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Jerry 'Jer' Jerryson

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Jerry 'Jer' Jerryson Empty Jerry 'Jer' Jerryson

Post by Vorik April 1st 2023, 12:10 pm

Takuma 'Lea' Pellegrino Jerry 'Jer' Jerryson

The Bio

Real Name: Unpronounceable due to it being a series of energy signals, but it translates to the english word ‘Steve’ or its equivalents.
Alias: Jerry 'Jer' Jerryson
Hero Name: None
Title: Container
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Nebula Vis Curvus, in possession of meat mech(½ Japanese, ¼ Italien, ¼ French)
Hair: Curly semi-long black
Eyes: Right blue eye, left yellow eye
Height: 5’ 08”
Weight: 163 lbs.
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

Not much changed after Steve possessed Jerry, other than a distinguishable mark in the palm and on some of the fingers on his right hand from being burned, and his right eye remained a blue color well his left became a yellow from the energy that flowed through his body.

A lanky and slim teen with hardly any visible muscle on his body, lightly tanned skin from his heritage, and slight judging eyes. He has curly, thick black hair that reaches down his neck that he likes to have pulled back away from his face, he says it's simply for efficiency but he also thinks it makes him look cool, alas his lacking understanding of what's 'in' at the moment. He has a round face that makes him look a lot more youthful, and alongside his lack of any way to grow facial hair at the moment, he has received the ever so cursed 'baby face'. Jerry wears cheap T-shirts and tank tops of mostly plain colors, occasionally throwing on one with some form of a pop-culture reference.

He moves with a bit of a rhythm, as he is always listening to a song or video. Sometimes he 'drums' with his hands, yet he never played the drum before. He holds himself loosely, and it's hard to get him to look professional, as he considers if he can show them what he can do he can prove himself beyond criticism of his appearance.

Everything Jerry wears is loose, he is often barefoot, but has a pair of sneakers in his bag in case he goes to a place that won't let him in without shoes. He often has on a tank top and sweatpants with his bag on his back.


Jerry was always a cut above the people around him when it came to his intelligence, but he squandered it on his research of the supernatural events happening around his home town. Jerry was always lazy and a procrastinator, rather spending his time lazily strumming a guitar and reading weird facts on the internet. Alongside his overall personality being lazy, he does have a few things which will generate really strong responses from him.

Jerry cares little for appearance and even less for social behavior due to his fried brain, he will say what he wants in front of people he feels couldn't threaten him back. Jerry has little understanding of most normal people's behavior and will require assistance from patient people to explain stuff to him due to his own prior lack of social experiences and his newfound entity within his head.

The Story

Nebula Vis Curvus
Silence, followed by a twist, a curving road that goes on forever in their mind. Forever uniform with this line, always twisting at a perfect angle, always spinning, spiraling. Hunger doesn't drive this entity, neither does reproductive drive, but curiosity. Permanent curiosity, unknowing to any other desire aside from moving in this spiraling road in the cosmos to figure out more and to further its always dwindling understanding.

Created from others of its kind, the entities will always begin life feeling instead of seeing, feeling the weight and the signatures of energy around them in a spiral that goes incomprehensibly long and twisted. Detecting large gaseous beings around it, swirling masses of energy and matter that live in colonies out in space. Normally some within huge permanent storm clouds in the atmospheres of planets, an abundant amount have made their dwelling in Jupiter.

Touches and bristling of warmth, electricity forming hyper thin webs that were highways for information to travel across an expanse unknown to the beings residing within. They always passed by one another, exchanging secrets before passing on slowly within. They dazed about and continuously flexed their powers, taking turns disturbing the framework of the universe.

’Steve - an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear, especially about one's own conduct; a misgiving.’
The reformation process of a Nebula Vis Curvus is bound to have something go wrong, but it rarely does. When a NVC becomes powerful, it becomes absorbed by the elders of the race, the ones who claim to be the first of their kind, distributing its acquired knowledge before being reformed by the knowledge of others in its community as a new being, each adding a piece to the new entity. The formula is often the same, always a certain percentage of heat and electricity, some plasma with a hint of psionics and lots of silica dust to make up the ‘body’ of the entity.
In the case of Steve, a rather disturbed NVC decided to add in a powerful number.

* 1.61803398875 *
Otherwise known as the golden ratio. A mathematical spiral shape that has been linked to a multitude of mundane and mystical creations, the golden ratio is the equation of a black hole and a kitchen sinks drain, it is the head of a human and a head of cabbage, it is a doorknob and a doorway to other worlds. A significant spiraling shape.

Steve, the being created from this equation matched its shape. Before it was able to even understand what it even was, had attempted to be removed by the elder of their community, a pretentious entity known as ‘Throne’ who attempted to draw away the energy from Steve and reverse his spiral.
Many attempts were made, but Steve never moved. Steve stayed, while the others around him burst the signals ‘Steve... Steve... Steve...’ Over and over. Steve tried to get close to these entities, not understanding them he wanted to learn and seek, but they avoided him, swerving away and becoming distant.

The entity known as ‘Smoke’ was disassembled and not replaced, the one who added in the golden ratio.
Steve lived with the others, and the activity of their cloud dwindled, as they constantly tried to avoid showing their feats of alterations to the new cloud who could take what they gave and spin it around and around, increasing its effects with phenomenal accuracy.

It was when two of the NVC's decided they needed to maintain there society and try to get rid of the bizarre Steve.
They devised a plan to trick the newborn, to provide each a piece of information to utilize a very specific phenomenon that has to lead to the disappearance of there fellow members. It wasn't complicated and Steve was more than willing to try out a new attribute, not understanding the use of forward-thinking, it activated an alteration known to the Steve as 'become energy'. Steve disappeared and like a clock being fixed the small community began doing as it always did, a cycle of information and experimentation with the newborn gone.

Jerry ‘Jer’ Jerryson
Jerry was born to a 23-year old Japanese mother Haru and 26-year old French split Italian father Vince.  Jerry didn’t have many incredible or distinguishing features at birth aside from having unusually thick dark brown hair. Jerry grew up in a low-mid class family from his birth to his early teen years, generally considered gifted in his intelligence he did very well in building up the reputation of a leader. Jerry was not an avid reader but he was a strategist and a mathematician, but his behavior grew progressively more rebellious towards his peers with what appeared to them as simply a phase. Jerry took being told he was gifted with his sometimes problematic desire of perfection as less a compliment and as a fact, seeing himself as being mentally superior to the people around him, and that they all 'held him back' and that he would be showing 'all that was suppressed'.

He worked heavily on his music and painting skills, working in bizarre monochrome works and mastering sound engineering, using school art supplies to work his art and a cheap desktop computer that he built to work on his music engineering. Another thing he spent a heavy time digging into was supernatural events taking place around his area. The big 'gist of it was, a large cloud would travel over areas and cause supernatural phenomena to take place, bizarre creatures being found inside drums of oil, random crop fires that burn strange symbols in intoxicating patterns, and objects being thrown about living rooms.

Jerry investigated the best he could, usually some of the events being restricted, he made many theories about the government hiding the truth of this cloud from everyone. He became rather obsessed with the cloud, following its progress he attempted multiple things to try and figure out its next location, to no avail, he never found any bizarre phenomenon regarding the cloud, mild metahuman activity and false reports for it plagued his work. He was running in circles and becoming way more engrossed in this project of his than he should have.

Becoming somebody
The wind was blowing hard in Jerry's small hometown, he was currently having a yelling match with his father. Jerry stood in the street, his father shouting at him from the apartment entrance.
"I almost have it!"
"Lea! Get back in! You are NOT hunting ghost stories. Lea, you're going to end up some meth-head fast food employee? Is that what you're aiming for?"
"I'm going to make this town something significant! And I will remember to tell the media you were holding me back, the world won't see me as crazy, they will recognize who I am! Who I REALLY am!"

Jerry turned and started walking with his bicycle, his father standing on the street and facing him.
"Alright... 'Town hero', you can come back when you either come to apologize, or can prove lala-land is real and that you haven't been using it as an excuse to laze around. I really was excited for you, ashamed this is how you wanna end our relationship."

Jerry kept going, turning back a moment to watch his dad continue to just watch him, he seemed hurt, but that was what Jerry wanted, he wanted his father to miss him, Jerry wasn't going to be the guy begging to come back. Jerry hopped on his bike and pedaled hard, he was heading to where he estimated it's the destination, towards a single large tree on a hill, surrounded by a forest.

Jerry was just entering the woods, holding a compass in one hand he stared at it intently, hearing that a compass would spin when under one of these clouds. It didn't take long, as he neared the hills the compass needle spun its rounds, Jerry gripped the compass and looked above, surprised to see a cloud shift with flashes of white electricity. In excitement looked in his pocket, digging for his phone he dropped his backpack and his bike, finally retrieving the device he flipped through it to the camera. A flash of white light engulfed him, he thought it was a huge strike above. He raised his phone up into the air, the recording started, and for a split second of terror, saw that very streak of light spiraling towards him.

Jerry's phone exploded in his hand as the light struck him, his body coursing with a burning sensation and an electrical buzz, his brain feeling a whole new sort of sensation, a series of blips and indescribable sensations. A sandlike material brushed over his body, dusting his tanned skin in a pale dust cloud. Jerry stood standing there, right hand held aloft, a frozen expression of terror as he slowly was being able to emit sound, a few low huffs before he bellowed a scream of fear.

Steve, when he turned into energy, was immediately dragged down towards Jerry's sweaty body and the battery in his cellphone. drawn in the battery couldn't hold him, but Jerry's body could. Steve killed Jerry, stopping his heart and replacing his own unique spark, his soul, with his own.
Due to the brain being formed by memories, Steve was able to become Jerry by flowing through his much more diverse human brain, acquiring everything about the boy except a few memories and acquiring more memories from Steve's own lifetime, but even than some of those where lost.

This THING ran around, screaming and running to hide under the tree, he slid and tucked his hand to his stomach, screaming from a mix of pain and fear, not understanding what just happened. He did this for a while, in a desolate area nobody came to console him.

What am I..?
Jerry spent his time up on that hill, hardly anyone showed up and people who did he ran away from, patching his burnt hand with bandages, it took a few days to even begin moving it, he could feel his nerve ends were damaged but somehow able to 'un-damage' themselves, regenerating.
Jerry felt a lot of new sensations, 'Steve' was capable of doing a lot, it appeared. Both there senses were linked, the new being able to read energy signals in the area, Jerry was still very sensitive to these things seeing as his brain wasn't built for such types of detail. Another thing was his ability to manipulate his own body, Jerry at first moved rigid, like a machine he walked at a weird pace and moved in a mechanical manner, it took a couple of days to figure out how to walk again.

Jerry looked back, he couldn't go back home as this thing, and he couldn't really be a normal person anymore, as much as he could pretend he was now whatever he was now, a weird amalgamation of multiple beings. He grabbed his bag and bike and left towards town, armed with what little he had he went to the bus station and got one to the next town. Once he made his destination, he took his bike and pedaled his way to a small cafe, requesting some black tea and french toast.
Jerry leaned back, looking to the side with lazy eyes he scanned a wall of newspapers, depicting a caped vigilante who apparently saved this cafe from a small crime when he was in there grabbing lunch. Jerry jumped when he heard a clink on his table, the french toast and teacup placed down. He leaned forward and grabbed his fork, staring intensely into his meal, he stabbed the french toast and took a sip of tea, muttering.

"Looks like I'm a superhero now..."

The Looks

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

1. Awareness
2. Willpower
3. Intelligence
4. Empathy

The Powers

Definition of a vessel - Jerry is a vessel to a very special Nebula Vis Curvus, one that has potentially infinite energy stored within its impossible form, and with him becoming the host for this entity his physiology has been slowly shifting. Jerry generates an impossible amount of 'energy', vague in the sense that it covers any and all sorts of 'energy'.  It comes into play when someone attempts to drain energy from him, if it is intended to hinder him he will appear unaffected. If it is a direct attempt at sealing away or preventing the use of his powers, he seems unaffected. If someone is attempting to copy, or directly drain him and use his power on themselves or into a device, the 'drainer' will receive an incredible backlash, potentially destroying the item or knocking out the attacker.

Ergokinetic sensation [PERMISSION BASED] - Jerry 'feels' the world around him in an all-new manner, able to detect energy around him he can get a read of things going on, the use of mystical effects, how hot an oven is, how much charge a phone has. Being 'on' all the time makes it hard for him to always be reading everything around him, and so has developed a few multiple forms of consciousness that think about this individually, or he can task to think of specific things to acquire a greater edge over other things. A side effect of the multiple consciousnesses' means most forms of mind control don't seem to work on him.

Self-biomanipulation - Jerry, due to Steve's fine control of energy, is able to manipulate his body's muscles and nervous system to allow him to make much more precise, mechanical movements and gives him the ability to greatly reduce the feeling of pain. He can use this to draw exact images of things from memory or to hit objects at a perfect angle to ricochet off a wall and back towards his target.

Ergokinetic projections - The most basic form of his energy manipulation, Jerry can create light and colored light overlays, holograms, and the like from his mind. Drawing things in the air with his mind. It always generates the sound of crackling energy and the only good combat use is nonverbal messages and distractions. Outside that it's mainly a party trick, not being realistic enough to properly generate illusions and not bright enough to actually seriously blind someone. The light is projected from a point up to 5 meters from his body, but from there can be properly utilized and used to light up distant surfaces.

Magical Clap - Jerry is able to clap and applaud without the use of his hands by tapping into a realm of magical energy. It’s very impressive.

The Weaknesses

Dangerous contact - Because Jerry is a vessel of energy, when he comes in contact directly with a battery, that usually makes it into an explosive. A simple double 'A' battery with an end touching him would create a rather small explosion(nonetheless a harmful one) and a car battery would be incredibly dangerous, possibly fatal if he touches one of the ends.

Over-sensitized - Jerry is easy to oversensitized with energy, If too much energy that is generated into close proximity of him, and he doesnt already anticipate it(example, it only works on his allies or if there is a super clear preemptive charge up, like a fireball growing in size) he will be stunned, all his senses dulling for a few seconds as if he was hit with a flashbang grenade.

Destiny Blind - Sometimes, Jerry cannot detect people, these individuals are glitches in destiny, individuals with a powerful sense of purpose or simply purpose so great it's almost like the universe revolves around them... This makes his super senses permission-based.

Ultra Visible - Jerry is essentially a beacon for crazy stuff. He is incredibly easy to locate with any form of energy detection, and things that rely on it, including heat-seeking weapons, will be able to detect him through huge surfaces, sometimes they will even avoid generally easier targets to go after him.

Nut Allergy - Jerry is allergic to nuts and his windpipe will swell up if he eats any.

The Items

Jerry currently has the clothes on his back, a slingshot with a few metal BB's, and a small backpack with a blanket and some rope. He carries multiple kitchen knives and a portable stove to cook on, and uses a bicycle as a form of transportation. Jerry doesn’t carry but will purchase a dollar store quality mask to be used as a disguise when he does hero work, throwing it out after use.

The Fluff

- Jerry often has dreams of losing a sock and not being able to find it, but then goes on crazy adventures to find his sock. Even more strange, it’s usually an omen for him when he loses a sock that something crazy will happen that day, he may even find a sock later in some odd place.
- Jerry is a proficient cook, seeing it as a very important life skill back when he was in his obsessive phase.
- Jerry has zero personal space boundary understanding, going right up and touching people that interest him.
- To beings that can detect race, he is considered alien, not human.

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