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Dover (New Hampshire) Down

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OPEN Dover (New Hampshire) Down

Post by Viremine February 4th 2023, 7:01 pm

The wretched machine had taken a rather roundabout path to Dover involving the near-destruction of a small town but it had finally made it. It promptly began melting its surroundings (as one does upon entering a populated area) the people living on the outer edge of Denver, already having started to run at its presence alone, began screaming as a line of melted terrain quickly formed in front of the metal man catching a few citizens in its path instantly creating and cauterizing bisecting wounds and forming a wall of cold steam, obscuring the midday sun.

FREE_BIRD continued to move forwards through the city, drawing his laser around like a child might a crayon on paper, the potent smell of coffee drifted through the air bringing along with it the weak hallucinogenic steam that was quickly filling the streets, disorienting the populace and causing that many more to die under the laser of FREE_BIRD. Its ramshackle look, almost appearing to be made from junk, did not stop the robotic being from dishing out a great amount of property damage and murder.

Despite its apparent success in whatever goal it may have had, it suddenly paused, its beam ceasing for a moment as it looked upon a building it inexplicably hated. Gazing at the library in disgust it aimed its hand-come-weapon at it and fired a beam far wider than the last, nearly enveloping the building and quickly reducing the bricks forming the outer layer of the structure to slag in seconds and continuing on through the layers composing this orderly knowledge-holding structure. If one were to look closely one would find that even the pages of the books and wooden shelves had melted, despite all logic.

"LIBRARY! YOU HAVE BETRAYED THE Walmart_Corporation FOR THE FINAL TIME, DEATH SHALL BE THY LONE PAYMENT FOR THIS RETCHED ACT." The machine spoke meaningless nonsense about retail stores and retribution, in its grating stilted mechanical voice only interrupted by what sounded like a pleasant woman speaking upon mention of the retail store chain.

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