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OPEN Toxin

Post by Throniv June 13th 2023, 2:33 pm


"If you can, you must."

The Bio

Real Name: Skye Solomon
Hero Name: Toxin
Title: The Venemous Webhead
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Toxic Green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 156 lbs
Blood type: AB Positive

The Looks

Toxin 09058a11

Skye Solomon is a tall, muscular young woman with the build of a gymnast. She has sharp, angular features, with strong cheekbones and a shapely nose. Her eyes are a bright, almost toxic green, and her teeth are just slightly too sharp for a human. Her hair is shaved close on the sides and back, and long and slicked back on top. Her shoulders are broad and muscular, and her arms and leg muscles are extremely well defined. Her skin is a light tan color, with light freckles across her cheekbones and nose.

Her costume, as pictured above, is toxic green, black, and white in the eyes with darker green webs in the toxic green sections.

The Personality

Skye Solomon is a chipper, friendly person who always tries to put a bright spin on things, somewhat at odds with her toxic powers. She loves to tell bad jokes and deliver sarcastic quips both in and out of costume, and is always there when someone needs a laugh. She is intensely loyal to those who she calls friends, and would do almost anything for someone who had earned that title. Beneath this bright exterior lies a devout resolution to help those who need it, and to do what is right because it is right, and because she has the power to do so.

The Story

Skye Solomon grew up relatively normal, as the daughter of a one-child middle class couple in Brooklyn, New York. She was bright, athletic, and hardworking, with loving parents who taught her the value of a strong moral code and integrity. Her father worked as a criminal prosecutor for the New York DA's office, and her mother was a pro-bono defense lawyer--a combo that led her to understand the merits and flaws in the justice system. From a very young age, she showed aptitude in science and engineering. Her parents encouraged these strengths and forced her to do gymnastics so that she wouldn't turn into a total bookworm. She graduated high school early and got into Columbia's genetic engineering department, fast tracking herself into a program specializing in utilizing pieces of animal DNA to repair damaged human DNA.

Her professor and mentor, Dr. Abagail Lee, was an unparallelled genius in her field. She took Skye under her wing and taught her everything she could about the field she was going into. Dr. Lee funded Skye's creation of personalized lab equipment, helped her with her equations and formulae, and cautioned the young scientist against going too far too fast. Skye had a tendency to leap before she looked, a tendency that led her to secretly develop and test a gene-altering formula on herself in an attempt to prove that her serum worked--and it did. Extremely well.

Skye Solomon's muscles grew denser, her senses grew enhanced, she gained a precognitive ability to sense danger, and she gained fantastical abilities reminiscient of a spider's. Of course, having come into adulthood just as Heroes were growing in popularity, she decided to try her hand at helping the people of New York with her newfound abilities. She mostly focused on small time stuff: a robbery here, a mugging there, shutting down the odd abduction attempt. She gained relative local noteriety as a friendly, neighborhood hero with a theme that was just a bit unsettling.

What she was unaware of, however was that her professor was suffering from an unknown neurological degenerative disease that would eventually become debilitating, nor did she know that Dr. Lee found an older, unstable version of Skye's formula which utilized wasp DNA rather than arachnid. Desperate for a cure, and faced with a possible solution to the disease that threatened to take her body and mind away from her, the good doctor acted rashly and experimented on herself with a modified version of Skye's old formula. At first, the formula worked. She regained strength and mental acuity, and went to Skye to tell her about her success. The young hero was ecstatic and jumped into work with Dr. Lee, hoping to further refine the formula to create a safe and effective means to bring humanity a cure for all manner of genetic maladies.

Unfortunately, this did not last long. Dr. Lee began showing signs of increased agression and unbalanced emotional states that resulted in violent outbursts. As this happened, she began to develop more and more wasp-like characteristics--fangs, small antennae, sharp hooks at the end of her hands, etc. Skye tried desperately to counter these effects, and was mildly successful for a time, until finally the transformation took hold one day whilst they were working in the lab. The Wasp, as Dr. Lee would be dubbed by the media, broke out of the lab into the city, completely devoid of the brilliance and compassion that defined Skye's mentor. This beast, driven only by hunger, began attacking and devouring random people in the street. Toxin tried desperately to stop the rampaging doctor without killing her, and the fight took them all over Manhattan as Skye tried desperately to trap her with her webs.

In the end, Toxin was left with no choice but to use her Toxic Shock to kill The Wasp in order to prevent her from attacking a bus full of children. While the battle had been won, Skye had learned a valuable lesson about the nature of both power and responsibility, and swore to use her abilities to do good in this world, to hopefully atone for the horrible mistake that killed the woman who was like a second mother to her.

The Powers

Spider-Strength: Skye has the proportional strength of a spider, making her capable of lifting up to 15 tons.

Spider Physiology: Skye has the proportional speed, reflexes, agility, and balance of a spider. This means that she can run up to 250 miles per hour on foot, have a reaction time measured in picoseconds, contort in ways that would be impossible for a normal human, and stay perfectly balanced on lines less than a quarter inch thick, upside down, and perform astounding gymnastic feats without upsetting her sense of balance.

Wall Crawling Toxin is capable of sticking to any surface from any angle. This is due to a subconciously controlled reaction between the atoms in her hand and the atoms in the surface of whatever she's touching, essentially magnetizing herself to any surface.

Enhanced Durability Skye has superhuman levels of stamina and durability, making her capable of fighting for hours with little if any rest and take inhuman levels of punishment before her body gives out. She is also immune to most poisons and toxic substances.

Enhanced Senses: Toxin's senses are enhanced to a superhuman level, with each one being about 5 times as sensitive as a standard human's.

Healing Factor: Toxin has a relatively powerful healing factor, allowing her to recover from minor injuries with a night's rest and major injuries in about 1/4 of the time it would take a normal human.

Spider-Sense Spider-Sense presents a psychological awareness of Toxin's surroundings. It allows Toxin to detect danger before it happens and warns her of it. The greater the danger or how close the danger is increases the tingling sensation. It also helps Toxin to navigate when unable to see, hear, or if she's disoriented. It also helps Toxin fire her webs without having to concentrate every time she does so, greatly helping her ability to swing through the city with ease. Spider-Sense is precognitive in nature and Toxin always acts before realizing it. The tingling gets stronger when the danger becomes more imminent and more threatening and Skye is able to find out where the danger is coming from and how to avoid it.

Toxic Webs Toxin can shoot organic green webbing from her wrists with a range of 200 feet. This webbing has a tensile strength of 250 GPa, just above that of steel, and lasts about an hour before dissolving unless exposed to fire or bleach, which will dissolve the webbing. This webbing can be made toxic on demand up to three times in a day, resulting in the webs having a paralytic effect that could stop a bull elephant in its tracks. This paralytic effect lasts for about an hour.

Toxic Shock: Toxin can grow claws out of her fingernails which are capable of delivering a lethal dose of paralytic venom, though she can control the amount of venom she releases. This ability can be used twice a day.

Genius Level Intellect: Skye developed the serum that granted her powers, and is currently working on a dual doctorate in mechanical engineering and genetic engineering. She's in the top 1% for intelligence in the world, and is able to come up with creative and intelligent solutions on the fly.

The Weaknesses

Enhanced Metabolism: Thanks to her enhanced physiology, Skye must consume upwards of 18,000 calories a day to stay at peak performance. The longer she goes without fulfilling her dietary needs, the weaker and more unstable she grows.

Inexperienced Fighter: While her abilities grant her many advantages in a fight, she is completely untrained and fights almost entirely on instinct and mimicry. Most of her "technique" is simply modified gymnastics routines. An experienced fighter would find her easy to read and her technique sloppy.

Sensory Overload: With enough sensory input, such as loud noises and bright lights, Skye can become extremely disoriented due to the enhanced nature of her 5 senses. With enough consistent auditory and visual stimuli, even her Spider-Sense can be mitigated due to the overwhleming sensory input.

Ethyl Chloride: This weakness is unknown to her, however she possesses a particular weakness to the spider-focused pesticide Ethyl Chloride. Exposure to this chemical will cause her lungs to froth and her regenerative abilities to shut down, making her extremely vulnerable. Her strength and speed is also reduced when exposed to this chemical.

Skin Contact: In order for her toxic abilities to work, Toxin must make contact with the target's bare skin. Even a light covering could significantly reduce the efficacy of her poison.

Awareness Differential: While her reaction time is measured in picoseconds, her brain still has to send the signals to her body in order to move out of the way of whatever is incoming. While she has dodged electrical arcs and  gunfire thanks to her Spider-Sense, anything traveling at high enough speeds could still hit her despite her awareness of it.

Shellfish Allergy: Shellfish cause Skye to break out in hives and restrict her breathing, which could lead to full blown anaphylaxis if not treated with pseudoepinephrine.

Ophidiophobia: Skye has an extreme fear of snakes, and will actively avoid anywhere she thinks a snake could be.

Self-Sacrificing: Toxin will put herself in harms way in a heartbeat if it means protecting or helping an innocent, with very little regard for her personal safety. She would like to avoid taking a bullet if she can, but she is willing if it means she saves someone else.

The Items

The Suit: Toxin designed the green and black suit she wears while first exploring the limits of her abilities. The Suit is made of a light, stretchy, breathable material treated to be knif-resistant, that is thin enough to allow her to stick to walls through the material. Is also has small openings at the wrist and fingertips to allow her webs and claws to come through. The mask has a few more features, such as polarized lenses with infra-red, night vision, and recording capabilities. Sound-dampening ear muffs act as both protection and a comms system with a live feed of the Police scanners in New York. The nose hoses a small filter that works to lessen olfactory input without doing away with it entirely.

Utility Belt: While not quite as extensive as Batman's, this utility belt contains several useful items. Among these are zip ties, smoke pellets which release a noxious green smoke, first aid supplies, and several calorie-dense nutrient bars that contain around 5,000 calories apiece.

The Fluff

Patented Tech: Skye holds patents on several pieces of scientific equipment utilized in Genetic Engineering, providing her with a steady income that means she can focus entirely on her studies and duties as Toxin.

The RP Sample

"Y'know, I was looking forward to a quiet evening," Toxin quipped as she decked an Uzi-weilding mook in the jaw, sending him sprawling across the concrete floor and knocking him out cold. The venemous webhead reached out and pressed her middle and ring finger to her palm in order to launch a stream of bright green webbing that stuck another gangster's hand to the trunk of the car he was trying to open, simultaneously sealing the trunk shut in order to prevent him from pulling out the weaponry she knew lay within. A strong tingle at the base of her skull caused her body to duck instinctively to avoid the wild swing from an aluminum baseball bat, and a quick sweep later had the ugly thug landing with a loud thud. A quick thwip thwip from her wrists had him secured in two places to the concrete, unable to move.

"But no, you guys just had to come to Brooklyn," she complained just before leaping up and out of the way of a hail of gunfire from the russian mobster she hadn't dealt with yet as he rounded the corner holding an AK-47.

"Do I come to your house and shoot up the place, huh? No, 'cause my mama raised me with manners," she said as she launched a glob of toxic webbing at the gun-toting mobster's forehead, who immediately siezed up and dropped to the floor with the firearm still clenched in his dirty hands. As she landed she rolled into a crouch and sprang over to the roof of the car where the only conscious mobster was struggling in vain against the steel-like tensile strength of her organic webbing. The car shook as she landed and the russian looked up with true fear in his eyes, ceasing his struggle immediately as he saw the featureless green mask and wide white eyes of Brooklyn's resident superhero.

The way she crawled along the vehicle was intentionally unnatural, slow where it should be fast and jerky where it should be smooth, and every inch she moved forward caused the much larger man to shrink into himself and cower as far away from her as his limited mobility would allow. Her head twisted to the side as she crept forward, slowly leaning over the edge of the trunk until she was only a few inches away from the criminal that had ruined her night in by attacking the deli down the street from her house for protection money.

"Brooklyn is protected, my guy," she said low and quiet, "and your little protection racket? That's done with. Tell your bosses that Toxin's the new sherrif in town, capische?"

Skye smiled under the mask when the criminal began nodding his head vigorously, though scrunched her nose in disgust when she smelled the distinct odor of urine coming from the terrified mook. She pulled back and waved her hand in front of her nose, making a small gagging sound at the stench.

"And dude, while you're at it, drink more water. That smells like you subsist on vodka and asparagus," she disparaged one last time before a swift kick to the face knocked the last guy unconscious. She righted herself with a swift spin and landed on her butt on the roof of the car, legs crossed and hands clenching her toes to tighten the position. She pulled a small post it and a pen out of the utility belt around her waist and drew a small doodle of herself as Toxin giving a thumbs up, with a small speech bubble that read "To: NYPD. One love, Toxin." before sticking it to the mobster's head. She also pulled out a small thumbdrive that she laid on the trunk, which contained footage of the attack on her favorite deli that she had stopped.

A quick couple thwips later and the criminals were safely secured to whatever surface they were laying on before her hand came up to her ear, connecting her automatically to 911.

"911, what is the nature of your emergency?"

"Hey there, I've got some early christmas gifts for the boys in blue wrapped up in the warehous on East 61st and Ave U, let em know they've got about an hour before the webbing wears off," she said in a chipper tone more suited to discussing the weather than vigilanteism before she hung up abruptly, taking a moment to survey the unconscious criminals that surrounded her. Toxin smiled beneath her mask, knowing that she had made her little corner of the world that much safer, before she rolled into a back somersault handspring that ended with her landing daintily on the floor before taking a bow towards the unconscious thugs.

"And that's a wrap, folks. Please, tip your waiters and come again never," she quipped before running outside and launching a webline, pulling herself into the cool night air of the greatest city in the world.

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OPEN Re: Toxin

Post by Arcana June 13th 2023, 6:07 pm

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