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Post by WretchedRainbow March 5th 2024, 2:25 am

Zenia Patrox

"Crime never pays, you will. "

The Bio

Real Name: Zenia Patrox
Renegade Name: Motherboard
Alignment: Renegade
Hair: Purple(Dyed) Black(Original)
Eyes:light pink(Powers activated) Blue(original)
Height: 5’3
Weight:126 pounds
Blood type: O negative

The Looks

The Personality

A women of many talents Zenia is what you call a jack of all trades, she is charismatic when she needs to charm an individual or a crowd, smart when education and brains is the only logical way out, violent when push comes to shove and kindness when kindness is granted but above all else all angles will work for her because like all human beings at their core she is selfish and looks out for no one but herself.

To those she would call her friend or allies the depth of which she would attempt to help them or their kin would be equal as their blood shed would be like her own so she quite loyal to those she deems worthy of such a honor.  But to those she calls enemies she has no qualms about slaughtering the lot of them if she found it needed but only in the worst case scenario or if she believed them to be an actual problem.
The Story

One would expect such a beautiful women such as I to come from riches and glorious houses in the most luxurious of social communities and gatherings and the truth was, I was not. Far from it. Zenia was born in Japan to a crack addict prostitute and a yakaza gang member, she wasn’t orphaned, perhaps if she had been she would have had a normal life but that was simply not in the cards.

For Zenia her early life was spent doing criminal activity by the earliest of her memories, from stuffing small snacks into her clothing, to pick-pocketing others stuff, to getting free discounts from her parents abusing her adorable cute years as a toddler. By the time she turned 8 they decided to try to advance her into the bigger activities such as hijacking a car and hot wiring it by teaching her engineering for beginners with a book they forced her to steal, she didn’t go to school much too busy for that so she had all day to master all the subjects they gave her in between the times she had to physically help them. When she turned 13 she already realized what she was doing was wrong but she was far too deep, her parents had now forced her to keep doing it or they rat her out for all the crimes.

What was possibly a loving home became a prison as she was forced to keep learning engineering in which she became a illegal mechanic worker at some lowdown mechanic shop at the edge of Osaka  while still committing her usual criminal acitives at night. But sometimes when you do bad things, worst things find you and for Zenia it did, to a new level/. Working at a mechanic shop by the age of 17  one night she was on break and she was in the back, and she heard a lot of banging noises similar to gunshots, she new them by now and it made her jump out of her seat but before she could she was grabbed and had a bag tossed over her head. When she came to she was asked where she learned to do all the things she did and fearing for her life she answered honestly that it was her parents, and they believed her and then proceeded tot ell her they killed her parents because they were rats and thieves while they were going to let her live because they said she showed promise, she wondered what promise did she show and if only she knew.

A deal was struck with the people who had her, they would let her live if she worked for them for now on, not as a petty thief but an assassin for hire at their command she tried to resist but the other offer was death at their head and she had no card to play but to accept those she would call the “Elders” and began working for them on the exact hour she turned 18.

Five years passed since then and after being trained for all that time to be a ruthless assassin for the Elders , particularly for the one she called Control Elder due to his mental superpowers that he used to physiological train her to resist the pain from torture. During this time she was forced to work with a scientist to engineer super small robotics, nanites to be specific using her engineering skills that she was forced to advance and learn from sunrise to sunset including her other training to assist the scientist in making the Elders ultimate goal, a private army of nanite super powered assassins to become the best assassin guild in the world.

But one thing she did not see coming was the forced injection of the nanites into her body. Flooding into her bloodstream, embedding themselves and intermingling with her body on a DNA and atomic level. The only thing this that saved her was that the scientist secretly wanted to help her and without her knowledge set the nanites to be able to fuse with her safely and giving her mind primary control as the nanites queen, her nanites alive in a sense that processed information just like her and she could Control at will to change her body into various machinery and weapons using her skills in engineer to recreate the technology she saw.

She was the Elders perfect weapon, but they thought she was bent to their will, they were wrong and in the end, she used her new abilities to kill every Elder and become the only Elder by taking her place at the top of the secret assassin organization and decided to rebrand it as a renegade paradise for anyone willing to do a job for good or for bad and get paid walking the line between good and evil herself.

The Powers

Nanite Hive Physiology - Nanites have infested Zenia body to a molecular level and our self replicating and conscious following a hive system in which her consciousness is the queen and she can control these nanites to her will to change her form physically to vehicles, machinery and in everyday objects via assimilation

Assimilation - When encountering something she cant turn into or doesn't understand she uses her nanites to infest the target to learn about its inner workings and what makes it work and then can retract those nanites to update her own understanding by combining her knowledge with her nanites

Nanite Enhancement - By using her nanites to infest something she can recreate newer parts inside of it and expand its basic structure to upgrade its capabilities to a newer level using her nanites and her own knowledge to change the object.

The Weaknesses

Human yet - Despite  not being human to a large degree her brain and heart are still major organs and even while transformed and being protected by her nanites a powerful decisive blow will still kill her by piercing through the nanites defenses.

Partial understanding - Her nanites can assimilate information for her but without Zenia understanding the information she is receiving to a degree she can't replicate it until she does nor can she upgrade a objects capabilities without knowing how.

Electricity - Since she is infested with nanites in every aspect and is basically machinery and when hit with electricity can cause anywhere from short circuiting her actions to shutting her down temporary or in the worst case permanently

The Items

The Minions

Nanite Hive - Because all her nanites have a consciousness and are alive she can communicate with them mentally or speak thought them
The Fluff

Zenia is the leader of the newly reformed organization , Shadow Walkers leading them from the shadows as another contract worker
The RP Sample

Zenia looked at her phone as her nanites spoke to her, “Why do you even have that when you have us.” “I feel offended" “That old piece of junk “ but she took a sigh as she saw she was a few blocks from her target location.

She had gotten a job and it was one she found amusing to participate in, a invention held in an Alaskan Research Science Facility was locked away and the idea was to be patented in just a few days unless she stole it back from the original theft and returned it to her clients, the inventions original owner. “You can stop here Taxi-man.” Zenia said getting out of the taxi after pulling out the fare to pay and leaving it on the dashboard that had been in the middle in front of her the driver grasping the cash and unlocking the doors to allow her a smooth exit out her cab

Walking down the street is was dark and to conceal her identity she put on the mask the Elders used to scare people, a simple Oni demon mask with a upside down smile as her nanite manifested clothing that shifted on her as she walked down the dim light area, her outfit replaced with leather fiber skinsuit as she walked towards the security guard office, she could see the guard stand up as he noticed her and she kept walking towards him, the guard remained inside but that would matter very little as her finger turned into nanites that swarmed the inside of the keyhole assimilating the inner locking and then through her mind she saw the gaps she needed and began to transform her finger into a key ins8de the lock and with a twist she came inside to see a stunned guard.

Her free hand extending into a cable wire as she emminated a standard law enforcement tazer and shocked the male to the point of unconsciousness. Walking inside the security camera room her hands touched the consol ans her nanites slipped in and she gasped as the layout for the facility was being mapped in her head by looking through the security footage her nanites were assimilating. She found the invention and now it was time to get it and go.

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