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Post by Rorking February 9th 2024, 5:11 pm


"Really rudimentary stuff, I could tune it up for you"

The Bio

Real Name: Waldo Holmes
Hero Name: Excalibyte
Title: Boy Genius, Technomancer, Captain Holmes
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Race: Augmented Human
Hair: Copper Blonde
Eyes: Lilac
Height: 5'8
Weight:150 pounds wet
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Artwork by
The Personality

Waldo is what you would expect from your geeky teen fresh out of high school, at least at a glance. Reclusive but free-spirited, he tends to enjoy his privacy but is also adventurous and curious. Somewhat aloof, Waldo sometimes misses social cues and especially struggles with telling when people are infatuated or irritated with him, mostly due to his constant focus on his tech.

Waldo’s focus on mechanics and electronics is borderline obsessive. Any shyness and reservations leave him at the prospect of just getting to look at something new. He has an insatiable desire to learn that is never satisfied. Waldo is not particularly shy, but his constant focus on this topic isolates him. When he meets fellow nerds, he relishes a chance to talk with fellow-minded weirdos.

Waldo can also be a bit of a know-it-all since in many regards he does. Waldo is shockingly wise for his years, but he thinks he is infallible. Waldo is very pragmatic in most situations but he will always overextend himself purely because his sense of mortality hasn’t fully kicked in. It comes as a genuine shock to him when someone outsmarts him.

Waldo isn’t just a pretentious know-it-all. He is a very open-minded person and is a child at heart who sees the whimsy in the simple things. He can be very thoughtful too, and as he is striving to be a hero, he has a strong sense of justice. Waldo is also brave, especially for his age. He is willing to put himself in danger if it means protecting others.

The Story

Waldo is the child of two engineers, one mechanical and the other electronic. His family was a standard nuclear, blue-collar household. Small, cozy, but wholesome. At least on the outside. Waldo’s parents were caring, but the family harbored a terrible secret. Occasionally, they were mysteriously visited by aliens, abducted, and left with only vague memories.

When Waldo’s mother was still pregnant, they were abducted, and the aliens augmented their child. At first, the parents were concerned but their child showed no signs of changes as time went on. As a toddler, he told his parents that he was visited by the same strange abductors as them, but unknown to them both, his encounters with these aliens were far different.

Waldo remembered each encounter vividly. The Aliens were gentle with him, guiding him through CT scans and other medical checks. Occasionally they would let him play in a room full of what he thought were toys. His abductions were far more frequent, and soon Waldo began disappearing from school to attend these bizarre inspections. This, coupled with his tendency to shy away from other kids, led to many ‘Where’s Waldo’ jokes cropping up which only further isolated him.

As Waldo grew into adolescence, he grew more enamored by technology, something his family promoted by supplying rudimentary circuit kits. With no friends to occupy him, Waldo grew insatiable, and soon he was fixing junked engines from the scrap yard, and eventually whole cars. He had learned that the ‘toys’ he had been playing with were similar, mechanical objects he was disassembling, and putting together. The aliens seemed pleased with his progress, as they took him to tour their engine room. It was like a wet dream for Waldo.

By the time Waldo had turned 16, he already had a degree in mechanical engineering and was helping his father out in his garage. Computers, Refrigerators, and eventually even technology from other tech geniuses. It was as simple as looking at it and Waldo could understand it like the blueprints were laid out before him, until one day.

The aliens presented him with a very peculiar item. A deck of cards. Flipping one over caused gems and jewelry to form around him. By all laws of science, Waldo could not fathom how this had happened. The item fascinated him, and eventually, the aliens trusted his ingenuity enough to even let him take it home. Eventually, they would also take him aside and explain their reasons for abducting him.

These aliens had collected these ancient magical relics from a desolate planet. Even the greatest engineers nor the most powerful magicians could not understand the item's complexity. This group decided to create an engineer capable of unearthing the inner machinations through biological augmentation and implanting cybernetic enhancements into his brain. Humans were chosen as their DNA was easily compatible with the various bits and pieces of DNA spliced into them from other species.

Years passed, Waldo grew into a young man, and as he did the mysteries of this fantastical deck unfolded. Waldo poured all his time and energy into learning how it worked. With the assistance of great engineering and magical minds, he finally managed to reverse-engineer the item. In exchange for the information, the Aliens allowed Waldo to keep the item. Waldo now wields the deck as, a tech hero. More importantly, Waldo has become a go-to inventor for superhero gadgets, suits, and other tools of the trade.

The Powers

Reverse engineer: Waldo can understand the use of any device by merely looking at its hardware. This also means he understands how to replicate or disassemble the device. Waldo can understand these things in seconds, making him perfect for engineering.

Technomancy: Waldo has unraveled the mysteries of magic and how to infuse it within technology. This allows him to essentially ‘supercharge’ most mechanical or electronic devices with magic in a matter of minutes. Make a car’s engine never run out of gas, make a Glock strong enough to pierce an iron wall, etc. Additionally, this allows him to use his reverse engineer power on magical items.

Processing power: Waldo is capable of concentrating on roughly five different tasks at once, and can effortlessly maintain a conversation while he works on a car and listens to the radio. Waldo also thinks significantly faster and clearer than the average person. Complex math equations take milliseconds to do for him, and Waldo can read at an accelerated speed as examples.

Pick a card, any card: Using a magical deck of cards depicting mythological beings and items. He can draw a card and flip it face up. The first person to see the face of the card reaps the rewards or faces the consequences, meaning Waldo can make other people deal with a card. Because the cards only work when flipped up and viewed and must be charged by shuffling between uses, Waldo never knows what card he is getting. (see the Items section for a full list of the cards).
The Weaknesses

Human: Waldo has no powers or additional durability. He isn't even strong for a human, he's rather weak, and someone with superpowers can easily pummel or kill him in a straightforward brawl. This doesn't mean they can't hold their own in a fight inherently, just that they are at a severe disadvantage when in a battle with super-powered foes.

attention span of a goldfish: Though Waldo is considered a mental genius, this has done nothing to fix his below-average attention span. He has a really bad tendency to zone out when he's in the middle of hero work. When this happens, it takes pain or a loud noise to snap him out of it.

Comic book nerd: Waldo grew up wanting to be a superhero like all kids do. As that dream became more and more of a reality, Waldo managed to encounter some of his heroes in person. His drive to be seen and beloved among his heroes has risen to a dangerous degree. making him more likely to do something illogical or dangerous just to reach new heights.

My Glasses!: Waldo’s eyes are terrible, and without his glasses, he is almost entirely blind and unable to put up much of a fight afterward.

Higher calling: The Aliens that abducted Waldo will interfere if Waldo goes against their agenda in any way. If Waldo becomes evil or in some way goes rogue, they have implanted a chip in his head to render him unconscious. Actions as minor as jaywalking or breaking things can activate the chip if he's not careful.

Cybernetic shock: Since he's alimented with more tech than flesh, stuff like EMPs, a high amount of electricity, or even hitting the off-switch inside his head can be extremely dangerous to him. His whole body shuts down and can even paralyze him if he's not too careful. The one thing that never turns off so easily is his brain, putting him in the horrific state of experiencing everything that happens after that.

Luck of the draw: The Deck may be powerful, but the cards’ magic is charged by shuffling the deck, and only activates when he flips the card face up. As such, Waldo has no way of knowing what card he will get.
The Items

Mage Sheild: At the simple click of a button An invisible shield forms around Waldo, preventing incoming Magical or physical attacks from coming in. This shield is not all-powerful, and incredible attacks or excessive use can break it, meaning the shield is unusable for the rest of the roleplay.

Wrist-mounted Apparatus: Attached to his wrist is the custom mechanical and electronic rig. Waldo uses this to quickly switch between tools and to hack into computer systems or electrical systems. It also doubles as a phone and computer for Waldo.

His deck consists of Six magical cards. They are as follows:

1. Balance: For the next hour, a clone that's the opposite of the drawing victim appears and confronts them.

2. Comet: An asteroid the size of a football comes hurling through the character. The character has roughly a minute to prepare.

3. Gem: For one minute, they obtain the touch of Midas. Everything they touch turns to a rare material of their choice. the items return to normal after 48 hours.

4. Key: An item conjured from the deepest desires of the character’s mind forms at their feet. This item lasts for 1 minute.

5. Knight: For the rest of the roleplay, a guardian conjured from the Character’s mind enters from a portal near them. This guardian has human-level abilities but is a veteran combatant and has either plate mail and a magic sword or an assault rifle and a grenade. This guardian is fiercely loyal to the character and will do anything for them. The guardian returns through the portal at the end of the RP.

6. Talons: All items the character is wearing are suddenly teleported to be right in front of the person closest to you. Clothes not included.

The Fluff

1. Cards from the Deck will be drawn at random from a deck of many things. If both members of an RP accept, they can agree to what someone pulls.
2. The race that's been supporting him is what remains of the Hum'iths.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Post by inquisitor February 11th 2024, 5:43 pm

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