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Under the sea part 2 (Double exp, paradigm)

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Under the sea part 2 (Double exp, paradigm) Empty Under the sea part 2 (Double exp, paradigm)

Post by The Bolt July 27th 2016, 3:34 am

Alex examined the suit, a minor cut within the materials that bound the thing together  obvious to him more likely than anyone else. Those Atlantians had some pretty annoying weapons, though their powers were more the annoyance really. Having someone able to actually tag him while running, well that was a new feeling and one that he did not want to repeat feeling once again. Just thinking back to the metal cutting into his otherwise durable flesh brought back a few phantom pains that stung throughout his body. Faded sunlight sifted through his window, casting its luminescence across the room kept dark, save for a single lamp casting its glow as well. His parents were none the wiser about his adventures, and that was something that he preferred in the long run. They worried about him, and he did not want to make them worry more than he needed to.

Life seemed to grant him friends, Cypher, Proxy as well as that strange tall person with the really off way of talking. It might have just been how they were, though he did find himself wondering why he was that way. Honestly Alex wasn’t the type to care too much about how people acted, so long as they weren’t massive dicks to other people. His parents were doing their usual busy routine, his father saving lives as a doctors and mother doing whatever it was she did. She had a job, though he could not for the life of him remember what that job was. Something that just in the end was chalked up to forgetfulness more than anything else.

His thoughts were the things that dominated his mind for the moment, until the sound of his phone ringing broke the silence. With a quick motion, he  picked up the phone and pressed it to his ear after pressing the answer. The voice on the other end was his friend, the one that he had fought the weird strong lady with a few weeks ago. Just thinking back on it made him sore, though that was more because they had punched him around like some kind of punching bag. They said something about needing him in new York for something, which felt like a long way but then again he could run pretty fast so that wasn’t really the case. There was an excuse to be in New York, so he would run there as fast as he could, maybe bring his suit along if that was needed.

So shoving the slightly metallic suit into a bag, Alex leapt out of his window and was off only after removing his shoes. Sure, his feet could withstand the constant movement, but shoes were likely something that would get worn away from one trip. It took less than twenty minutes to reach the city of New York but he was there at last.

There wasn’t much of a difference from here and Chicago, at the very least within his own mind but that wasn’t the important issue. Paradigm hadn’t really given him a location to meet up, at least not something that was immediately apparent to him, so Bolt pulled out his phone again after putting his shoes back on and called. ”Alright, just tell me where in New York and i’ll be there.” He said upon being answered, waiting for something more concrete as he walked along one of the sidewalks, casually sidestepping the people walking along.
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Under the sea part 2 (Double exp, paradigm) Empty Re: Under the sea part 2 (Double exp, paradigm)

Post by Chellizard August 2nd 2016, 6:54 pm

I'm letting you have double XP for this intro post because you never received a reply.


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