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Agretha Empty Agretha

Post by Cynical_Aspie February 26th 2023, 7:43 pm


"Speak of your betters with reverence! Beg for forgiveness and I may reconsider removing your tongue."

The Bio

Real Name: Shemei (no known surname)
Villain Name: Agretha
Title: Daughter of Infernus, “The Herald of Fire and of Blood”
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 5168 (counting her original life)
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 122 lbs
Blood type: Infernal

The Looks

When in glamour, Agretha looks like what she did when she was still human: a beautiful Egyptian woman with flawless tanned skin and long black hair. When she doesn’t bother, her demonic form is that of a blood-red red demon, with two pairs of eyes, pointed ears, considerable musculature, and knee-length white hair.

The Personality

If there’s one thing that can be said about Agretha, it’s that she’s loyal to an absolute fault to her father - The Demon King Mazkil - for saving her as a mortal on the precipice of death and reincarnating her as his own. As a demon, she has a natural penchant for bloodlust and hedonism, a hunger to propagate acts of evil, as well as a manipulative streak. Moreover, she is not above petty sadism against her enemies.

Despite these, she has her positive qualities. She frowns on the human drug trade, seeing it as needlessly self-destructive. And above all else, young children are strictly off limits to any violence in her eyes.

Given her inability to permanently die outside of Infernus, Agretha is more than willing to mouth off to those who would normally present a danger.

The Story

Born in the years of Ancient Egypt, Shemei was once a simple servant that the lord of her house took a fancy to. Submissive, yet strong-willed, she was so compassionate that the lord favored her over his own wife. Envious, and desiring to remove Shemei as a factor without open murder on her lands, the wife had her loyalists kidnap her during her duties and toss her into a ravine far from civilization.

Stripped naked, bruised, bleeding and broken, the temperature dove rapidly as Shemei struggled to hang on to dear life. Then suddenly, an unexpected warmth engulfed her as a tear between realms opened up before her, and a magnificent red monster expressed his pity. He reached out for her, offering a new life and chance for revenge at the price of her soul.

Unable to move, Shemei did the only thing that entered her heart: she accepted. Her soul was claimed by the Demon King of Infernus as her mortal shell died.

With her soul reincarnated as the Demon King’s seed from one of his hundreds of concubines, Shemei was reborn as Agretha. And she was loyal to no end and showed a strength and resilience that marked her as Mazkil’s heir. Most simply did not have the determination or power to outperform, or were known turncoats eager to usurp.

As she was busy raising herself within the endless violence of the Infernal Realm, it took nearly two decades before she returned to the mortal realm for revenge. Her previous lord had fallen ill - convinced that his favored concubine had willingly thrown herself to her death - and his wife was effectively the holder of the lands.

Agretha flayed the wife alive and claimed the soul for her father, and revealed herself as the concubine that was left for dead by the wife. The lord was elated, even with the revelation of what his dear Shemei had become - but by then, no love for the man remained in Agretha’s heart. Forcing herself on the lord one last time, she ended his life afterwards and claimed his soul as well.

Over the thousands of years of her life, Agretha has been something of a silent observer of mortal wars as well as a reaper of souls. From the endless fighting of the Crusades that also forced the Christian faith westward, to the World Wars and the purges within authoritarian regimes - every soul she claims is but another hastening of the Promised Day where Mazkil brings humanity itself under his Empire.

Agretha rarely gets involved with the struggles between Superheroes and Supervillains on purpose, and for the most part is only pulled in through pure happenstance.

The Powers

As a demon, Agretha already has strength and resilience well above the human norm, with a form of Resurrective Immortality, to top it off. A few specific powers she has:

Infernal Beams: Each pair of eyes can produce beams of demonic energy that can track targets separately; one pair can target a foe in the sky while the other can be used on a target directly in front, for example. The power behind the beams makes the cutting ability of laser weapons seem pathetic by comparison.

Infernal Crush: Demonic energy surrounds an opponent and begins caving in on their body, gradually crushing them until they are either dead or have lost Agretha’s line of sight.

Pyrokinesis: Her demonic heritage allows her access to conjure and/or control fire.

Corruption: A non-combatant is corrupted into one of Agretha’s henchmen for a short time before expiring and having their soul claimed by Infernus. Requires verbal incantation.

Animate Object: Using an Infernal incantation, Agretha can animate weapons and suits of armor that are in the vicinity. Requires a verbal incantation to complete.

Summon Portals: An incantation allows Agretha to open portals that call upon lesser demons for assistance - or for simple use as cannon fodder. Requires a verbal incantation.

Limited Shape-shifting: When not in active combat, Agretha uses this ability to appear as she did when she was still Shemei.

Resurrective Immortality: As long as she’s not killed in her home realm (or by Mazkil himself), Agretha cannot permanently die. Instead, her soul enters in a state of limbo as her body is reconstructed in the way it was minutes prior to death.

Ballistic resistance: Common ballistic weapons such as guns have negligible effect on her.

True Sight: While Agretha lacks Mazkil’s near-omniscient All Sight, she is still capable of seeing through darkness as if it were pure daylight and can see through illusions with little effort.
  • Mechanic: Night Eye, Immune to illusion

The Weaknesses

“Holy weapons”: Weapons commonly considered “holy” have increased effectiveness against her. This include the attacks of beings considered "angelic".

Anomalous weapons: Anomaly-based weaponry bypasses most of her superhuman durability.

Resurrective Immortality: While her greatest strength, Agretha’s immortality is also a double-edged sword. The reconstruction process is both painful and tiring, and will only reconstruct her body as it was minutes prior to death. Depending on the circumstance, this can potentially result in a cycle of hurting if she was already in a wounded state at the moment in time her body was reconstructed.

Energy Weapons: Agretha lacks her father’s nigh-invulnerability to all forms of harm and, while resistant to ballistic weapons, is vulnerable to energy weaponry.

Limitations: Agretha’s corruption, summoning, and object animation spells have a verbal component to them and can be interrupted. A few other abilities require her to maintain a target in her field of view.

The Items

Blade of Obscenity:  A blade so wicked, its very existence is claimed to distort reality around it. This particular blade can change from sword to scythe on command.

Claw: Agretha’s fingernails are sharpened and reinforced with Ebony Ore found within Infernus, being nearly unbreakable. They can be used as improvised weapons in the unlikely event that she’s deprived of weapons.

The Minions

The Fluff

Agretha cannot be permanently killed unless she’s killed within her home plane of Infernus. She’ll simply painfully reincarnate exactly as she was at the mere moments prior to her death within a different realm.

Agretha fulfills something of a Black Knight archetype in the sense that she’s moreso a villain due to her loyalties rather than possessing an overly malevolent personality.

The RP Sample

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Agretha Empty Re: Agretha

Post by Zonkes March 9th 2023, 4:03 pm

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