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Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian

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Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian  Empty Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian

Post by Vorik March 10th 2023, 3:33 pm

Count Astriac

"Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian."

The Bio

Real Name:  Harold Lay
Title: Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian, The Third Son, Mage Killer, Patrol Division III Leader, His Royal Bastardy
Age: 182
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 6,2
Weight: 179lbs

The Looks

Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian  Varnie10

His broad-shouldered and lean figure gives Astriac a cutting figure as he stalks the streets of Eugenia. With his prominent cheekbones, long tousled dark hair, and red eyes that seem to be constantly calculating everything around him he gives off a sense of dread much like that of a predator.

Clad in a worn green long coat with a white blouse and black trousers there is an air of regal mixed with the working class. His talon-like hands are covered in formfitting fingerless gloves that match his coat.

The Personality

While he may come off as cold and calculating, Count Astraic actually finds a lot of amusement in what he does for a living. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt and loves the chance to hunt down beings of high magic to drain. Much like a cat playing with a mouse, he doesn't normally see the commoners as threatening or even comparable to vampires. After all, why would it make sense to treat someone the same when one of them was just better in every way?

While he generally has a lack of respect for those beneath him, he isn't arrogant when it comes to being of high magic. When discovering that someone of high magic has come to Eugenia he would rather proceed with caution at first and stalk at a distance to get a better gauge of what he is dealing with. Only once he is confident he won't be blindsided by random magical fuckery will he lead his patrol division into battle.

The Story

Harold Lay was your run-of-the-mill 40-year-old plumber earning an honest living in Boston before "The Wave" happened. When Boston was magically transformed into Eugenia by a chubby nerd, thousands of Bostoners were instantly and forcibly changed with little regard for their will. Some had minor changes, new work professions or suddenly owning a sword, while others suffered far more drastic changes, becoming akin to monsters among men.

The changes that befell Harold was drastic. His body radically changed from an out-of-shape middle-aged man to a bloodthirsty vampire with supernatural abilities that put him even above others of his kind. Not only was his body transformed by his very sense of being was altered to better fit the new narrative of Eugenia. Gone was the father of 3 who cracked dad jokes and watch football every Sunday. Now there was only a predatory cunning that relished the hunt of all things magical. Count Astraic believed he has always been a regal vampire and was simply brought to Eugenia to help control the masses as his vampire overlords reap the harvest. He commands Patrol Division III and is tasked with being ever-vigilant of any who would believe they could topple the new world order.  

The Powers

Drain Magic: He is not only immune to all forms of magic near him but he actively absorbs the energy and uses it to empower himself to an incredible degree. The more magic he absorbs the stronger, faster, and more durable he becomes. He can also choose to not absorb spells and instead redirect them and use them himself. If he gets hit with a fireball for example he can redirect it and cast it himself. Because of his need to drain magic, he has an innate sense of it. He can smell magic in the air from hundreds of meters away and the more magically powerful the source the more apparent it is.

Supernatural: As befitting a vampire, he has innate supernatural gifts that make him much stronger, faster, and more perceptive than humans. He can lift up to 2 tons normally and move at incredible speeds approaching Mach 1. Lastly, he has incredible regeneration that makes him almost impossible to kill as even getting decapitated can be fixed by reattaching his head.

The Weaknesses

Aggh, It Burns!: Count Astraic is a vampire and while it comes with many perks, he is supernaturally weak to fire as it suppresses his regeneration. Holy fire not only stops his regeneration but negates all of his supernatural abilities outright until he snuffs it out.

Running Water: Like many vampires, he is incapable of moving through water in motion. He can't cross streams and rivers, rain acts as a wall, and holy water acts as a very strong acid.

Rolled A Nat 1 On A Stealth Check: The Clock of the Night can make the wearer invisible but too much movement will break the illusion. It is not possible to actively fight and maintain invisibility.

Gone With The Wind: The Silver Plated Rapier can only hold enough air for 7 uses. Once all 7 charges are used the sword needs a full day to recharge.

The Items

Cloak of the Night: With his position as a Patrol Division leader, Astraic has been gifted with a long green cloak that makes him utterly invisible. The cloak itself is lined with leather stitching that forms zigzagging spiral patterns.

Silver Plated Rapier: A long and slim sword that shines in the pale moonlight. It is wickedly sharp and made of pure bane materials incredibly potent to werewolves. There is also an enchantment of wind control etched into the side of the blade. The enchantment allows the wielder to store highly pressurized air in the sword and release it at a moment's notice. Long-range attacks of pressurized wind, releasing the air inside someone mid-stab, etc.
The Minions

Commands a patrol division of lesser vampires, thralls, and hunting ghouls.

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Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian  Empty Re: Count Astraic Nez Mazakilian of House Mazakilian

Post by FantasyBound April 8th 2023, 5:15 pm

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