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Contest Cricket

Post by Secret Santa January 2nd 2023, 4:16 am


"Bringing Good Luck and a Swift Kick in the Pants"

The Bio

Real Name: Christopher Ket
Hero Name: Cricket
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Short Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’6
Weight: 140lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

A tall, pale, beanpole of a young man! He is well past youth, and while it shows, he hasn’t quite grown past it. Despite his height, he is rather unassuming, staying quiet and holding his head low. What he lacks in upper body strength he makes up in his legs which appear to have a nice, strong build. He has a mess of brown hair that is kept a decent length, not falling below his ears. His eyes are a bright green color, almost seeming to glow.

This tall, unassuming figure is usually dressed nicely; clean pants, an open button-up, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and usually a backpack slung around his shoulder for his college courses. On the other hand, his costume is a bit more assuming. He wears a dark green suit covering almost all of his body, a black pair of shorts, armored leg guards, and a pair of green-tinted, aviator goggles.

The Personality

Cricket is a quiet, focused student, working on getting his degree in entomology. While gifted wouldn’t be the right word for him, his determination and interest in the subject have taken him far. When he first got his abilities he had planned to ignore them so he could continue with his passions, and for an entire year they went untrained. After a certain event, an evening that he regrets, he decided that he could no longer ignore these gifts and would use them for good.

The Story

For most of his life, Christopher was normal. He lived in a small, normal town in North Dakota, and had a small normal family with a mom, a dad, and an older brother. He went to school, had a few good friends, and managed to do well enough to earn a scholarship that paid off most of his college tuition when it was time to move on. In a world of heroes, some others would’ve wanted more. Some would want an exciting life where they could save the world and be in the spotlight. But Christopher was content with what he had. He was happy.

It wasn’t until college that his life took a sudden shift. One of his professors, a man he had seemingly impressed, brought him in on a special project. He honestly got all the details of what exactly they were doing, his job was monitoring, recording, and maintenance of the specimens, something that he still claims he did a good job with. At least, up until the last day there. The project…the experiment, didn’t go as planned. There was an accident, as there so often is in these stories, and Christopher fell headfirst into his new life.

Even after the accident, he worked desperately to try and avoid using his power or even acknowledging that he had it. He wanted to keep the life he had, he didn’t want some grand adventure, he just wanted to be him. For an entire year, he managed to live by that ideal, keeping his head low, sticking to his classes, and avoiding all chances he had to be a hero, letting others take that role.

At the end of his junior year of college, though, his aversion to his gifts would-

He came to regret his decision. While he would prefer a normal, quiet life, he has set that aside to do what was right whenever he could. Reluctantly, he would become a hero.

The Powers

Cricket: Due to an experiment gone wrong, Christopher developed traits akin to that of a cricket. He can jump 200 feet up into the air and, at max, 400 hundred feet forward at incredible speeds. He has enhanced reaction time, able to quickly maneuver and recover, allowing him to dodge fast projectiles with ease!

His legs also have increased durability and can absorb the shock of hard landings. He can fall off of a skyscraper and be completely fine, so long as he lands on his feet. His legs are even durable enough to resist strikes from hard-hitting Metas and high-caliber bullets. Because his legs are so heavily reinforced his kicks are also incredibly potent. He is able to put a dent in steel if he really pushes himself, only leaving a minor bruise on his leg.

Lastly, his secret trump card, with a snap of his fingers can create a directed sonic blast of roughly about 150 dB. These vibrations, especially close range, can severely damage the ears of any caught in it. It travels in the direction that he snapped for about twenty feet in a cone shape about ten feet wide.

The Weaknesses

Half Human: While Chris’s legs are incredibly strong, the rest of his body does not share that strength. Anywhere from his waist up is as weak as any other human, susceptible to any lethal means you’d use on anyone else.

Midair: Chris has no way to redirect jumps in midair, if he accidentally jumps towards a hazard or the landing zone is turned into a hazard, there is little he can do to change direction.

Poison Weakness: Ever since the experiment, Chris has been a lot more susceptible to poisons, his body less apt for handling them. To recover he’ll need quick treatment, a cure, or a visit to the hospital.

The Items

Chris keeps a few costumes in different, easy-to-access locations close to his college in NYC. He also carries a few pairs of cuffs, a taser, and a few custom-made trackers he can through on an escaping criminal, which work up to roughly 100 miles.

The Fluff

Despite his new role as a hero, Chris still seems determined to get his degree and find a career in his field.

His favorite bug is in fact crickets. Or honey bees.

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