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Base and Stuff

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Base and Stuff

Post by Lone Star on May 20th 2015, 12:32 pm

Business :

Place Name/Business*:  Morrow Enterprises

Built/Founded*:1956 Originally Morrow Technologies


North America HQ: Manhattan, New York
European HQ: Paris, France
Australian HQ: Sidney, Australia
African HQ: Cape Town, South Africa
Japan HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Canadian HQ: Ontario Canada


History: Founded by the great grandfather of Christopher Morrow the original Christopher Morrow prided himself on his very strong understanding of science and his wanting for more. He would dedicate his years to building what he would know as Morrow Technologies which started out of his basement in Trenton New Jersey. Eventually he would develop aircrafts for the military which would warrant a government contract and offer him the financial means to start the company up as he moved to New York and worked out of the 30 Rock building. Upon then he met his wife Jillian Jacobs who specialized in advanced studying the human body and developing ways to help muscle growth. With her knowledge the couple opened up a new branch of their company which specialized in drugs that would better the world one day.

Main field*: Advanced Robotics, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Engineering, Chemistry, Nano-Technology.

Proof of Purchase*: Billionaire

Base Name: The Basements Basement

Purpose: Lone Star to work out of.

Location: Manhattan, New York


The home of Lone Star which is a 5 level bachelors pad which is comprised of the usual materials you'd find in a house with a lot of glass windows. In the house you'd find 6 Bedrooms, 4 are masters. You'd find 7 bathrooms. 1 per each master bedroom and the other 3 are scattered around the house. A kitchen. A dining room a living room. A pool area and then you have the basement. In Lone Stars bedroom by lifting his giant wall carpet of a tiger backwards an elevator can be revealed which Takes Lone Star down to the car area where his vehicles are stored. In order to get in the base you must be hand scanned in. The only hand code in the system is Lone Star's. The scanner is in the basement.

Holographic Computers

Base Part 1 of 3

Base Part 2 of 3

Base Part 3 of 3

History: After Lone Star stopped working out of the Morrow building he took his lab home with him and decided to build almost the same one he has at work. Once he opened his base he decided he should do more than "work" out of it and use it to better the city in the way he sees fit.

Wealth: 5
Lone Star
Lone Star

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 6
Registration date : 2015-05-18

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