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Shei Lu

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Shei Lu Empty Shei Lu

Post by Zonkes February 6th 2023, 5:39 pm

Shei Lu

"If you wrong me, I will destroy you and everything you hold dear. And I will laugh in the crimson flames."

The Bio

Real Name: Shei Lu
Villain Name:
Title: The Quicksilver Blade
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Chinese Worldbound
Hair: Black
Eyes: Quicksilver orbs
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 149lbs
Blood type: Mercury

The Looks

A man of clear asian descent,  Shei Lu has the build of a classic martial artist, tightly bound muscles on a thin frame. His eyes are silver pools of metallic liquid, that stare into the soul of any that look at him. His long black hair is done into a ponytail that reaches the nape of his neck.

His general attire is somewhere between military garb, and street clothes with a loose fitting sash over his chest made of metal Vihatma, a silvery energy that can cut just by touching it.

The Personality

Arrogance - Shei Lu is a powerful worldbound, and he knows it. This leads him to folly more often than not. This makes for a stubborn individual who will largely refuse to use his abilities to their fullest extent, believing his techniques and martial training to be more than enough. Though he isn’t opposed to using collected metal Vihatma to cut those who question his methods. Especially those under him.

Calculating - Shei Lu will generally not act without good reason. He’s smart, and is not opposed to waiting and watching for a moment to strike instead of wildly lashing out.

Obedient to a Point - Shei Lu understands the benefits of following orders. He’s a mercenary after all. He’ll follow any order given by those that pay him, as long as the order isn’t outright foolish or if Shei Lu can come up with what he sees as a better plan, he will use it.

Soft Center - Shei Lu largely hides a kind interior behind these traits, ultimately he wants to be respected and liked just like anyone else, but Shei Lu is more than willing to kill and destroy to achieve his goals. This interior manifests itself more openly when dealing with children and worldbound he deems his equal, though anyone he deems an equal will receive excellent treatment from the Quicksilver Blade.

The Story

Shei Lu was born in the hidden worldbound city of Shuiyín Chéng There, he expressed a proficiency in the use of Vihatma not seen for many years. As such, he was taught by the best of the best. His master, the Sage of the Quicksilver Blade was a dilligent but harsh master.

Shei Lu lived a life secluded from others, only able to spend time with his master and occasionally the worldbound beasts that populated the city.

Shei Lu’s childhood was one of rigorous training, not to be distracted by frivolous things like friends and people he could relate to. Instead his master forged him into a weapon, punishing failure harshly and treating success as nothing but a given.

The Sage taught Shei Lu many things, and managed to get him to the rank of Silver before the Sage died after nearly 200 years on this earth. An assassin finally managed to get the drop on the ancient sage. Shei Lu swore revenge and bound the spirit of his former master to his own, breaking through to gold in a roaring tornado of Metal and Water Vihatma, tearing the building they trained in to shreds.

The assassin fled the city, making it out into the regular world while he advanced. A process that took a day. Just long enough for Shei Lu to lose them entirely.

He spent the next couple of years trying to find the assassin, before discovering that he needed to make money to live. His talents really only suited one type of work, and he accepted his first paramilitary contract. Proving himself as a valuable asset to the criminal underworld largely overnight.

The Powers

Vihatma Manipulation A worldbound is adapted to Vihatma in a way that changes their body to better utilize the energy of the world, however, the Worldbound can also manipulate Vihatma in dramatic ways. This energy becomes visible when a Vihatma user manipulates it, taking on color and form. Though Vihatma is most practically used in techniques and stances, Vihatma can be used wildly from abundant sources and manipulated just like the regular element. Though if a Vihatma manipulator were to destroy the Vihatma in an element or object, it would either become unusable in any recognizable way or simply fall apart - though this is not a capability most, if any, Worldbound have.

Shei Lu as a Worldbound Artist of the Quicksilver Blade path can manipulate metal and water Vihatma, with metal capable of cutting and reinforcing as well as the normal aspects of metal while water is capable of flowing, and nourishing as well as the normal aspects of water.

The Path of the Quicksilver Blade - Blanket ability, no mechanical benefit

A path dedicated to cutting foes down quickly with the strength of steel, and the flow of water. This path heavily focuses on the flexibility of the body in order to maximize the potential of the later abilities this Worldbound path grants.

Vihatma Sense

As a Worldbound above the silver rank, Shei Lu can see and feel any and all sources of Vihatma in the world. Vihatma is an energy source not unlike mana that is produced by everything in the world, but Worldbound like Shei Lu can only pull in up to two types of Vihatma into their core, making the capture of other elements only useful in short bursts. In addition, Shei Lu is able to sense the souls of individuals through their Vihatma output as if he were simply feeling their presence. This makes it nearly impossible to hide intent or to sneak up on him.

Mercurial Iron Body  

Shei Lu’s iron body, an ability Worldbound gain when they hit the iron rank of their training, grants him superhuman levels of strength and flexibility. Capable of twisting out of the way of an oncoming bullet, and lift vehicles above his head.

World Sign

The world sign is the true marker of an adept Worldbound. This marker can take the form of anything, but breaking out of the silver rank and into the gold is something that can be done in only two ways. Shei Lu took the less powerful, but easier path Spirit Binding. Shei Lu bound his soul to the spirit of a former master of the Quicksilver Blade, allowing him to break through to the gold ranking and gave him his world sign.

Shei Lu’s world sign is that his skin has become a sort of liquid metal. Any attacks that target nerve endings or his skin directly fail unless they are dug in deeper. Additionally, his skin is highly reflective making it more difficult to hit him in direct sunlight.

The Techniques

Vihatma Manipulation Techniques

Through the Path of the Quicksilver Blade, Shei can manipulate vihatma in a way not dissimilar to the way some superheroes can create constructs by manipulating the elements they’ve been granted dominion over.

Through the use of this energy, Shei is capable of augmenting his body, creating constructs of pure metal and water vihatma, and even purifying his mind.

Quicksilver Blade (Construct) - Shei coats his arm in liquid metal and allows it to coalesce. The liquid metal solidifies into an extremely sharp sword capable of slicing vehicles in half with a single swipe.

Quicksilver Blade: Thousand Mile Whip (Construct) - Shei extends his quicksilver blade into a whip, this weapon can reach to the end of a city block at Shei’s current level of advancement. Shei can also use this to move, or grasp onto people from a distance.

Quicksilver Floor (Manipulation) - Shei covers the floor in a liquid metal sheet that spreads to the edges of any given space up to a limit of a football field. The liquid is incredibly difficult to move on.

Quicksilver Floor: Flood of Blades (Manipulation) - Shei manipulates the Quicksilver Floor, causing it to produce incredibly sharp spikes that can reach up to 5 feet tall, instantly spearing anything that doesn’t move out of the way.

Quicksilver Moon (Construct)[/i] - A sphere of liquid metal appears in between Shei and his opponent, drawing in Water and Metal Vihatma on its own. While the water and Metal Vihatma are being drawn in, anything it’s path begins to become dehydrated and sliced by razor sharp shards of metal.

Quicksilver Moon: Rain of Blades (Manipulation) - The sphere of liquid metal becomes unstable and pops, causing the area around it to be assaulted by metal raindrops that slice like razor blades.

Stance: Mercurial Raindrop - A stance that increases flexibility and speed, making him even harder to hit than normal, capable of bending out of the way of point blank gunshots as the trigger is pulled.

Stance: Quicksilver Lightning - A stance that increases speed and power, allowing his strikes to break through steel and his basic on-foot speed to outrun formula 1 cars.

Stance: Mercurial Mind - Less of a stance and more of a mental exercise. Shei Lu’s mind becomes difficult to pin down and hold onto, making mental manipulation incredibly difficult.

The Weaknesses

Stance Switching - Only one of the three stances can be used at a time.

Swift as molasses in Winter - In cold weather or against an opponent using cold or ice powers, his skin becomes rigid and brittle, making his movements both painful and slow.

Time Limit - Most of Shei Lu’s techniques rely on liquid metal similar to mercury, and like mercury, this metal is not water soluble and dissolves in fats and lipids.  This means that he has to put more energy into his attacks the longer a fight goes on.

Environmental Reliance - The area Shei Lu fights in requires sources of metal and water, Vihatma. While metal is relatively easy to come across, water vihatma is more difficult. A simple faucet will not produce enough energy to sustain his onslaughts. He needs to be near enough to a large source of water Vihatma such as a public swimming pool or even a river to maintain his attacks for long, or utilize an item suffused with water Vihatma.

Incompatibility: Peace - The Path of the Quicksilver Blade is incompatible with peace vihatma. Allowing an area to become calm and build in peace vihatma will weaken the rejuvenation of his spirit.

Incompatibility: Earth - The Path of the Quicksilver Blade is incompatible with earth vihatma. While fighting in or near areas such as deserts or mountains, his ability to regain energy is weakened.

Vital Area: Stomach - Like all Worldbound, attacking their stomach is the best way to ensure victory. Rival Worldbound can infuse their strikes with vihatma and force that energy into the opponents spirit, possibly overloading it and crippling the Worldbound. While a non-Worldbound can’t do this, a non-Worldbound can still strike hard enough to the opponents belly that they temporarily can’t use their Vihatma.

The Items

Thousand Depths Sword - A weapon infused with both metal and water Vihatma, the weapon bends and flows like water and cuts like metal. Shei Lu can use the weapon as an emergency source of Vihatma, or can use it instead of his own Vihatma to activate Thousand Mile Whip.
Weakness: The sword is vulnerable to peace and earth Vihatma, making it easier to break when these forms of Vihatma are introduced.

The Fluff

Flowing River Breathing

This breathing technique is a powerful tool for Vihatma users, it focuses on pulling as much Vihatma into your core as humanly possible while also allowing easy release of said Vihatma back into the world.

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Shei Lu Empty Re: Shei Lu

Post by Arcana February 6th 2023, 6:43 pm

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