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Bloodhound Empty Bloodhound

Post by ProwlerKnight May 30th 2024, 5:13 am


"It’s time for justice to bare it’s teeth!"

The Bio

Real Name: Duke Manchester  
Hero Name: Bloodhound
Title: The dog of justice
Alignment: Hero
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 205lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Duke is the kind of person who people move out of the way for when he is walking down the street, but would stop to comfort someone who was crying.  

He was kind, caring, compassionate, often trying to avoid conflict when dealing with a situation as a cop. He would visit victims, reason with criminals, and was always there for the kids of his city.  

As Bloodhound, he can be fearsome, relentless, and come across as cold or even angry.  

But it’s all an intimidation tactic, as he still holds to his compassion.  

The Story

Duke was the son of a drunk, abusive father, and a drug-addicted mother.  

In school, Duke was mocked and picked on for being poor, and teachers did nothing to help him. He was a small child, and was an easy target, until he turned 16, when he spiked up to being 6’1” and gained 100lbs of muscle. He swore he would never be a cruel as others were to him, and ended being the protector of the kids others would pick on.  

It was around this time that Duke also started to develop special “abilities”.  

He could see in the dark, hear the slightest sounds a quarter mile away, and know the direction, and discern different smells, even some up to two weeks old.  

He had gained the senses of a canine.

One day, his father tried to ambush Duke, swinging a baseball bat at him. Duke was able to hear this, and managed to disarm his father, breaking his jaw with the same baseball bat.  

Claimed as self-defense, Duke was cleared of all charges, but was kicked out of his house, and forced to drop out of school. He would end up staying with a friends family, while working odd jobs for money to pay rent and for food.  

When he finally turned 17, Duke joined the Navy, entering the SEALs.  

His skills came in handy when hunting down targets, and preparing for ambushes.  

After a few years, Duke would eventually retire, returning to Chicago, where he would start a career as a Police officer, putting his abilities to use catching criminals.  

He would spend several years in the police force, eventually reaching the rank of Sergeant.  

After London, and the rise of the Anti-Meta movement, Duke would be forced to retire from the force.  

Feeling he still needed to protect the innocent, Duke would pull together the resources he had gathered, becoming a vigilante.  

Now, as Bloodhound, he hunts down criminals, and protects the innocent.  


The Powers

Canine Senses: Dukes senses have been enhanced to canine levels, making him the perfect tracker/ criminal hunter.  

He can see in the dark, as well as see the slightest movements with his enhanced perception.

He can smell the slightest scents, some up to two weeks old, and discern each scent in an area individually, regardless of how many there are.

He can hear the slightest sounds from up to a quarter mile away, and immediately knows which direction they are coming from. He can even hear frequencies the average human cannot hear.

The Weaknesses

Mortal Flesh: Duke is still human, and can be taken down by normal means.  

Dichromatic Vision: Duke can only discern the colors blue and yellow.  

High Frequency: Dukes hearing makes him susceptible to certain high frequencies. Dog whistles can cause him physical pain, and disorient him for a time.  

The Items

The Bloodhound costume, the vest is a modular lightweight design, allowing full protection while allowing movement, speed, and flexibility.  

The armored mask is designed to allow him to use his senses to their best, while providing basic protection.

The pouches are loaded with gadgets he uses in his missions, such as:  

Lockpicks: These are for picking locks  

Smoke bombs: Used to disorient, these small orbs burst upon impact, sending out a decent plume of smoke.  

Med-kit: He carries a kit of medical supplies, in case he comes across someone hurt.  

Carries pair of electrically charges knuckle dusters, each delivers a powerful electrical shock with each punch.  

The Minions

The Fluff

CQC: Duke trained in hand-to-hand combat, and can hold his own in a fight, even against martial artists.  

Peak physical: Duke is at his physical best, able to lift several hundred pounds, run at high speeds, and maneuver over, under, and around any obstacles.  

Detective: Dukes learned the science of deduction, and can analyze a crime scene, even without his powers.  

Intimidation/ Interrogation: Dukes appearance and stature make it easy for him to scare people if he needs. This helps when questioning criminals, or just scaring off smaller threats before they even get a chance to fight back.  

Firearms specialist: Duke is a former SEAL, and learned how to use any firearm with expert handling and accuracy.  

Stealth: Duke has learned how to move unseen or unheard, being a former SEAL.

Demolitions: Duke can build, arm, and disarm any explosives known to man.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Bloodhound Empty Re: Bloodhound

Post by inquisitor June 5th 2024, 3:57 pm

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