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Seraphim Empty Seraphim

Post by ProwlerKnight June 19th 2024, 6:20 am


"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done."

The Bio

Real Name: Michael Saint
Hero Name: Seraphim
Title: The Angel of Justice
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Angel
Hair: Black/White
Eyes: Blue/Glowing Gold
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 220lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Michael is firm, bold, and has an unbreakable will.  

He has always had a sense of Justice, and protecting those who can’t protect themselves.  

Michael also has a strong compassionate side, he cares for humanity, and will even stop in a fight to console a lost child, or save someone from harm.  

The Story

Michael was your average orphan growing up in a church. He did his chores, was nice to others, ate all his food, and prayed every night.  

However, there was another side of Michael, one with a strong sense of justice. He would step between bullies and their victims, often resulting in fights. Which got Michael into a lot of trouble with the Nuns.  

When he was old enough, he started studying to become a pastor himself, wanting to help those who were unable to help themselves. He volunteered for any services that aligned with his intentions. From soup kitchens, to disaster aid, and homeless shelters, Michael kept a pretty busy life.  

But even with seeing the worst in people, he never gave up on his dreams.  

He worked hard, until eventually, he was able to earn his degree in Christian Ministry, and took over the church he was raised in.  

One night, Michael had got home from working, hearing about the tragic events that transpired in London, all at the hands of a so-called hero named Ascendant.  

Hearing the news, Michael dropped to his knees and prayed, begging for the Almighty to guide him, show him what must be done.

Suddenly, Michael felt a force take over his body, as he began to chant in a language he didn’t understand.  

He then found himself surrounded by what looked like clouds, standing ankle deep in water, that reflected the golden light of the sun from the sky above him. Standing across from him was a man, his skin a golden tan, hair white, and golden eyes that glowed with immense power.  

The being introduced himself as Raguel, the Arch Angel of Justice, and he that he had heard Michaels prayer. He chose Michael to become a vessel for his power, and be an Angel of Justice.

At first, Michael was hesitant, worried the power would go to his head, and make him ignorant of his actions, like Ascendant before him.  

Eventually, the young preacher accepted the gift, a sense of duty washing over him.  

Now, whenever Michael would speak the phrase he was told, he would become Seraphim, the holy hero of justice.

The Powers

Angelic Strength: Seraphims strength currently is superhuman, capable of carrying and lifting objects as heavy as planes, cargo vessels, and even skyscrapers with relative effort. He can bend most normal metals and materials, punch through any material. His divine energy allows him to carry larger objects without them breaking apart.  

Angelic Durability: Empowered with divine energy, Seraphim cannot be harmed by conventional mortal weapons, and he can withstand immense amounts of physical force. Bullets bounce off of him, and he can endure intense heat and cold.  

Angelic Speed/Reflex: Seraphim is capable of moving at sonic speeds, his top speed with effort reaching Mach 13.  

He can perceive the world around him at these speeds as well, allowing him to react.  

Angelic Flight: Seraphim can fly just as fast as he can move on his feet, as well as hover in place, and move through the air.  

Angelic Physiology: In his angelic form, Seraphim is immune to mortal diseases, poisons, and viruses. He can also survive in the vacuum of space without oxygen.

Divine Energy: Seraphims body channels divine energy, allowing him to overcome most magical and dark defenses with his attacks.  

The Weaknesses

Vessel: Michaels body is a vessel for the powers of the Seraphim. Though he is in control, the power channeling through him is not of his realm, and can be exorcised from him with a strong enough ritual. Once he loses the power, he must recite the prayer he did to receive the power, leaving him vulnerable to attack.  

Unholy: Where Seraphim is empowered by the divine, he is weak against anything unholy, desecrated, and demonic. Supernatural beings can hurt him.  

Magic: Seraphims divine energy does not protect him from most spells, and certain spells have a greater effect.  

Protector: Seraphim was created to protect the innocent, and will prioritize human life over defeating an enemy (though usually protecting the innocent meant defeating the enemy.  

If an innocent life is put in harms way, he will do anything to make sure that human is safe, including giving up the fight.  

Transformation: Michael must call out the phrase used to transform into Seraphim.  

If he is unable to speak, or remember the phrase, he cannot change, and is thus, human.  

Dwindling Flame: The power that runs through Michael can only take shape for so long, the more he exerts himself, the faster it “burns out”. While his current record is one week without exerting himself.  

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Power of Belief (Experience): As an Angel, Seraphims power grows stronger with each battle, as he inspires more peoples faith in good and justice.  

The RP Sample

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Seraphim Empty Re: Seraphim

Post by Arcana June 21st 2024, 2:29 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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