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Molly Empty Molly

Post by Demonhunter February 6th 2023, 8:46 pm

Mol’sho Kai

"I don’t want to, I don’t have to, you can’t make me, I’m retired"

The Bio

Real Name:Mol’Sho Kai
Renegade Name:Molly
Title:The retired old bastard
Alignment:True Neutral
Blood type:N/A

The Looks

Molly is a large and intimidating man who’s very imposing in every way. He is an outlier in terms of looks for a reaver as at first glance he could pass for human. His complexion is more lifelike and he has much fewer markings than usual, having almost none above the collar save for the few black marks snaking up his throat. His horns are however very large and curl back like a great ram’s. He is outfitted with bronze half-plate but in his retirement he often chooses for a more conservative trouser and shirt combo in neutral colors.

The Personality

Molly very much fits the grumpy retired old man stereotype. He very much is over the whole demon hunting thing and no longer goes out of his way looking for trouble. In his new found freedom he’s developed quite the disdain for authority and can get down right nasty if he feels anyone is trying to tell him what to do. Molly is a strange case amongst reavers, as most feel the overwhelming compulsion to fight when a demon shows its face, Molly can in fact control the urge enough to actually behave civilly in the presence of a demon. This attribute has actually been what he credits to his old age.

Molly has entered this world with only one goal: to retire and to be forced to fight absolutely nothing. He built a shack in the woods in which he builds furniture from wood. He sells this furniture for only quarters as he does not recognize paper bills as currency and don’t even attempt to whip out a card. Sadly for his buyers, Molly is a shitty wood worker and most of his creations self-destruct upon the first few uses, but it’s what you get for buying a 75 cent chair. This is not to say Molly will not fight, he will now only fight if he actually wants to, and god help you if he has decided you are worth his time and effort.

The Story

Molly lived as all reavers do, a warrior slave to the humanity of Dis, forced to fight demons and live in sheer repression. A hundred years of sieges, battle and skirmishes, some of which he barely escaped with his life. He rose through the ranks to white cloak as his comrades died, but Molly found comfort in the company of others of his rank. The white cloaks were a hearty band, and he quickly found a group and bar that allowed white cloaks to drink in a secluded room in the back.

This is where he met Rai. A panicked little reaver who tipped them off to an incoming invasion and subsequent siege. When all was said and done his merry band of four was down to two and he was presented with an opportunity: leave Dis forever and be his own man or stay and fight seemingly endless war until he too would be dust and bones. He chose the prior, settling in and retiring in the strange new world.

The Powers

Reaver Physiology -Reavers are essentially a malevolent crossbreed between man and devil.They have aspects of both species however their biology makes them literally bred for battle. Their Physiology includes:

Durability: They are piercing, slashing and bludgeoning resistant, their bones are much stronger and resist being broken. They do not need food, water or air to survive.

Healing Factor: The most fundamental piece of a reaver would be their healing factor. When a reaver is injured to the point their body doesn’t function anymore (ie- major organ damage, massive head trauma, being maimed to the point they cannot keep their insides on their insides) they go into a catatonic state in which the damage gets healed rather rapidly, depending on the damage a wounded reaver could stay down anywhere from 3 minutes to a full hour, in which time they look completely dead.

Devil Sight: Reavers have the eyesight of the Dis creatures they’re bred from. They do not see the world as shapes and objects, rather unoccupied space is black and inanimate objects are white.The closer the object the brighter it is. However, living beings with souls show up as a silhouette of their body with colorful light being emitted from them. Their souls. Rai can only identify people by their souls. She cannot tell what people physically look like and can only discern very rudimentary personality traits from the soul which isn’t super useful, but the more useful part of it is the fact that she can see souls through thin obstacles (Less than 8 inches thick) So simply hiding behind a wall won’t hide someone from her.

Damballa: Damballa is Molly’s devilish steed. Damballa can cross between planes at the drop of a small glass figurine and is under almost complete control of her Reaver.As all other reaver mounts she does not need food, sleep or water and can sprint at 80 miles per hour. She cannot be killed but can only be forced into the abyss from which she came, only able to return 12 hours later.

Skirmisher [/b}

Molly is of the skirmisher subclass of reaver. Skirmishes are meant to get in close combat range and dismount to fight like mounted infantry. This subclass’s job is to deploy deep within enemy ranks and fight like hell. A typical skirmisher is fighting other infantry and taking out high priority units, often getting into 1v1 fights with enemy elites.

Incorporeal combatant : Whilst on their mounts, skirmishers can make themselves, their equipment and their horses temporarily incorporeal to bypass frontlines and get themselves into position. Once they go incorporeal they have thirty seconds to get into position before it wears off and they become targetable again. After this it cannot be used again for another five minutes, which does trap many a skirmisher in tricky situations.

The Weaknesses

Silver - Silvered weapons are the absolute bane of a reaver. Even touching the metal burns their skin, flesh and eventually chars their bones. The absolute worst thing to encounter is silvered projectiles. A silver arrow to an extremity begins to turn surrounding flesh to dust and poisons the reaver’s blood. They’ll die within hours if it is not removed, the affected flesh removed and all blood drained to cleanse them. It is a very painful process that some Reavers would honestly rather die than experience. Even after treatment a reaver’s healing factor is drastically reduced for two weeks until the original wound is healed.Silvered arrows to the vitals is an instant death sentence.
Fire - Fire is actually the method used for executing a defective reaver for their sins. Burning a reaver like a medieval witch slowly separates their souls from their bodies which takes about 30 minutes continuously to do.
Healing factor troubles - The healing factor though useful definitely has its drawbacks… namely impalement. Impailing a reaver pretty much halts the healing process and keeps them permanently in stasis until removed. Historically this has trapped some reavers for days or even decades as prisoners inside their own bodies.
Copper - Copper, although not deadly like silver, proves its own issues.Namely the metal is used to contain a rogue reaver.When made into circlets or collars it can reduce a reaver’s strength to nothing. They become no stronger than a mere man and even the simplest task saps their energy making fighting impossible.
Holy water- it burns. And it works as one hell of a deterrent. If fully submerged in it it can kill, but splashing some on him will definitely give him a nasty burn and it doubles the duration at which him must heal.
Iron dust: The only way to reliably force a Skirmisher out of his incorporeal state is to throw iron dust of fine filings into the air in the space he is occupying. It will immediately force them back to their physical state.

The Items

-Buckler shield
-Bleeding strike short sword
Bleeding strike

A skirmisher’s kit includes a buckler shield and a magic short sword. A skirmisher’s short sword carries magic meant to cut any and all healing factors down with each strike. No matter where the healing his coming from, each subsequent cut will result in a slower and slower time healing.
-3 bronze javelins
-3 throwing axes
-Skirmisher's armor- Bronze half-plate tailored to Molly. It can be summoned on him at any time at will and is always on an armor stand at home when not in use.
Molly Image0

The Minions

The Fluff

Molly does wood working in a cabin in the woods now. He absolutely sucks at it currently, but over time he might get better. When not working on his furniture he’s probably cutting down trees with an axe.

The thing Molly is incredible at is weapons smithing. Molly can recreate any class of reaver equipment and armor with his home-made forge pretty easily for a price.

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Molly Empty Re: Molly

Post by Zonkes March 9th 2023, 4:03 pm

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