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Domina Prime

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Domina Prime Empty Domina Prime

Post by Domina Prime June 11th 2024, 12:00 am


"You Can See God When I Take My Mask Off~"

The Bio

Real Name: DIMA
Hero Name: Prime
Title: Lifeform 18 or Lady Prime
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 18
Gender: Unisex
Race: Furyian Primearch
Hair: Ivory White
Eyes: Azure Blue
Height: 6ft9 - 20ft
Weight: Variable
Blood type: Hyper Evolved Alien Blood

The Looks

The Personality

WILD CHILD: Memories of civilization lie far from this ones complex and mysterious mind, the dark influence of Titans experiments ever ensnaring her senses and further removing the lifeform from whatever sense of humanity it once possessed. The only life it has only known is life in containment, thus the wildling appears unconcerned with common mannerisms and her 'feral tendencies' adopted from the constant influence of wild beast in her life as her very behavior has adapted and evolved to better assimilate into her environment. Gaining animal instincts that she possesses due to a number of traits spliced into her code.  She chitters when content or amused, hisses when fearful or threatened, snarls when bursting with anger or aggression and has an overwhelming primal instinct to pounce on those around her be they friend or foe much to their dismay. Rarely ever walking fully on her legs she often resembles the very creatures that she was raised around and is driven almost completely by primal impulse and the base instinct to hunt and eat. Thus preventing her from fitting into civil society resulting in her staunch dislike of city-folk and almost always avoiding close contact with those who would do her harm. Her use of language has all but been stunted for many years while her brain has rewired itself to disregard written language completely in favor for more practical survival skills. Single minded organisms tend to simply confuse the lifeform and 18s knowledge of the outside world beyond the Titan station is extremely limited, only ever daring venture out during hunts or when her curiosity gets the best of her, often getting the alien creature into heaps of trouble.

THRILL OF THE HUNT: To be still to 18 is to die slowly, stillness is considered the creatures biggest struggles. With an insatiable appetite and a maddening instinct to run, climb, chase and move about overwhelming every fiber of her being. There is no feeling more fulfilling and no sensation more rewarding than to hunt truly worthy prey. A rapid obsession that only grows harder to control with each passing aging phase. This ravenous desire to be active in some way shape or form has made it nearly impossible to keep the xeno still, their mind constantly seeking a task or purpose to stimulate her senses and sharpen her teeth. This can manifest in many different ways, from terrorizing innocent folk for the sheer entertainment of it or pranking passing travelers, sneaking into places she does not belong and stealing food from the occasional camping party tend to be activities that fill the devilish xeno with delight. Habits that are only encouraged by many of her TITAN companions~

AZURE STARHEART: Despite the savagery ingrained into the starchild after so many years isolated from others remnants of a kind heart shine through in her unconditional love for all things artistic in nature. To sing, dance, and fill the dark with laughter and beautiful music is perhaps her greatest passions beyond the bloodshed of worthy prey! To paint images of her daring hunts upon the halls and stoke a fire to satisfy her god! While many will only ever know the bloodthirsty monster who hungers for the hunt, others might catch glimpses of a different side. A side brimming with emotion and and curiosity, the mere arrival of rain and thunder may send the child into great delight, finding joy in being untamed, wild and free and never missing a chance to grasp it.

RAVENOUS HUNGER: With the incredible amount of energy lifeform 18 consumes with even her most basic of functions 18 has gained an appetite that many would consider boundless. With a near insatiable hunger that only grows she has been known to raid transports purely just to take the food. Often sneaking about stealing whatever she can gather and stashing it away in secret hiding places scattered throughout territory she is familiar with. Highly motivated by the promise of a good meal 18 is easily influenced by her nose, catching the scent of something sweet is bound to lure her towards its source, being incredibly selfish when eating and often refusing to share her catch while chowing down.

PACK MENTALITY: Since the loss of her family in the Furyian Invasion of Earth 25 years ago her pod and the severing of her connection to the hive Lifeform 18 has developed severe needs for attachment which for more than half her life have been the vicious beast that lurk in Titan. Her time with her 'hive' has made her extremely dependent on them emotionally, so much so that any longer than a couple days without being close to them she becomes highly anxious and restless. Suffering from extreme separation anxiety when split from her fellow 'brothers and sisters'. She has been known to go into fits of rage and sadness if left in silence for to long. Walls will close in all around her and the loneliness and leave her unmotivated to move, eat or sleep. For her, loneliness is just as effective as poison, killing her slowly and as a result after being adopted by TITAN as a 'Specialized Response Unit' Lifeform 18 has adapted this understanding to consider those within the Heroic Influence apart of its hive, one with its colony. Despite her...incredibly primitive and feral behavior.

THE COLLECTOR: All things that glimmer, sparkle, trinkets and doodads all tend to spark a curiosity in the creature. It is not uncommon to see 18 dawning random pieces of clothing she found or jewelry like rings in her wild mane of hair or trinkets strewn about her den. Mostly from her adventures outside The TITAN Enclave, Dima delights in collecting anything she can and decorating herself or her 'hero den' with whatever she finds from the human world. Even going as far as to take trophies from her hunts and adding them to her small collections, many in TITAN pocketing their valuables when the impish xenolass is nearby.

The Story

Cosmic coincidence or destined death, to hear the name Prime in the galaxy is to hear the name of destruction and discord as the name of this mythic Furyian Bloodline echoes in the halls of warrior cultures scattered upon the stars.

Furyians. An alien collective of warlords, tyrants, fanatics and maniac primitives who travel the stars in search of advanced and powerful species from various planets in order to challenge them to mortal combat and through their defeat, devour the vanquished to consume and further evolve their own genetic blueprint. Slowly evolving new traits, powers, and abilities the longer they manage to stay alive and the more opponents they manage to defeat. Their planet destroyed in a harrowing civil war, The Furyian Species is a near extinct amalgamation of bizarre visually striking alien lifeforms of various shapes, sizes, and destructive potential!

Approximately twenty five years ago, TWO Furyians arrived on the surface of EARTH. A newly discovered planet and one that held great promise for potential prey for them to feast upon. However, upon engaging with the planet, the mighty meta-humans of earth served to be much more powerful than originally intended. One of the invaders perishing quickly, while the other was captured by dark forces for mysterious reasons. The battle however left many cities scarred and the collateral damage from the Furyian Invasion of Two caused the death of many beloved heroes who stood bravely in the face of overwhelming odds!

Additionally, the ship recovered from the scene was captured by a government branch called TITAN. Who reverse engineered the alien technology over the years along with discovering that hidden within the ship of the invaders was a strange, mysterious egg glowing with radiance. TITAN, learning the egg was in fact a baby Furyian from the invaders who were later discovered to be a mated pair, took the egg to keep under strict supervision from the Special forces of TITAN, the lifeform dubbed by many scientist as LIFEFORM 18.

The discovery of 18 and its origins have been redacted from its original files but it is quietly known that experiments conducted by special research units discovered that 18 and Furyians are a mysterious alien lifeform armed with extremely advanced biology capable of rapidly mutating and evolving.

Initially the discovery was celebrated, the lifeform dazzling many of the greatest minds in genetics and at the time giving the board what they wanted as the lifeform displayed high potential in military and medical application. However, due to constant prodding and experimentation on the lifeform as an egg eventually the subject reacted violently and began developing counter traits to combat the danger human scientist posed to its survival. What took place over the next several years was the containment and study of the lifeform within an controlled enclosure to further understand how the creature would develop and mature.

In time however the lifeform grew far more intelligent than those containing it which led to the eventual breach leading to the downfall of the research station ATLAS where the lifeform was reported to be lost to wild.

Since it's loss, TITAN has been put under damage control as their Handlers attempt to hunt 18 to bring her back into their fold, initially seen as an unfortunate young child at the time they were unaware of the nature of 18 and has been slowly mimicking and assimilating into their culture. Lifeform 18 has never made contact with organisms outside the station, therefore this new development has deemed acceptable for the collection of data on how the lifeform will behave under immense social pressure when still young in development and how it will grow to influence how they grow and evolve in the future.

Her understanding of the world comes almost purely from movies and other media she consumed as she was raised and trained by TITAN. Much of her origins and the truth of her parentage hidden from her as TITAN influences and guides her direction. Attempting to take the potential power of a young Furyian Child in order to have their own government issues 'super soldier'.

Much to their dismay however. Lifeform 18 is a primitive and feral cavechild from space, and very rarely conforms to the demands and directives of her current handlers.

The Powers


Lifeform 18 is a mysterious eldritch-like creature and the first of its kind discovered by Titan after experiments regarding travel to the nether realm. Their true origin in the nether is unknown as is their exact purpose aside from the consumption and assimilation of all living organic matter and the devouring of any sentient creatures who may possess genetic traits that can be collected into their ever shifting and evolving gene pool. At its current maturity the lifeform has adapted quite the physical form since arriving to Earth and being 'adopted' by the Government Agency known as TITAN. Keeping its structural shape held together via an armored exoskeleton that protects the vital core of their body. Multiple limbs and many sensory organs, crystal-like bones and natural bio-luminescence Lifeform 18 is visually dazzling as they are deadly. However, upon further study the lifeform has appeared to display the unique ability to not only collect the genetic code of other lifeforms into themselves but even distribute enhanced code bonded with her own into the genetics of other creatures to drastically mutate and enhance their biological nature. 18 appears to function primarily in four simple phases. Consume, assimilate, enhance, and finally. Replicate. All leading to the end goal of adjoining other lifeforms into their warrior hive collective to repopulate the numbers of their dwindling species, driven by a religious concept known as 'The Eternal Hunt' that gives the creature purpose and allows it to grow and evolve in a rapid pace based on the devouring of WORTHY WARRIORS on earth. The means of which this can be achieved varying wildly depending on the method utilized by the rapidly adapting creature. However, for all the genetic code it can consume, its own body can only grow and mutate to a certain level before it begins to fail, only allowing the lifeform to temporarily draw on the traits of those it has assimilated and adding it to its base code for a short time. Only capable of enhancing its own physical form rather than fully transforming into the creatures it consumes. Such abilities only to be found in other creatures it enhances or in some cases may reproduce if the lifeform ever reaches such a maturity before termination protocols are initiated. The traits it has evolved for its base code are documented as followed~

CRYSTALIZED CORE: One of 18s most visually striking features come in the intricate design of a collection of armored scale platting that covers a majority of the lifeforms body except for the bare skin of the underbelly, chest, the only imitation of 'flesh' that shows where a oily substance is secreted from the skin to keep the body slippery and smooth. The scales however shimmer in the light and while flexible appear to be highly resistant to heat and piercing/slashing weapons. The scales of the lifeform possess minerals within them that make them highly resistant to plasma, making her fireproof and a superconductor for electrical energy. only seen to be scuffed with smears after contact with weapons or guns and occasionally damaged if continuously struck properly or through the gaps between the scales. The gem-like minerals found in the outer exoskeleton appear much more purified within the very bones of the lifeform, being highly crystallized and have mutated into the very limbs of the subject. Claws, teeth, talons, even the quills it sprouts as a defense. All made of the same crystal-like material that bares an incredibly striking resemblance to cosmic crystals. The inorganic material found in the core bones can be energized with electrical impulses that allow it to not only withstand plasma, but clash with it for extended periods of time without severe damage, the bones capable of withstanding extreme heat completely naturally, even going as far as to absorb the warmth and energy from electricity, plasma and heat in general to energize its own biological cells.

HOSTILE BIOLOGY: Studies on 18 have shown that the lifeform possesses some kind of advanced, rapidly shifting genetic defense mechanism designed to protect itself from intimate threats to its person. For example, attempting to handle the subject without special gloves has resulted in many staffers being stung by quill-like barbs that violently and suddenly erupt from within the body of the host, preventing it from being retrieved by specialist. This is only one of many examples of how 18 will randomly draw genetic traits from the many collected by assimilating other lifeforms through combat and temporarily applying them to their biology to catch different predators completely off guard. So far only a few of these defenses have been studied, one being the sharp quills that can sprout from the scales of its body.

AZURE TENDRILS: Upon birth the mysterious lifeform appeared fully aware of the dangers of the environment it was coming into, and when the day came for the shell to break and the egg to hatch 18 seemed to have no intention of being disadvantaged. Developing a its own completely unique evolutionary trait that serves as 18s greatest and most fascinating asset. Hosted within the body of 18 are these tendrils which consist mainly of extremely powerful nerves and muscles capable of rapidly expanding and growing in length. Comparable to the industrial strength and efficiency of machines and taking the exclusive shape of long, snake-like tentacles that sprout from the core of the body from the back and develop crystal-like talons in order to grip and manipulate objects. The length of these tendrils can extend to a max length of approximately 30 yards. Making them highly effective tools and essential to the lifeforms survival. Their strength is unrivaled by most organic lifeforms, a single tendril is shown to be several times stronger than two of the mightiest heroes. Documented to be shown completely tearing through metal, stone, and even purified crystals and therefore finding no issue when devastating flesh and bone. Powerful enough to lift approximately five tons and faster than the human eye can track Subject 18 is easily the most difficult of all the lifeforms to maintain and work with due to its high number of biological systems designed to guard it from harm. The talons capable of excreting a strong silk material as well as ejecting crystalized bone-like spires to stab into prey only to then slither little eaters from the tendrils in order to feast on the genetic material and insides of their prey. From silk spinners, to limbs in which the lifeforms walks upon and scales any surface, to feeding tools and extremely powerful weapons these multipurpose limbs are highly dangerous and must be restrained before handling of the subject, or avoided at all cost.

ENERGIZED SILK: The silk produced by 18 appears to have a number of unique genetic properties unseen even in many spider-like across the cosmos who produce a similar substance. The silk is contained within incredibly complex organs within the lifeforms back which can then be pushed through a select number of tendrils that erupt from the spine. Capable of preforming a range of versatile task depending on how they are spun the young xeno has used this powerful substance to both hunt its prey, quickly traverse from one location to another, defend itself from threats and even imprison its meals in a silk cocoon. Due to the incredible elasticity and durability of the silk cutting through it can be an exercise in frustration as the highly dense fibers within the silk prevent it from easily splitting apart and due to the high bio electrical field flowing through the silk it is extremely resistant to heat and even plasma, unable to be severed by fire or even sharp blades. Alternatively, pulling the silk apart is nearly impossible. In a test with the silk a rope of web was attached to two vehicles which drove in different directions at high speeds. The test resulted in the web being pulled so thin it reversed in a devastating rebounding with such ferocity that the engines of both vehicles failed and gave out, the web then recoiled itself back to its original shape and forcing both the ships to collide in an explosive crash. The silk of Lifeform 18 is by far one of its greatest tools able to subdue the strongest of meta humans. However, this silk does not have unlimited use and the more that is done with it the more taxing it is to the lifeform. The fluid can be consistently replenished however through the continued feasting of other sentient lifeforms, often from devouring the blood and organs of its kills.

The Weaknesses

Contain & Secure: The lifeforms greatest asset and defense system is undoubtedly the tendrils that erupts from their back. Their many functionalities make them extremely threatening to even the most seasoned of warriors or heroes but can be dealt with in a small number of ways. The most effective being the use of a sonic blaster, the force of the sound can cause the muscles within the tendrils to fluctuate and temporarily disable them, making it difficult for the appendages to function at their peak performance. Additionally, keeping ones distance and using items such as harpoons or lassos to control the range of movement and keep the limbs tied down is also effective, but given the incredible strength of each tendril it is not recommended unless the creature is weakened already or struck with a weakening blow to dull the muscle strength of the tendrils. Another method is completely trapping the lifeform and blocking the vents on its body that the tendrils sprout through, keeping them contained within the body of the lifeform and preventing them from leaving the hosts body. Most importantly, MAGIC is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against the strange starchild, baffling it significantly.

SILKSONG: Thanks to both the organic and inorganic mass contained within the material of the silk it is known to be incredibly difficult to counter due to how well the web both retains its form and rebounds when stretched too far, capable of withstanding several tons of weight and resisting extreme heat. However, the condition of the silk can be compromised via exposure to conflicting temperatures, sonic blast, and water. Given the silks attraction to heat, the material of the silk appears to regress and loosen if exposed to cryogenic substances or extreme cold. Water also seems to weaken the silk, removing its ability to naturally creep and manipulate its design or rebound, making it much easier to escape from if trapped inside on a rainy day.

FLAWED ASSIMILATION: The creatures incredible mental prowess is nothing to gawk at on a surface level, but through studies it has been shown to be rather imperfect. The lifeforms ability to learn and educate itself relies entirely on its ability to mentally link with other organic lifeforms and leech their genetic material and intelligence, in doing so allowing it to grow and learn rapidly. However if unable to assimilate 18 will become agitated and feral. Like a machine without new programming the lifeform will become stunted in its growth, making it difficult to learn about its environment on its own without a host to replicate. The selection of its prey is important, as devouring someone of below average intelligence will thus cause the lifeform to become confused and adopt the unfavorable traits of whatever lifeform it attempts to imitate. It takes much time for the lifeform to truly 'grow' in intelligence and put to use all of their collective experiences gathered. The less healthy and mentally unstable the organism being devoured the heavier the backlash on 18s own body. Additionally, the lifeform appears extremely vulnerable when in the process of extracting genetic material and linking with other organisms. Entering a trance-like state and becoming numb to its surroundings and becoming unresponsive to stimuli until the process is complete, making it the opportune time to subdue the lifeform.

SOCIAL DYSFUNCTION: Social interaction appears to be a significant challenge for the subject as shown in many scenario test with other subjects within confinement. Furthermore, in attempts to educate on social norms and civil mannerism 18 displayed visible irritation at the lessons. Appearing to struggle with grasping simple concepts such as sarcasm, humor, philosophy, and most forms of highly complex communication and many other subjects. Additionally, 18 possesses a complete lack of what some may refer to as a 'poker face'. In fact, due to 18s hive mind the concept of lies and secrets are almost completely foreign to its understanding. Not possessing the mental fortitude within itself to spin a tall tale or exaggerate a story, and in the very same breath taking almost anything said to it as literal. Due to 18's social immaturity the lifeform has been limited to its confinement until further social development is acquired.

WASHOUT: Within many of the cells of the subject are a collection of extremely potent highly sensitive gravitational lifts that allow the creature to move about its environment with maximum efficiency. These cells however appear extremely sensitive to high amounts of water. If submerged 18s ability to maneuver is clearly stunted as the cells flare and weaken, making it difficult for the lifeform to move as easily and making them immensely heavy as their repulsion cells fail after the vents within its scales become drowned, making it difficult to traverse effectively

ARCANE REJECTION: The nature of magic is the very opposite to lifeforms 18s ability to rapidly force its evolution. It's ability to adapt and assimilate is by far it's most valued trait but when it comes to magical spells or 'divine power' exist outside 18s understanding and as such, magic is by far the most effective counter and weapon against 18 and any Furyian.

The Items

Reverse Engineered Furyian Ship: One of the last remaining remnants from the Furyian Invasion 25 years ago. Studied and dissected by TITANS Technology Division it has been thoroughly documented and meddled with over the years and since the growth of Lifeform 18 and it's eventual adopting into the TITAN fold the ship is used as both a mobile command center, rest stop, armory and transport to locations around earth depending on where the mission is located. Cloaking technology, gravitational tractor beams to grip and carry items, strange flight physics that give it incredible maneuverability. Tragically however, the ships warp tech and weapons technology has long since been gutted from the ship and is studied in a TITAN lab to this day. Also preventing 18 from causing any significant damage during missions or attempting to flee to the stars where she would inevitably cause only more problems than anything else.  

Holographic Disguise: A contingency against potential unwanted attention, when outside the influence of TITAN or on more low key assignments lifeform 18 is often using a holographic disguise designed to hide her many extra appendages and 'freakish design' from more...conservative parts of the planet. Another technology salvaged from the invasion 25 years ago.

Furyian Armor: Her perished mothers armor refurbished and improved for future assignments and the main 'Uniform' for her 'Hero Work' Domina Primes arrival can never be mistaken. And while she is permitted with communication with other hero authorities, when called into action it is often agreed upon that 18 is less of a scalpel and more of a hammer.  When she's on the field, it's danger close. Making the visual authority of her warrior uniform a symbol of TITANS power that they keep at the end of a leash that, sometimes, they end up getting yanked and dragged through the mud by.

The Minions

Twin Handlers: Greisha & Yasha, twin TITAN operatives and Lifeform 18s PERSONAL babysitters! Their primary directives are to keep the leash on Dima as short as possible by keeping sharp eyes on her, preventing the impish devil from WANDERING OFF and getting into trouble, communicating SENSITIVE AND CLASSIFIED INFORMATION with RANDOM FUCKING CITIZENS! Keeping 18 out of trouble is a full time job that apparently requires TWO people instead of one! Yasha, treating 18 like a strange, unpredictable creature and often disdained. While Greisha tends to see 18 as a child, and tries to exercise patience for its curiosity of the outside world and will sometimes give 18s leash more slack than usually permitted~

The Fluff


The RP Sample

Like a damaged reel of videotape, a broken record spinning feebly over the fissure with ugly static warbling, sunrise for the shadows arrived with repetition capable of deadening even the brightest eyes into some dim, docile, sheep-like compliance, twilight a shade pulled at predictable, timed intervals and as dawn neared. Visible frustration radiating within her mind as the young Daughter of TITAN thought of the future of their conquest. Thinking mostly of the wolves with crooked teeth, surrounding her as if she were the prey.

Just a bunch of squabbling dogs nibbling their ticks, jockeying for position and barking at the stars.

Even had she possessed the mental capacity to muse on them, there would be no means to such an end. After all, what did wolves ever have but their dens, their hunts, their skittish fear of inevitable extinction?

Perhaps it was only natural to fear it. The end that is.

When it was all said and done she was going to die one day...and she was ok with this. Over many sleepless nights she had accepted this as her destiny. The eternal hunt was forever and to live by the hunt was to die by it but not without the complete domination of all enemies in her path.

She was bigger now. Big enough to stand up to the gods and devils like!

Dima huffed, shifting many eyes back and forth over the skies as CERBERUS and compatriots Ships continued to swarm throughout skies. Many greater Hero Divisions deploying with their companies and bringing war to the surface of the City.

"Alright 18! Final equipment check we drop in five! Give them nothing!" The Titan Drillmaster shouted confidently from the pods as others checked their gear and weapons before they all piled into their drop pods to be shot towards the conflict from an orbiting station known as ATLAS.

The xeno shifted her head slightly, glaring down at the planet from the viewport of the station  before adjusting her many eyes. Focusing more on the enemy.

Curiosity was getting the better of her.

"Dima! What is the hold up!" Greisha shouted as Dima tapped her chin while staring out of the viewport. She then took her claw and pointed out towards the enemy forces.

"Their finest godborn champions. Where are they?" The alien asked simply, giving the Drillmaster a look that caused them to slow down slightly.

"Lot of them? Their plans are unclear but the siege of this territory is unacceptable, we must protect the investments of TITAN" They asked, making Dima roll her broad shoulders and exhale deeply.

"This one was just wondering...was curious. Do you think any are over there?" Dima asked, pointing towards the BIGGEST ship which made the Drillmaster shrug.

"Aboard their MAIN VESSEL? It's likely a handful of their commanders. Definitely cerberus he always likes a front row seat! Possibly calling shots and handling dispatch of their units but if they are they can't be reached. Not from whe- um, hello?" Drillmaster paused their own words when they realized the tall Xeno had suddenly vanished from visual.

"Metal! Ok cool bye kisses!" Dima quipped as she had already piled into her pod. Waving childishly at her comrade before the pod sealed up and prepared to be ejected. However, she had adjusted the course of her pod to a different destination than her fellow operatives who were fighting to protect the city.

"Whoa, wait, Dima what did you do!?" Drillmaster tried to intercept, knowing the girl was likely up to her antics.

It was too late. The  pods ejected from the station at breakneck speeds. And while all of them fell towards the earth in perfect synchronization it seemed one singular pod had been deployed on a completely different course. The drillmaster watched from the viewport, witnessing the madness firsthand and rubbing their hands into the visor of their helmet in obvious agitation. Unable to prevent the xeno from breaking formation and veering off into the unknown. "Ohhhhhhhh GOD watch over that girl~" They groaned. Watching Dimas pod blast towards the front lines of the enemy blockade of ships fearlessly. From here Drillmaster could already see the enemy forces opening fire on the small pod blasting through space towards them.

From within the pod Dima sat comfortably while hymning to herself as she drifted through the empty coldness of space towards her enemy. The pods maneuvering systems moving her from side to side to avoid the fire of the enemy as Dima cackled whimsically in delight.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bwahahahaha!" She sang, her little robot assistant X9 working overtime to keep her from getting blown out of the sky as her pod got closer and closer CERBERUS'S MAIN vessel. "X9! What is this? A funeral or a warparty! Play something cool for Dima, this one is feelin BAD!" She snarled in delight, her droid unsure how to take that request as they began tuning the frequencies of the radio. Switching on a rather upbeat song as the hellion of a xeno came barreling through the battle lines like a bat out of hell. "Ohhhh, Dima loves this song!" She gasped, waving her head from side to side as she sang along to the lyrics.

"Eyes, boring a way through me! Paralyze! Controlling completely! Noooooooow there is a fiiiiiiiiire in meeeee! A FIRE THAT BUUUUUUURNS! C'mon now X9 sing it you know this is hot!" She barked aloud with sheer whimsy as The pod of her ship colliding violently with the side of a Defender and chewing through a few layers of the ship before managing to cleave its way into the main hanger where the pod skidded across the surface only to then smack haul first into a smaller of sorts that was lingering around the hanger bay.

Her pod settled in its position for a moment before popping open with a HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS, smoke filling the air as the pods glass door blasted open, showing only a cloud of mist inside the pod followed by the rattle of a tail slowly emerging from the pod as the music blared from within it, claws gripping the sides as slowly the Xeno began to pour out of the pod~

"This fire is out of control Dimas gonna burn this city, BURN THIS CITY! " She sang almost hauntingly, with a single beautiful fantasy in her head that carried her onward.

She wanted to burn the gods to ashes and dust~

And word on the grapevine was there was a supervillain on her menu free of charge!

This...this was on the house.

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