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Flaggstaff WIP

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Flaggstaff WIP Empty Flaggstaff WIP

Post by Nate6595 December 19th 2022, 4:38 pm


"The Protector of Our Home and Our Flag"

The Bio

Real Name: Anthony Flagg
Hero Name: Flaggstaff
Title: The Flag Bearer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Peppered Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'3
Weight: 167lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

A handsome, well-built man who, despite his age, still holds the body of someone in his prime. He is tall and well-toned, though it all appears to be natural. His eyes are a pale green, while his hair is cut short, black, and peppered with gray here and there. He has a well cut face and broad shoulders, his body nearly untouched by scars and blemishes, only one that lines his left shoulder.

He is usually is dressed casually, though nicely. He wears open flannel over a plain shirt and rugged, worn jeans that hold is figure well. When in costume, he wears a blue and green suit, with a green domino mask, and a long blue cape that flutters behind him. Usually on his back there is also a long, gold staff with an American Eagle at its peak.

The Personality

Flaggstaff is by all accounts a hero, also comic book-like. He is the force of all that is good and just in the world, wrapped up into a rather suave persona. He beats up criminals and throws them behind bars, never putting at risk the innocents of his city. He seems to always find someone in need and the time to help them, never seeming stressed or overburdened by the tasks at hand. Some might say that his sense of justice and goodness is too pure, that he is too idealistic or that sometimes he is too much like a hero that sometimes it seems almost a little bit like an act. That is just speculation though and it is a hard read to tell if he is genuine in his goodness or if it is just for fame.

The Story

From a young age Anthony was raised to be a hero.
He came from a long line of heroes. His mother, father, grandfathers, grandmothers, great grandparents, and even great great grandparents. Being a hero runs in his blood. There was never anything else he could ever dream of being.

Much like his dream, most aspects of his life were inherited from his family. His powers came from his parents, his outfit was a redesign of his mother’s, his fame was earned by those before him, and many would say that he was the spitting image of his father. Some might even say that nothing of him was really his. His life was inheritance.

After his parents retired from the life of heroism, he even went on to inherit the weight that they had once held up.  He became the top hero of the city he watched over that every member of his family had once watched over and did all he could to keep it safe. On the world scale, he would never be able to go against the top-of-the-line heroes, but in his city…in that lone city, he was the king.

And that was enough. Or so he told himself.

An entire city, upwards of tens of thousands of people all looked to him. They saw him as the best, they asked for autographs, had merchandise centered around him, fan sites and crowds and everything fame came with. It was in a centralized location, but…it was vast enough to sate any sort of attention he wanted to take in.

In the years he has been a hero, he has earned quite the record of heroic deeds. He has stopped the city’s most notable monument, a monument of Flagstaff’s parents, from being stolen on three different occasions. He has disabled at least four doomsday devices that threatened the entire city and put away the villains who assembled them. And maybe, most notable of all, he has earned a slew of high powered villains who have sworn public oaths against him.

In his heroic exploits he has earned an almost…Saturday morning cartoon reputation. Most of his heroic deeds seem like things right out of a comic book or cartoon. He fought villains who had cartoonishly evil plans, he saved cats from trees, and even the way he talked seemed to almost be reminiscent of a cliché hero.

At the very least, the public found it entertaining.

The Powers

Super Strength:

Endurance to Match:



The Weaknesses

Sonic Blasts:


The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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