? But regardless, Shatter is very agile, holding a great dexterity and a relatively good reaction time. These skills are nowhere in the superhuman field, yet there is an unnaturalness to her speed and ability to react. She can’t dodge bullets and attacks at close range from an average person could still hit her if she is caught off guard, but when focused and cautious an average person would struggle and a street-level hero or villain may find themselves on par with her.

Ignore the Pain-For a limited time, due to the constant state of pain she is and perhaps some other unnatural force even when her bones are broken and she is experiencing a good deal of inflicted pain she is able to move and operate to some degree, albeit a bit slower and through great struggle. She can stand and slowly walk on broken legs, throw punches with broken arms, a stand-up, relatively straight, with broken ribs.

The Weaknesses

Like Glass-Shatter is someone who essentially has glass bones. A punch from an average person could break her ribs, a fall from a few feet high would cause great pain through her body and potentially break a minor bone or two. At close ranges, a requirement for her ability puts her at risk of getting hit. This existence has made her a very cautious and careful person, often avoiding other people outside of when she needs to.

Breaking Point-Despite being able to dull her pain in the reflected world staying withing for periods longer than a few hours at a time causes her great headaches, nearly unbearable after three hours. After remaining in the reflected world for more than an hour or so at once usually requires her to wait a day or so before she can go back in.

Shattered-The shards that Shatter creates are only as strong as normal glass and it be broken just as easily. Further, anything that is not weakened, such as thing like concrete or people of stronger durability would most likely be unaffected by getting struck with the shards.

Touch-Shatter’s weakening ability requires her to physically touch someone or something. At closes ranges, when she is in physical contact with someone, it’d be easy enough to strike her. Given her fragile frame, being struck at such a close range usually would mean a good deal of damage is being dealt to her.

Renew-If she does not use her mending ability on someone at least once a week to “reset” herself she will experience immense pain, only being able to, at most, walk at a slow pace, every motion she makes a sluggish one. Simply being patted on the back would feel like she’s getting slammed in the face by a full force punch.

Feel the Pain-Ignoring the pain, when dealt severe damage, only lasts a few minutes. After fifteen minutes the damage she has been dealt will finally set in unless she manages to mend herself or get into the reflected world. If her bones are broken or any other form of serious damage dealt, she likely will be unable to use said bones (broken legs means she won’t be walking anytime soon).

Glass Cannon-A single mirror that she can use to reflect attacks back at someone can only reflect up to three to five attacks, after which the mirror will shatter and become useless, the broken shards too small to actually be usable.

Forced Out-Breaking the mirror that she is currently melded with will force her out, sending her basically flying out. Usually the impact of being shot out will result in a broken bone (usually a finger or two). Further, it requires a few seconds for her to actually teleport to another mirror, during which time she cannot interact or use any of her abilities. Also, a mirror must be of a big enough circumference for her to enter, a small handheld mirror she could only stick an arm or leg in, not her full body.

The Items

Mirah keeps with her:
-A small hand mirror.

-Her clothing and costume.

-Some money she usually stole from someone.

-A store-bought, temp phone.

-A large pocketknife.

-An old locket seems old and has a hard time opening.

The Fluff

-Sometimes, out of desperation, Mirah will take an odd job for some quick money or for the chance to drain someone to renew herself.

-Mirah doesn’t consider herself evil, despite occasionally assaulting innocent people. She believes she is doing what she believes she needs to do to survive and thrive. She heavily believes that the world has wronged her and that she doesn’t owe it anything and that all of her hard work should be rewarded in some way.

-She rarely speaks to anyone and when met with kindness she tends to second guess it and assault due to an inane distrust of people, especially those labeled as heroes (Perhaps out of jealousy).

-No one is sure where she got her mask…

-Who is her father?

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Contest Re: Shatter

Post by Zonkes February 5th 2022, 4:47 pm


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