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SS: Mark!

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SS: Mark! Empty SS: Mark!

Post by Chellizard January 3rd 2024, 1:47 am

Marcus McPatrick

"... okay!"

The Bio

Real Name: Marcus McPatrick
Hero Name: Mark!
Title: "Did you mean Mark?"
Alignment: What is this again?
Age: 30 and filled with angst.
Gender: Male
Race: I don't drive drag cars.
Hair: Dark brown; dyes it different colors.
Eyes: *blinks*
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 107lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

The Personality

You mean I have to have one of these? That seems kind of annoying. Ugh. *heavy eye roll.*

The Story

Born to middle aged parents, Marcus found himself going through life taking each day as it comes. He's often found smiling at his phone, or a meme, or laughing to himself. He made decent grades during school years, and even pursued a bit of further education. With a degree in journaling, he finds his free time spent writing articles about his passions, this being recycling and forest conservation.

It was late one evening, and he was on his way to his car when a thunderous clap could be heard, and a lightning bolt struck him, or attempted to. As the bolt came toward him, he sighed and closed his eyes. "This is not how I imagined I'd go out..." and as he uttered the words, the bolt seemed to slow down and almost halt the closer it came toward Marcus. He opened his eyes and watched, the lightning bolt crackling, the heat searing off of it as it neared him and his car. Taking the moment, he opened his car door, slipped inside, and shut it quickly. A breath later, the bolt struck the parking lot and debris erupted from the spot of impact. His car was hit with reverberations from the bolt of lightning, and he blinked, looking in disbelief. "Wha...?" shaking his head, he shrugged and just put his car into gear, and started to drive home.

His every day after that moment began to get even more odd. He would find himself avoiding disaster after disaster. He was unsure how or why, but his luck had turned for the better. He now wakes up each day, excited to see what crazy happenstance he can avoid next!

The Powers

Procrastination!: Marcus has the ability to put off doing anything, and this includes being hit by any physical, mental, energy, or magical attacks. The delay is up to Marcus, and it also somewhat depends on his attention to the situation at hand. This ability allows Marcus to put a halt to any attacks directed at him, or one single target he has his focus on. This means that the target has the chance to escape, scott free! His concentration can be broken, of course. This power works passively on Marcus himself, but has to be actively willed on another individual for it to work.

The Weaknesses

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out, Marcus is always on the sore end of not being included. He seems to be on the outside, looking in, or something like that. This feeling leaves him in a vicious cycle of impending doom, especially when he was the one that made the plans to begin with. When suffering FOMO, his passive procrastination is nullified and he is vulnerable to any attacks.

The IRON PRICE!: Marcus will literally sell his friends out for his favorite things. He might even sell himself out for the right price.

The Fluff

Loves Rainbows
Carries a lucky bag of dice, they're mismatched.
Carries an old beat up phone, with a dangle charm in the shape of a guinea pig.

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