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Offiran Empty Offiran

Post by elephantlord February 16th 2023, 10:26 pm

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Offiran 94cc52e1e5b5dd13252bc1b3d5fd8ca1

Name: Bashir Bawan
Title: The Offiran
Alignment: True Neutral
Age:  38
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Kurdish
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'5 (1.95m)
Weight: 218lbs (98.8kg)
Blood type: A

-=Worldbound Traits=-
Rank: Gold
Path: Path of the Scarlet Gate
Bond: Seqrah
Iron Body: Sanguine Hoard
Cycling Technique: Crimson Tithe
Vihatma Types: Life/Blood





Path of the Scarlet Gate (Overview)
Bashir is one of the Worldbound by some strange quirk of genetics, but his path into their ancient power did not come easily to him. This path began as less a coherent style than a series of magic tricks Bashir found he could access. It only formalized as an actual style once coming under the tutorage of Seqrah.

The Path of the Scarlet Gate holds that blood is the currency of life.  Like any currency, it can be given or taken or horded as one desires. Its effects are various and powerful, but due to its eclectic nature it is wildly inefficient.  It is a path for cruel merchants and unsavory dealings, and forces the user into a materialistic mindset. As Bashir grasped for any tools to aide in his survival, he cared little for his own spiritual bankruptcy.

Blood is both personal and universal.  By sampling a persons blood, the Offiran gains access to an individual's lifeforce.  Unlike most life-based paths, however, this does not allow him to spend it freely.  Because Bashir has inadvertently tied the concept of 'transaction' into this style, he must give up something in order to touch it. The thing offered need not be all that great, however, but the other party must understand they are giving something up...

= Note - This is organized as a magic-type power.

Technique: The Red Coin (1)
By pooling a dram of blood and life vihatma into his palm, the Offiran can forge it into round object the size and shape of a large coin.  This object contains enough of Bashir's personal vihatma to facilitate the link required for his other powers to function. A person accepting a bargain from Bashir will immediately and involuntarily absorb the coin, mingling his blood and life essence with theirs.  

When it was still a primitive expression of his path, the coin manifested as only a rust-colored disk. With his more developed skill and spiritual bond, the object now takes the appearance of a red and black coin with a complex design.

Mechanically: Conjure Item

Technique: Signed in Scarlet (4)
By agreeing to the pact offered by the Red Coin, the promise is imprinted into a person's lifeforce and vihatma. While it becomes a gateway into which the Offiran may exert his power, it also enacts a form of punitive consequences when the pact is broken. The oathbreaker must either make redress, or suffer a loss of blood or life as outlined by the vow.  This curse has turned young men old, or caused a victim to become completely exsanguinated. Bashir may withhold the default as long as he chooses.

Mechanically: Rapid Exsauguination (Other, Network), Detect Oathbreaking (Other, Network)

Technique: Blood Debts (5)
Considering the ease of which the Offiran may exact penalties to those breaking faith with him might cause others to hesitate to make deals, but there comes stark benefits to taking the coin. While holding to the agreement, Bashir can make 'loans' of blood or life to another. People entrusted with such an agreement can be seen to heal, even from lethal wounds. This technique is strong enough even to bring back the dead, though they must 'hold the coin' before dying.

b]Mechanically:[/b] Healing (Other, Network), Resurrection (Other, Network),

Technique: The World in Crimson (5)
Though his techniques are somewhat unwieldy, the Offiran has a startlingly strong connection to his own vitahma.  By pressing one of his coins into a surface, that surface becomes a gateway through which he can travel.  In addition to allowing him to travel great distances, the surface becomes permeable by him.  Doors, walls, bank vaults... none are impervious to his passing.

b]Mechanically:[/b] Teleportation (Gate, Global, Item & Medium Required)

Technique: The Bloody Constraint (3)
While Bashir has trouble accessing foreign sources of blood or life vitahma, he has devised numerous work arounds to remain effective. By pressing a coin into the flesh of a being, Bashir can still the flow of blood or life in a person. Though he cannot do great or permanent harm to the victim, they cannot move while the coin adheres to their skin. The coin will affix to the target

b]Mechanically:[/b] Paralysis (Touch, Item Required)

Iron Body: The Sanguine Hoard Iron Body
The limitations placed on Bashir due to his early lack of understanding the ways of Vihatma have atrophied his development, but also caused him to express interesting and useful adaptations due to those requirements.  Perhaps the clearest example of this is the manifestation of his Iron Body - the Sanguine Hoard.

Often stalled in his advancement due to ignorance, Bashir tried various techniques in order to advance.  One such method he devised was to simply glut himself on raw energy to force a breakthrough. Though he ultimately failed, Bashir's body underwent a strange transformation in the process.

Bashir can store far more Scarlet Gate vihatma than should be possible for his rank. Though he has immediate access to that common to his rank, he can regenerate spent power rapidly.  This requires a period of intense focus, however.  Additionally, pulling from this vault of power causes rapid regeneration of his flesh, as the blood and life essence restore his physical form.

Mechanically: Rapid Regeneration, Greatly Expanded 'Mana' Reserve, Physical Resilience (Greater), Limited Immortality

Contract: Seqrah
Material distractions combined with a lack of guidance have often conspired to leave Bashir bereft of direction, and he had been content with that. His focus on keeping his country together left him little time for occult pursuits. What mystical power he had to hand was sufficient to his needs, as it facilitated much of his influence.  

That all changed when he met the ifrit that call itself Seqrah. Though a denizen of the Seven Earths, Seqrah knew of secret paths that allowed him access to the mortal world. A merchant of sorts, Seqrah is willing to barter for interesting and exotic wares in exchange for some trinket taken from his trove.  Though the particulars are held in secret by both parties, an agreement was struck between Bashir and the Ifrit.  For the equivalent of ten thousand mortal lives, Seqrah would offer a like period of servitude in the event his price was met.  What the spirit wasn't expecting was to be paid immediately and in full.

Seqrah has an in-depth knowledge of a myriad of different topics, though most of them mystical. Having expected to cheat the Offiran rather than be bound in servitude to a human who has a better than average chance at immortality, Seqrah has decided to take a sanguine view of his bondage.  After all, it is a dangerous world, and as Bashir grows in power, he will eventually meet an entity who will laugh at his petty antics. For now, the ifrit is content to grow his power alongside the Offiran's, and await the day of his liberation.

Mechanically: Power Growth, Mentorship, Access to Exotic Items

Cycling Technique: The Crimson Tithe
It often seems like Offiran is profligate with his power, but nothing could be further from the truth. His is  a magic that becomes more potent the more it is spread. Each being that opens themselves to the Offiran's power becomes subject to his tithe. By siphoning off minute amounts of blood and life vihatma from those he is bound to, Bashir gains access to a vast well of power. Though this bond is parasitic in nature, it is far from debilitating.  

b]Mechanically:[/b] Rapid 'Mana' Regeneration


The Butcher's Bill
The Offiran binds people to his lifeforce, then so to are they bound to his. While those subject to this agreement can choose to risk default and defy their obligations, the nature of the Offiran's contract prevents him from doing likewise.  A target protected under a Blood Debt may not be refused the healing or resurrections that power provides. The necessary resources will be pulled out of Bashir's reserves, providing the promised regeneration.  So long as the debt is not revoked or a penalty applied, Bashir must pay his debts.

Mechanically: Cannot Refuse to Use Power - Blood Debts on Valid Participant

Blood Ties
In a mystical sense, the Offiran is a talented dabbler with an exotic power source.  Yet, it does obey certain rules that canny sorcerers might be able to exploit. Because his power relies heavily on connections, a 'bridge' can be formed between an item or individual infused with his power. Those familiar with the concept of sympathetic resonance or similar practices can exploit this connection by having such items at hand.

Mechanically: Vulnerability to Sympathetic Magic, Items & People Effected with his Powers are Sympathetic Links

Red Cent
When Bashir was a boy and first discovered this strange magic, the first trick he was ever able to learn was to pool his blood in his palm and harden it into a rough, red disk. Though Bashir has traveled far from those days



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