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Post by Salad_stealer January 12th 2023, 2:43 am

Real name: Cord
Hero/Villan/Renegade name: plastic Surge
Title: Forest Hermit, Freelance Surgeon
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race Hivemind (read lore)
Eyes: green or brown
Average weight: 145 pounds


[url=silo 1]silo Coconu10[/url]


Pretty naive, but not an airhead. flips from being excited to serious pretty quickly

Character Lore

Cord was once a 10-year-old boy who fell into a deep luscious cavern, being stuck from the height, he decided to forage for edible plants to survive. One day though, his food supply was getting scarce, so he ventured even deeper into the cave. He walked for miles and found a laboratory, once the lab found out where he was hiding they took him and attempted to remove his mind from his body. after three months of testing, while he was unconscious, they were able to succeed..once they were successful they grew tired of testing him and threw him into a giant shredder leading to behind the lab. Little did they know that he was able to through the shredder with his newfound power, and now devoted his life to finding missing people, and keeping people from going through the same things he had.


cell hive

Cords new body is primarily comprised of nerves and muscle-like fibers and is encased under a layer similar to a mushroom's outer layer.  These muscle fibers are small and have little to no actual strength on their own, but when paired up can release incredible strength, while the nervelike fibers carry electrical impulses controlled by a cord to contract and relax the muscle fibers. this also means that he can replicate any body part he has separate from him if enough is removed.


If part of the Cord is damaged or separated, then that part of him will be able to move under his control, with a range of up to 1 football field. it does not matter the size of the body part, he can control it as long as it stays alive. the separated mass can last for up to 5 minutes, and then will start to decay

fungal mimic

Any mushroom that Cord comes in contact with, he has that ability to use its abilities. e can use up to two mushroom abilities at a time and can adapt them to do a wider scale of the attack. including mild hypnosis, Hallucinations, infection, erode, spores, and parasites.


blunt force

blunt force

He is immune to weapons like a sword but is incredibly weak to punches and any other form of blunt-force combat because it spreads the fibers apart and weakens the bond between them, making him weaker.

stealing his core

Somewhere in him is the small device that holds his very soul. It is indestructible and can regenerate an ounce of its shell every hour, while its shell can produce a new strand of fiber every 5 seconds. just contain him and he can't regenerate any more than he already has.


Status :

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