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Isamu Saito

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Isamu Saito  Empty Isamu Saito

Post by ghost February 6th 2024, 12:49 pm

Isamu Saito


The Bio

Real Name: Isamu Saito
Villain Name: Spector / Ghost / Hi no Yama no Yurei (Ghost of the Ember Peaks)
Title: Sir
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 597 Years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’6
Weight: 150lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Isamu has tanned skin, has an athletic build, and long black hair. He keeps his hair up most the time, sometimes he even braids, it tends to fall just past his shoulder blades. He has multiple scars on his chest, three knife wounds, and a burn mark that goes from his left chest, over his shoulder, to his back. He takes extreme pride in his looks. Often dressing in the best clothing he can find, this also includes calone, and jewelry.


The Personality

Calculating: Isamu is willing to wait for years and move pieces carefully over time to get what he wants in the end. He has all the time in the world, usually his opponents do not. When not playing the long game, he still is careful not to act rashly, this was something taught to him early in his mentorship. He is this careful with everything, whither it is casting spells, creating new weapons, finding business partners, or even in his daily routine.    

Dark Humor: A relic from his past, but he still finds the barbaric nature of cutting of the heads of his enemy and parading them around as amusing. The humiliation of others is a secret past time of his. Though, he tries to keep a tight reign on it nowadays. The modern world doesn’t take too kindly to heads on the walls of castles and the dead hanging in front of his buildings. He has to resort to hiring strangers by third parties to pee on the graves of his enemies while he watches via live stream.

Disciplined: Isamu has learned that discipline leads to happiness. Most of his life is regimented. The time he wakes up, what he eats, who he gathers with. He does indulge sometimes, but even then it isn't for every long. He tends to eat what is healthy, not because he likes it, but because it is healthy, it might be completely disgusting to him, but he will push through. His fitness is very important to him, though he can live forever, he doesn't want to spend that time overweight and bed ridden.

Revenge: Revenge is the most important thing to him. Though most, if not all, the families of the rival clan have been killed by himself or his teacher, he is constantly keeping his eyes open for anyone that was missed. This revenge extends to anyone he deems hypocritical to the extent of monstrosity. He can see how this could be a thin line, so rules have been passed that anyone's true elimination has to be agreed upon by himself and his teacher. Situations can get pretty sticky in the modern world.

Love: Isamu has formed a type of empire in Japan. His family is large but only a select few even know about his abilities. Those of his blood, the children he has brought into the world are extremely important to him. They signify his legacy, and will take over if he is ever gone, dead or simply not present in estate. He has deep love for his children. That being said, Isamu does have a thing for dark haired, athletic women, and has been known to be promiscuous and keep the company of whores. This is not hidden from his family. How he goes about this is kept in strict order and is looked at to help keep him tame.  

The Story

Isamu Saito was born in the early late 1700s. The exact date of his birth he does not remember, though it was during the winter. At an early age Isamu took to learning about combat, it was apart of the samurai village he lived in. All males had to learn and his father was under the understanding that if he could learn early, it might attribute to his survival later. Not to mention the other things, like health and self-control. Nevertheless, he took the task willingly and enjoyed it. 

As Isamu grew, so did his skills, he was teaching the arts at a younger age than expected, and at twenty two he was in his first battle with a rival clan. Sadly there were many more to come. He learned that martial arts and the way of the sword were not just something fun, but dangerous and necessary. After his first battle he pursued the arts with more vigor and with a hint of anxiety, knowing how his life may depend on it. 

At thirty Isamu joined the ranks of the shinobi. A skilled group that specialized in infiltration, espionage, misinformation, and when necessary, murder or assassination. He spent years as part of rival tribes and spreading the lies he was ordered to. He came to see why his tribe hated them so much. Every way he turned there seemed to another case of hypocrisy. They would say one thing and turn and do the opposite. His people were honest, brutal, but honest. It was a common thing in those days to kill and rape and cut off the heads of their opponents. Not something he liked to do, but he understood the need. Their enemies didn't deserve anything better. Humiliation by getting your head cut off and paraded around seemed like a mercy to some. 

His clan went to attack another during the night. His father and brothers were there. They had heard of a large stockpile of foods and a new type of weaponry that they had to destroy, if they didn't, they feared their rival would take most the territory, not to mention have the ability to strike back with a vengeance. As they came to the destination they quickly learned they had been betrayed. An ambush was set. The only one that made it out alive was Isamu, though he was stabbed several times in his chest and burned by flaming tar, he managed to survive a trip down the river. Washing ashore like a dead body, a woman took him in nursed his wounds and fed him. 

She explained what had happened. That there was a massacre north, that only one had survived, and the enemy was looking for him. He begged the woman to stay there for a time. Till he regained his strength and the stories of the battle were done and told. Then he would strike back and claim his vengeance. 

It took his wounds a surprisingly long time to heal. He was wounded severally, but it took two years for him to be able to gain his strength back enough to go north, back to where his family had died. He was wearing the same armor he had that night, and just as he was about to dash at his opponents. Ready to die, he would take one of the leaders with him. The woman stopped him with a gentle hand on his arm. 

"What if I told there was a better way?" The woman asked him. She could see the hatred in his eyes, he wanted them dead. "I could show you a way to defeat your enemies without sacrificing yourself." Ferrous, Isamu wasn't going to listen, he dashed toward the camp. Just as he was spotted, the encampment burst into flames. Isamu turned back and saw the woman floating, chanting, controlling the flames with a wave of her hand. When it was over Isamu could only Neal before her. 

"I was trying to prevent this. I've tried to talk you out of it, but I couldn't let you simply die. Not when you have so much potential." The woman said. "This is one of many strongholds. Don't think I've stolen your revenge, but let me show you a better way." She told him. Isamu dedicated himself to her teaching from that moment onward. His dedication was something out of fear, but once he started to learn the mystical dark arts, his hatred for the other clan increased exponentially. He didn't only want to destroy them, but all hypocrisy, all two faced liars, all structures, the only way the world could finally be at peace, the only way he could be at peace, is for the world to fall in behind him and his new teacher.

In those caves Isamu found his love for the mystical dark arts. It was like gymnastics with his mind, though it took almost pinpoint concentration at times, he found he was skilled at it. He soon developed his own techniques, taking what his teacher had shown him, and altered it to his liking. He stumbled upon time itself. His first encounter with the power was almost devastating to his mind and body. Manipulating the power, it only took one slip and stumbled through thousands of dimensions. Only when he steadied his mind was he able to make it back his present reality. When he finally 'landed' he was broken. It took him months to get back on his feet and to attempt it again.

The stumble through time scared his mind to the point that his body was weak for some time. Once he developed the correct technique to control what he called, "Chronomatter", he knew it was time to seek out his old enemy. But before his teacher would let him go, she demanded that he help her achieve her goal, that of immortality. Using the techniques and combing them with glyphs, Isamu created six seals out of a material he called, "Chronium". A metal with a dark red tint that was practically time itself. They both poured part of their souls into the material, binding themselves to them. The only way they Isamu and his teacher could be destroyed is by the destruction of the seals. Isamu hid them, one on earth, the other two in two different dimensions. The mirrored seal was then placed in a tattooed form on their bodies. Isamu lined them up on his right arm, his teacher had them placed on the back of her neck. Only one seal is present at a time, and that one would be the one for the dimension they are in.

Fire blazed. His physical enemy was destroyed off the face of Japan and Isamu and his teacher went back to their cave. Over time Isamu built a monastery there, on top of the large complex of tunnels that had been made by him and his teacher. Experiments were done there. With the many disappearances rumors started to go around about the Ghosts of ember mountain. The monetary was destroyed by wars, rebuilt, then again abandoned due to famine. Eventually Isamu and his teacher built a mansion there, they avoided being reclusive.  Incorporating the surrounding villages in marriages, parties, and festivals. Through their magic they reinvented themselves every sixty or seventy years. In the shadows they developed companies that would fund an empire. Through time they have been positioning themselves to take over the world, it is soon their time...

The Powers

Chronomatter Manipulation: The ability to control a matter that can only be described as condensed time. The material appears as sand sized red flecks. They are generated by a complex combination of meditation and incantation. Objects that the material touches can be frozen in time, aged rapidly, or be unravled into their base parts (as if never created). It is only effective on inanimate objects. When Chronomatter contacts magical constructs, Isamu can direct it to absorbs and cannibalizes the magic into Chronomatter. He is still learning all of the things he can do with it. So far he knows that if he condenses enough of it, it can create objects out of "time".
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  • Chronium: Material that is condensed Chronomatter. They have a look of red steel. Things like amulets, or jewelry, unless specified otherwise, are simply objects that are neutral, not effected by time whatsoever. They can't hurt anything and nothing can destroy or harm them. If a sword or bullet where to strike at one of the jewels, it would be as if nothing ever happened, it is in the same state of being as it was when it was first created. The only way to destroy something out of Chronium would be to perform a ritual that can effect or unravel time.

Innate Spellcasting: Isamu is very skilled at the mystical arts. Even though he didn't learn it in his youth, he has a talent for it. Most of his spells he has memorized over time, but at times he has to pull out his grimoire to cast things correctly. That is for most of the more complex spells.  

Flames of Time: Mystical flames are spewed out of Isamu's mouth. The flames look normal enough, but on close examination they sparkle with a deeper red than normal. The flames are imbued with Chronomatter, the heat causes the matter to rapidly age and burn everything in its path. The fire ball, at it's largest, is 20'x20'.
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Eternal Seals of Life: With the help of his teacher Isamu cast a spell that bound his life force to a seal formed out of Chronium. Parts of his spirit were imbued into three Chronium seals, his teacher did the same. They hid these seals across dimensions. Each seal corresponds to a tattoo on him or his teaches skin. When they are present in the same dimension as the seal, the tattoo is visible, the others are not visible. The seals are three inches in diameter located on Isamu's right forearm, his teacher had them placed on the back of her neck. If the seal is destroyed, the tattoo vanishes.  

Animate Objects: Isamu can wave his hand and give life to objects around him. This can last from a few minutes to as long as he needs. The objects are only as strong as the material they are made out of. This animation ends if Isamu losses consciousness. This spell does not give animation permanently. The animations obey Isamu's commands or desires that are imparted upon cast.
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Dimensional Phasing: Isamu can phase in and out of our reality at will. He phases into the spirit realm, where he can walk through walls, or become impervious to physical damage (unless states otherwise). He is unable to interact with the physical world when phased. Out of combat Isamu can phase his body not only to the spirit world, but he can travel to any dimension. Over time he has mapped some of them out and knows the location of a few without trying too hard. But if this is done rashly, he would be unsure where he ends up. When Isamu phases, anything he wears or touches also phases.
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The Weaknesses

Chronomatter Weaknesses:

Times Edge Weaknesses:

Family: Family is one of Isamu's most obvious weaknesses. He keeps them heavily guarded but if one of them where captured he would find it difficult to put them in harms way.

Phasing Fatigue: Phasing through things or entering in or out of dimensions is tiring. If he uses it too much he can become exhausted.

Temporal Instability: If someone had temporal abelites similar to his own, the combination of them could cause instability, it might result in an unpredicted and harmful effect.

The Items

Time's Edge: A sword made of Chronium. The blade looks like red steel. It is extremely sharp. When it cut into flesh it can cause a type of temporal displacement in the brain, resulting in confusion and disorientation. The sword, due to the temporal energies it's imbued with, resonates with time, giving the user a more precise orientation and awareness, if temporal energies are at use or if time has been manipulate, the user and in a ten foot radius around them are protected from any changes.

The Minions

Human Body guards (NPC sheet WIP)

Sensei Akira Yoru (NCP sheet WIP)

The Fluff

Isamu has a thing for prostitutes. He loves American root beer. He is a dog person.

The RP Sample

(I will provide one if needed.)

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