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P. H. Balance Aka Hydro

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P. H. Balance Aka Hydro Empty P. H. Balance Aka Hydro

Post by Ironic.Reality April 26th 2023, 8:44 pm

P. H. Balance

"Stay Hydrated, refill your glass."

The Bio

Real Name: Pierce Heng Balance
Hero Name: Hydro
Title: Lord H20
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Hair: Deep blue with light streaks of different blue hues, like their hair is luminating
Eyes: Glowy blue
Weight:218 lbs
Blood type: modified liquid blood mixed with water

The Looks

         Balance aka Hydro stood a average height of 5 feet and 11 inches. His hair fell to just about his shoulders each tuft of hair at different lengths to look more punk. Strands of deep blue and different blue tones made his hair look like the ocean glistening in the moonlight. His eyes were a bright electric blue hue looking as if you were looking at bioluminescent waters. He was super casual most of the time and wore mostly khaki shorts with lots of pockets because he always had snacks and other various toys he liked to carry around from time to time. His choice of shirts were your typical punk gamer style, band tees, sarcastic sayings, nerd things and he liked them lose fitting not too tight.. just enough for a good breeze. Depending on his mood he wore either ankle socks or cool long socks with characters or designs on them. He wore several accessories leading from rings to bracelets and he had his ears gauged and nose pierced. He also had to wear special glasses to help him see because of surgery.

          During a rough part of Hydro's life he had to go through life altering modifications to his shoulders, back and feet. They were almost cybernetic but more advanced so it never looked as if he were ever worked on. His shoulder were designed to pop out mini-cannons that shot pressurized water.  His back was very life like to the touch but if you tried to punch or stab him in the back it would be like punching a titanium surface. His feet seemed to have been altered to have webbing between his toes and rather vents in his heels to help with stabilizing control in the water or air.

His Mask:
His Aura:
His Armor:
His Eyes:

The Personality

Hydro was one of those kids who kept to himself even though he was popular. Everyone seemed to love and adore him whether it be from video game competitions, to swimming contests. He had a quiet presence and he didn't talk very loud but he knew how to have a great time and make people laugh. He did seem to misunderstand peoples intentions and over questioned everything. This made him a very careful individual, you really had to earn his trust be be on his inner circle. His temper was very quick to agitate if he feels that a situation is too overwhelming. ex. Too many noises going on at once, people yelling or arguing, or any sign of abuse defiantly gets his water boiling. He loved to swim and play sports as well as high end competitive video games. One of the worst sides to see Hydro on is when he is profusely crying/sobbing, he doesn't think rationally and anger starts to settle in and mixing these emotions can be very volatile for himself and everyone around.

The Story

        Living their best life as a professional gamer, Pierce Heng Balance, was always able to multi-task very well. They always loved the strategic plays and outcomes or everything they came across. Whether it as MMO-RPG or FPS, they always enjoyed the competitiveness and versatility the games brought. Pierce always showed compassion and respect win or lose. Among the rankings he was known as "Hydro PH" his gamer tag, it resembled his name and they enjoyed it. P. H. Balance, Hydro, Water, They laughed at the pun all the time. It worked out because he loved to swim as his sport of choice aside other various activities. Basketball, Longboarding, Parkour and Mixed Martial Arts were their top favorites. His parents and family weren't so supportive with much that Balance did.  He never payed them much attention, which is what they hated most. It was hard to want to be around family who didn't show any love or support. During these times his family swore he was doing drugs or part of some cult because he was so liked by others and always had something going on. It's not like he was.. he just had ADHD and his brain focused on what made him happy.

        One day Hydro came home and he had a bad feeling about something, there was another car in the driveway he did not recognize. His dads navy blue truck and his mother white sedan were accompanied by a sleek blacked out escalade with windows so black you would wonder how they could drive. As Hydro walked up to the house chills ran down his spine, his body temperature lowered.. he definitely did not like this feeling. As he went to grab the door knob, it had twisted and opened as a tall slender man in a suit had pulled it away from Hydro's grasp. It took a minute for Hydro to gather his thought quickly because he was a rather smart individual, this wasn't a good sign. As the man allowed Hydro to enter his own house, he gave the man a side eye of discern keeping his wits about this gentleman. As they entered the living room, there sat his mom and dad along side of four others, three gentleman and a lady; so this made five people he didn't know. His parents had pulled out the snacks and tea, this was for special guest, Hydro picked up on this. To play it out he had a seat and grabbed his cup of tea thinking nothing of it. They started talking about a fancy new operation called "Chelonian Criterion" which he knew meant something about a turtle.. he loved turtles, which he didn't know what turtles had to do with anything. He was quite lost but after a few minutes of everyone bantering, Hydro felt dizzy and his vision became blurry.. as his hand let slip the grasp of the cup it fell to the ground shattering into tiny pieces. One of the three large gentleman scooped up Hydro with ease in one arm and tossed him over his shoulder. After the men filed in line to leave Hydros residence, the Lady accompanying them turns to his parents and says "You've made the right choice, he is a special boy" as she smirks and closes the door behind her.

           Was a long while before Hydro would regain consciousness again. During this time Hydro was transported to a secret facility underground. His body was on a surgical cart being pushed down a dark dim corridor which looked to be very new and pristine. They past several rooms all labeled #001 in proceeding order, the first few rooms smelled of flowers and various plants, as they walked past the next few doors, #004 sweat started to trickle down as the heat got more intense, finally down to the last room #009 where everything seemed a bit misty like a cool fan had water shooting into it  cooling the area. While feeling a slightly cool breeze compared to the rooms before. They pulled Hydros cart into the center of the room where they hooked him up to various machines to get his vitals. All the scientists gather once his vitals were the correct levels. They were amazed at the hidden power Hydro had in his body, and were curious to how he came across such power. Through several tests and lengthy hours of surgery they finally were able to adapt his powers through various means to allow him to use them more precisely. They created titanium allow water pressure cannons into his shoulders, gave his back an inner and outer protective layer of special grade silicone that absorbed impact and made it very hard to penetrate but was wickedly soft like real skin. They also modified the bottoms of his feet to help stabilize the different pressure alignments his cannons could make. It seemed to be a very long unpleasant dream of training and learning how to use all his new equipped modifications. Several hours of swimming, jumping, fighting, acrobatics it felt like he was in a real life video game. Water cannons rise from his shoulders as he accurately shoots at multiple targets all hitting the bullseye. Jumping around doing flips in the air propelling his body in different directions through the air, then falling back into the water and reaching good speeds and popping back out like a dolphin showing off in the ocean.  As Hydro woke he felt very uneasy and found it weird to be back in his room. The last thing he remembered was drinking tea with his family and weird people in suits.
The Powers

Pressure Cannons- Hydro is able to create air pressured water blasts out of his palms and bottom of his feet. Attached to his shoulders and coming from his scapula are two cybernetic shoulder mounts that have stabilized water pressure cannons to use for a short amount of time without a permanent source of water. When Hydro is near a large body of water, these pressure cannons have no limitations to their usage. These blasts are able to tear through steel with concentrated force, and easily through concrete or brick at full force.
Water Weapon Manipulation- Hydro is able to create weapons out of water. These weapons include a hammer, two swords, one javelin, two daggers and with those come abilities that are seen below in the item section.
Body Adaptation to Water - Hydro is able to move quickly in and on top of water, and at his limits can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. He can also use his water manipulation to alter his extremities, allowing him to squeeze through tight spaces in dire situations if need be. E.g. squeezing his hand through a door jamb to unlock the door while standing on the opposite side.

Chemical Tears - Hydro has the ability to alter the chemical makeup of his sweat and tears. This chemical change is directly tied to his emotions. When he cries whether it is sorrow or anger, he is able to create a corrosive slime like substance when he wipes away his tears and any nasal excrement. Using the slime he can coat his weapons to then melt and eat away organic or inorganic matter. The slime will eat away at a normal humans flesh in approximately 5 seconds before getting down to the bone. It eats away at concrete at a rate of approximately 5 minutes per square foot.

Enhanced Durability: Hydro has a layer of carbon fiber that matches his specialized water cannons that lies beneath his skin and fat layer and along his muscle fibers. This layer is most prominent along his back, the experimentation not being as successful as his mad scientist had hoped. Hydro's back is akin to a turtles shell, but does not look like one. He has a tougher back side, and can withstand heavier blows at even Atlas' level if hit from behind.

The Weaknesses

White Coat Syndrome: Anyone in a lab coat, be it a tech, a doctor, a scientist, Hydro is deathly afraid of anyone that could potentially experiment on him.

Loud Noises: Triggered by loud alarms, or sirens, loud arguments, or any related can cause him to lose control of himself, thus losing access to his abilities. While under these levels of stress, Hydro's corrosive tears and sweat do not trigger the chemical change to make the corrosive slime.

Lack of Water: Deserts or really dry places, or even a really hot day. Dehydration or putting him in a place where he could potentially sweat and lose his body fluids at a rapid rate can render him useless as well. If without water for a full day, Hydro cannot use his hydro cannons in his shoulders, palms, or feet. If without water for three full days or more, he cannot

Cold Environments: When Hydro is in sub zero temperatures, or exposed to substances such as nitrogen where his body is frozen, he cannot control his powers sufficiently, rendering his manipulation of water temperature null.

Easily Distracted: Hydro can be lured in by promise of a snack, and his favorites are peanut butter cookies (he loves them so much). Shiny things always catch his eye. Very easily distracted due to multi-tasking.

The Items

Drop'let- his hammer formed from water manipulation-able to freeze the hammer with the low temperatures his body can produce. This hammer appears to be made of ice, but can smash through concrete and brick with ease, and dent steel with a few swings. A normal human stands no chance.

Takigakure- his duel swords, two identical water blades. They are able to become scalding hot and melt certain metallic alloys such as carbon steel if exposed to them for long periods of time. Can easily seer through flesh and bone.

Tyfoon- his javelin war spear with bubbles at the tip, literal compounded acidic bubbles. When impaled into his enemies, the bubbles pop within the wound, potentially causing more damage.

Twin Myst- his duel daggers are coated along the blade with his corrosive slime. He creates these daggers from ice or water, depending on the situation - the slime either sticks to the ice of the blades, or mixes into the water of the dagger, adding an acidic bite to each slash or stab from his daggers.

The Minions

Has a small but ancestral bearded dragon that helps guide him from going dark, always keeps positive thoughts and compliments people who he lets see him. His name is Deznix, and he can occassionally go and fetch water for Hydro. Deznix has an endless stomach for food, but has a capacity to hold approximately 30 gallons of water to bring back to Hydro in precarious situations.

Weakness: Is otherwise just a small bearded dragon, and can easily be snatched, lost, or forgotten if not brought along with Hydro.

The Fluff

Has a special ring that he wears on his left index finger that illuminates blue when his body can sense water.
Carries around toys ranging from fidget spinners, yoyos, dice, to little rocks he collects.
Always has really cool bracelets and jewelry.
Rides around on a longboard.
Has two phones for games.
Has personal gym to train with its own pool.

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P. H. Balance Aka Hydro Empty Re: P. H. Balance Aka Hydro

Post by FantasyBound June 5th 2023, 11:58 pm

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