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Meet up with a NEW! (Reaper)

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Meet up with a NEW! (Reaper) Empty Meet up with a NEW! (Reaper)

Post by Mykel Thames July 20th 2014, 2:07 am

It was hot and boring in a pasture out of the outskirts of Philidelphia (((dont know if that is spelled right))) where he just realizes something. Where were the screams he was hearing and where was Mykel. He looked around as he was an a state of panic when he did not know where he was and he knew someone was in trouble. Quickly spinning he seen a giant city probably 5 miles from where he was. It would give him a chance to re think everything that has happened. He did not know if someone was out looking for him so he sent out a burst of air almost like a nice summer breeze to use to scan the area. There was no one. While he had the advantage he used an item that morfied the way he looked and turn him into some average citizen he had seen walking around in California.

He was almost there, he could get food and water and figure his way home. But things started to come back in small forms of memories and flashes. He remembered a cave he read about in a book that set in his libary of occult literature. Thats right I went for the Spear of Saremere. And when I touched it....he remember the screams the spear let out and how he was teleported by the spear. No one could get it because it was not ready to be choosen. As he made his way into town he took of his disguise and walked around looking to find where he was. He seen one of the big welcome your in this random city. Well atleast he knew he was in Phili.

He walked up on a scene as two people were getting in a fight about theft. It seemed there story was mixed. Everytime they said it there was something new or missing in it.

He stole my money... He stole a thousand from me man. You gotta help bro. He was looking to get help from the audience as he made his way to Mykel. When he asked Mykel hepulled out his wallet and gave him about a thousand and a half and told him to go home and sober up. Ways to end disputes without ability was a great thing. It would not stop him from using his ability to right the wrong it a heart beat.
Mykel Thames
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