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Nomad Empty Nomad

Post by Starscavv June 3rd 2024, 7:26 pm


"I go wherever the wind takes me!"

The Bio

Real Name: Zeph Wilson
Hero Name: Nomad
Title: Wandering Storm
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Height: 181cm/ 5’11”
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: O Negative

The Looks

Zeph is generally of a tall and athletic build, though he has no particularly defined features. He wears his hair in microlocs, which hang messily around his head. Outside of hero work, he frequently wears a long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless hoodie, along with black bootcut jeans and trainers.

Costume wise, his outfit consists of a navy blue flight jacket, a black T-shirt, grey cargo pants and black construction boots. He wears a respirator mask, along with ski goggles and a scarf to hide his face. Boxing wraps cover his arms, going all the way to his forearms.

The Personality

Zeph is curious, thrill-seeking and fun-loving by nature. When presented with something that catches his interest, his first impulse is to pursue it, whether it be a lead to his lost memories or a new and potentially exciting experience.

This also leads to him making jokes and attempts to ‘break the ice’ while fighting, even taking selfies with the villains he beats. Alternatively, it also manifests as doing his best to comfort those distressed while in danger.

Zeph does his best to be charitable and responsible, but will sometimes go with whatever impulse strikes him in the moment if he knows it won’t hurt him or other people.

The Story

Zeph’s earliest memory, as far as he can tell, is being thrown around by the raging winds of a storm. After coming to, he found an arcane symbol burned into the log he clung onto for dear life.

Upon further investigation, Zeph would find the symbol in various places, and begin travelling to uncover the mysteries behind it. Partially driven by curiosity, but mostly hoping to solve the questions caused by his memory loss in the process.

Along his travels, Zeph would frequently find himself intervening heroically in some way, whether it was saving people in dangerous situations, or taking down villains in his search. This, combined with his constant journeying would lead to him being dubbed ‘Nomad’ by the public and the media. A name Zeph liked and ran with.

The Powers

As an atmokinetic, Zeph can control any weather and weather-related phenomenon. This can range from creating gusts of wind to zip around and move objects, fire off electricity at enemies or use either to augment his strikes.

On the more extreme end, his powers can cause massive storms, and potentially natural disasters. Zeph also has superhuman physicality and senses, allowing him to move and react quicker while surviving and recovering from massive amounts of damage. Unassisted, he can move and react at transonic speeds, lift and move a full tanker truck, and survive a large building falling directly on top of him.

The Weaknesses

Overuse of his powers can cause Zeph to begin suffering a range of symptoms, from coughing fits. If he pushes himself far enough he can risk putting himself in a coma.

On top of that, due to his heightened senses, excessive trauma to his head can evoke strong feelings of vertigo in him, massively inhibiting his ability to move well until he can recover.

The Items

Rucksack - Zeph keeps his essentials and other items in a large rucksack, since he's constantly travelling.

Camera - Zeph does his photography with a Nikon camera, which he regularly brings with him when he goes on patrol.

Scarf -  As part of his hero outfit, Zeph wears a scarf, one he obtained during his travels. The scarf is not only extremely durable, but also exhibits elastic properties, being able to stretch up to 20 metres in any direction. Zeph has used it to great effect as a movement and restraining tool, even able to grab objects with it.

The Minions

The Fluff

Street Art - Zeph enjoys both looking at and making street art, often making murals in the cities that he visits.

Freerunning - Zeph enjoys freerunning, often working acrobatic movements in for ‘sauce points’. When on patrol, he’ll frequently be bounding and somersaulting across rooftops, using his powers for big leaps and tricks as opposed to just flying.

Photography - While it is a lesser hobby of his, Zeph has taken up photography, initially because it was useful, but has come to genuinely enjoy it.

Urban Exploring - A somewhat more prominent hobby, he can’t help but enjoy exploring ghost towns or abandoned buildings, frequently taking pictures of any discoveries he makes.

The RP Sample

“Alright…” Zeph, sitting on a rooftop, centres his camera on the skyscraper in the distance. He hasn’t changed out of his hero outfit and he doesn’t really mind, since he’s still on patrol. He hovers his finger over the button, and…


The sound of a wall being destroyed instantly draws his attention. He scans his surroundings for the source, and sees dust billowing from the nearby bank.
“Another bank robbery? Piece of cake!” Zeph snags his camera and leaps over the ledge of the building, running along the building walls and landing in front of the dust cloud.

“Let’s see what’s in store.”

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Nomad Empty Re: Nomad

Post by inquisitor June 5th 2024, 6:04 pm

Approved. If you need to make edits at all, just ping the Staff in the Discord again, and link this sheet.
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