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Rookie Killer

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Rookie Killer - Page 3 Empty Re: Rookie Killer

Post by Tybrid November 16th 2023, 12:13 am

Grass? This woman had just restrained Eevi with grass? Of all the levels of done Eevi could be with her day, she had just reached the precipice of her limit. The grass saw to properly restraining her, weaving itself in with carpet threads of the floor beneath her for a firm hold.  A solid roll back and forth could have freed her, but she had an angle to play.

"April, I know you think you're helping the situation. But you're getting in my way to save that woman." Raising her hands to show compliance with the girl, Eevi attempted to work an angle with this woman. "I told you already, my name is Ana Thórirsdóttir. I was born in Krisitansund, Norway 24 years ago. My parents names are Paul and Ava. In my left breast pocket I have the engagement ring I purchased today for when I finished up our business today. I was going to propose to my boyfriend Mark in Germany when I got home. All you have to do is come and grab it." Pleading eyes looked at April while directing her eyes at their mutual third party.  She inclined her head quickly down towards her breast pocket almost begging for her to approach with her eyes.

"This man tells you that's it too late to save anyone here, but I'm telling you he doesn't decide that April. You do, because you are a Superhero. Your mother would be proud that you came back." The inner joy at her deceit brought Eevi a fake smile of kindness at April alongside a comforting warmth that brought some relief to the terrible pain she was in. Pain she would repay ten thousand fold for the waste of what had been a pleasant day for her until now. Opening her mind, Eevi let her foe freely hear her thoughts. "Lambe to the slaughter, eh?" The urge to sneer at him had to be stifled at her anticipation.

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Rookie Killer - Page 3 Empty Re: Rookie Killer

Post by Cynical_Aspie November 16th 2023, 12:35 am

Thorn's uninjured state relative to Inkwell meant he was able to tear free of the grass that was wrapping around his limbs with ease, considering the artificial muscle fibers of his suit augmented his strength. His psionic energy reserves were low due to using so many of his more mentally-straining abilities over a relatively short span of time. An unrelenting headache dogged him.

"I can appreciate your gumption, kid. But you're getting in over your head," Thorn said. "This assassin, Inkwell, is coming with me - dead or alive. You're interfering - just walk away, or I will be required to incapacitate you".

Behind April, the feminine statue had started to move, stepping down with silent footfalls. What previously appeared to be a metal statue was a walking entity of liquid metal, her eyes opening to reveal glowing blue optic sensors. Despite the obvious feminine curvature, the manner in which the being carried herself was not - in any way - seductive.

Her face was one of pure indifference, for the colony of nanites that made up her body unanimously agreed to act on the orders of the being's Creator, with no emotion involved - the being merely acted on its primary programming.

"Target verified: hired assassin Inkwell," the feminine being said. "Commencing hostilities..."

The liquid metal being lifted her arm up, the tips of her fingers sharpening to a monomolecular point, and then the weapons she made out of her own body lanced forth.

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Rookie Killer - Page 3 Empty Re: Rookie Killer

Post by Tybrid November 16th 2023, 5:37 pm

Huh, neat. A woman made of Liquid Metal? While the sight of this “woman” was interesting to Eevi, the weapons she formed were less so. The adrenaline at the rush towards her found its place in her body and gave her a surge she desperately needed. As she had thought, a firm, hard roll ripped herself free from the restraints.

The windows in the restaurant simply lead to walkway on the same floor outside but anything to create distance with this new pursuer. Throwing herself at the window, Eevi braced however she could with her chest to help with the impact on her broken and bruised ribs.

Broken glass showered her like large grains of sand, raining onto the walkway around her. If the building was unaware of the commotion in the restaurant, they certainly had been made aware with the shatter of the window. Confused people looked at the woman covered in broken glass, struggling upright and clenching her sides, as she made her way along the railing closer to above the stairs. Turning her head back at the restaurant she looked at the man who had put her in this sorry state.

Opening her mind freely once more, she turned to a desperate option. “I believe at this moment I am surrendering myself into your custody and protection for the time being.” A playful smile took her face as she grabbed the railing at her side. “I will however have to see to my safety until you can prove your capability with it against our new friend here.” And she jumped over the railing to the stairs bellow.

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Rookie Killer - Page 3 Empty Re: Rookie Killer

Post by Sponsored content

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