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WIP Morgan D'fae

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WIP Morgan D'fae Empty WIP Morgan D'fae

Post by SicilianDragon April 3rd 2024, 6:33 pm

Morgan D'Fae

"Once I find my glasses you are all going to pay!"

The Bio

Real Name: Morgan D'fae
Villain Name: Mefismo
Title: The mad Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic  Evil
Age:  1276 (physically 78)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White and luxurious
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 150Ibs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

The Personality

Over a millennia ago, the Morgan was a powerful sorcerer from Norway. During the conquest of England, he served the Danes by creating magical weapons for warriors to wear into battle. Those warriors became his pawns as the promise of more power enticed them enough to do his bidding. Morgan was eventually cast out for learning dark arts and attempting to create an army of undead using an ancient grimoire. The grimoire was destroyed before he could get to it and a group of valiant warriors from Wales felled him with their magical weapons, holy weapons. Morgan D'fae encapsulated himself in stone as a last-ditch effort, and for years that was the end of his story. An old man who made himself into a statue. This statue was eventually moved to London to be put in a museum of magic.

in the late 70s, an arcane eye that disrupts magic items was being placed into the museum, and the eye happened to glimpse over the sorcerer from the north. This was all it took to set the actions into motion. Morgan escaped the museum with a couple of new toys to play with. He tried once more to create an army, this time made of demons but the heroes of London scared him off. Morgan managed to slip onto a boat and escape to America to start anew.

Morgan landed in Maine, but traveled over the Great Lakes looking for a home until he found Chicago. The mobsters were still prominent there, prominent enough to be able to afford his services. Low-level crime did his bank account well and Morgan rose through the ranks. He grew bold, and having bought a home and made a new set of magical tools, Morgan tried for another attempt and grabbed control, this time thinking smaller.  He assembled a small team and tried to take over the city with the combination of their powers and his magic. Unfortunately, they were thwarted and sent to jail, his items once again scattered to the wind.

Morgan was able to escape jail easily, but rescuing his allies was never something he managed to do. He waited for them, biding his time with small-scale crimes waiting for their second chance at success. Now, nearly 50 years later the last of his old enemies has died and the sentence of his allies has been played out.

The Story

The Powers

Draining rays: Mefismo can shoot beams of concentrated magic that cause immense pain and shock like lightning. The worst effect is that these beams also drain stamina from living beings. While the actual attack is not very damaging the long-term effects of the attack can leave fighters unable to move with agility or fight with strength.

Polymorph: A power that is permission-based, but allows Mefismo to momentarily change anyone into an animal. The animal selected may be chosen by the afflicted, and the transformation lasts a minute or until Mefismo is distracted/hurt. The polymorph is limited to animals that currently exist and aren't magical and the transformed party retains their intelligence but momentarily loses their powers.

Teleportation: By drawing a ritual circle Morgan is capable of opening portals to other places and countries away, these portals stay up for roughly five minutes and anyone can enter or leave them. Morgan must vaguely know the location he is going to. More immediate teleportation can be done without spells but requires him to spout an incantation.  These can teleport Morgan roughly a few yards.

The Weaknesses

My aching back!: Since he was about 1250, years of improper posture and leaning over desks have done a number on Morgan. This serves as a weakness for him in battles, striking his back is sure to sunder Morgan, or at the very least incapacitate him for a round of post.

Wandering mind: Morgan's mind is not what it was in it's prime. He was once a cunning spell caster who could concentrate on spells while flying his magic carpet with ease, shooting beams of energy forth all the while. Now, he is a bit less keen. He can only concentrate on a spell or cast attacks and must do so practically standing still.  Worse than this, his spells often have side effects, such as accidentally polymorphing an enemy into a tiger or elephant.

Former Glory: Mefismo has been defeated multiple times in his long career and every time his dangerous creations have been scattered to the wind. Aside from his flying carpet, all of Mefismo's items are not in his possession until he completes a full RP detailing how he gets them back.

Frail body: Morgan is an old man and not a particularly fit one at that. His balance is shoddy, his muscles are weak and he is brittle even by human standards. In a direct physical confrontation, he is no match for hardly anyone. It would only take a few hits to defeat Morgan, maybe only one from a superhuman fighter.

Just take them: All of Morgan's items work for the wielder, whoever it may be. Should the items be removed or taken from the user, the powers are immediately mitigated and then given to the new controller. Heroes can quickly turn the tide of battle by snatching Morgan's items from his grunts.

Can't teach an old dog: Even with 50 years to learn the ins and outs of technology, Morgan remains utterly baffled by cell phones, cars and other seemingly mundane devices. This makes blending into conventional life impossible for him, and information locked behind the internet is far beyond his comprehension.

The Items

Helmet of the berserker: A Viking Gjermundbu Helmet made of magically imbued steel making it exceptionally durable and capable of resisting immense blows though that is not its prime power. When worn, the wielder's mind is shielded from magical and telepathic attacks or invasions of any sort.

The Hammer of Darkness: A hammer that feasts on the evil in a person's heart. If they are aligned with neutral or evil, the wielder is granted invulnerability from all physical attacks made by anyone who is not aligned with good. Only those pure of heart can wound the wielder of the Hammer of Darkness!

Magic Carpet: A luxurious Persian rug that goes directed with magical commands, and flies at speeds matching most sports cars. The rug can comfortably carry 4 people, but each person slows it down rather progressively. The carpet can also be called to its owner with a command.

Amulet of Deflection: An amulet of pure gold with a flawless ruby cut and placed in its center. The gem glows whenever the magic within activates. The Amulet of deflection magically reflects attacks that were not noticed by its wielder. If the wielder sees the attack, hears it, or knows that it is coming the amulet can not defend, but sneak attacks are made useless against the Amulet.

The Minions

The Fluff

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