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Adjunct's 3rd Advancement

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Adjunct's 3rd Advancement Empty Adjunct's 3rd Advancement

Post by elephantlord December 16th 2022, 12:16 am

Item/Character Advancement:
Know the Soul's Price
2nd Level Link to Dabbler
(Permission-Based Power)

This power manifested after the events in Boston, where Alexis bribed a group of deep dwarves into betraying their Masters.  

Description: Every soul has its price.  It need not be monetary, but there is something, some set of circumstances or thing that will cause a person to go against there better judgment. Or so Alexis has come to believe.  A toggle has appeared on the Adjunct's HUD, allowing her to instantly understand what thing Alexis can give to the person she is interacting with in order to gain their cooperation, and how far they will go. This information will appear on the side of Alexis' vision, carved there in fiery red script.

Yet, this power has a Flaw. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice their morals for personal gain, despite what Alexis might believe. There are some causes or beliefs that cannot be circumvented in this way. In addition, this power only allows her to know what to tempt with, the sale's pitch is all on her.

Power Overwhelming
3rd Level Link to Dabbler
(Permission-Based Power)

Gained after the events of Turtle Island, where she met Dab's patron.

Description: Say what you want about Dabs, but she is powerful. The Tri-Witch has linked herself to beings beyond the skein of the world, and has gained remarkable power from her daring. By meeting and interacting with the Queen of Shadows (one of Dab's Patrons), and examining how power flowed from her to Dabbalicious, so Alexis began to understand how to empower others.

By focusing on her link to another, Alexis can declare an ability she knows about in another to be 'empowered'. The magnitude of the power will be enhanced far beyond what could normally manifest. As the name suggest, the power amplified will grow intensely unstable. Muscles will bulge with enhanced strength, red lightning will crackle around energy blasting pistols, and super-vision eyes will glow with new sensitivity.

Flaw wise, this ability cannot affect more than one ability in a person at a time, and has a cap on how far it can boost something. While a street level cape might suddenly be able to punch a building apart, the War God Argonath would only notice the most modest of increases.

Work/Life Imbalance
1st Level Link to Sabiel, the Wasp Daughter

This power manifested after the events of Escape from Boston, where Alexis chose to adopt the angelic wasp mutant rather than kill her.

Description: Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but it sure is time consuming. The demands of becoming a new mother for a demanding child taxed Alexis to her limit, until she discovered that she was simply... where she needed to be. Alexis appears where her linked companions need her, manifesting a sort of temporal clone when and where she is needed. This effect is dependant on her quantum entanglement ability that she enjoys with linked companions, appearing to them when she is needed.

Of course, the Downside of this effect is that Alexis never has personal time. Any moments not currently occupied by another obligation will cause her to flit into a time and place where she has 'time debt'. Be this with Sabiel or when Dabs needs another energy drink to keep her going. Adjunct will be there, no matter the cost to her sanity or sleep.

Item/Character Advancement Price:

Queen Bee
2st Level Link to Sabiel, the Wasp Daughter
(Permission Based Power)
This power manifested after the events of Escape from Boston, where Alexis chose to adopt the angelic wasp mutant rather than kill her.

Description: In the strange magical field found in the caves beneath Boston, Sabiel was created from the lifeforce of a dying angel. Though now some strange quasi-celestial being, Sabiel was still created to be the main force behind a new colony of wasp mutants.

Alexis can tap into that natural affinity for command. She is able to secrete a series of pheramones from her pours which broadcast a host of psychoreactive into the air. The Effect of this is chemically based emotion control power, which can enthrall those of lesser will

Nautrally, an effect so potent has its Downsides. It targets human-like individuals that posssess working glanular systems and is dependant both on proximity and being in the same general space. Still, the ability to immediately force someone to feel the way you want...

Item/Character Advancement Price:

The Long Road to Recovery
1st Level Link to June, the Dragon Girl
This power manifested after Alexis finally went into therapy with June, on Niao's instance.

Description: Due to the nature of her powers and her innate psycology, Alexis experiences extreme shifts in her personality. At her core, Alexis Lovelace is a lonely, and yearns desperately for connection. Due to her complicated psychology, however, it can be difficult to find happiness or emotional stability.

Her talks with June, despite her initial reluctance, have begun to allow her to unpack the busload of baggage she has been carrying around. By talking through her own thoughts and feelings, Alexis can understand what influences her decisions. Though subtle, in Effect it allows her to detect manipulation or outside influence, though it requires reflection. This has allowed her to step back from the edge of the raging psychosis that had been building in her mind.

It may be the healthiest power she ever manifested, really, but the Downside is that it takes time. In the heat of the moment, emotions flare, and she is not always her best self - there is a long road to recovery.

Item/Character Advancement Price:
Post Mate
Post Mate

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Adjunct's 3rd Advancement Empty Re: Adjunct's 3rd Advancement

Post by Zonkes January 29th 2023, 5:23 pm

I’ll allow it. 45 XP please and thank you!
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Retired Moderator

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