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The Benefactor

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The Benefactor Empty The Benefactor

Post by ProwlerKnight December 12th 2022, 9:58 pm

The Benefactor

"This world has grown too complacent with heroes, it’s time to fix that."

The Bio

Real Name: unknown  
Hero Name: The Benefactor
Title: The Benefactor, man in the shadows, shadow buyer.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: unknown
Gender: unknown (people assume male)
Race: unknown
Hair: unknown  
Eyes: unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

Nobody has seen the Benefactors real face, as he prefers to keep his identity a secret.

The Personality

The Benefactor is very elusive, and strictly business.  

He prefers his anonymity, avoiding banter entirely.  

He seems to not care at all what villains due with the resources he provides, so long as chaos is ensured.

The Story

Nobody knows who the Benefactor is.  

Some say he was a former villain of Atlas, others say he’s not even human, and a few people think he’s a government agent, trying to test heroes, and keep them on their toes.  

All people know for sure, is he has vast resources, and uses it all to provide for villains who need it to further their goals, for a small price (30% off the top of whatever score they get.)

He doesn’t discriminate on who he provides too, and has even given heroes intel or resources, which they found he had taken careful measures to make sure they couldn’t track it back to his real location.  

The Powers

Limitless Resources: Nobody knows how he does it, but the Benfactor has nearly limitless resources and money, which he provides the resources to most, if they provide a simple fee.  

For others, he tends to be a bit more personal, usually with people who work for a cause or purpose.  

The Weaknesses

Sidelined: While The Benefactor provides resources, he does not actively engage in villainous affairs himself, and thus is no direct threat to anybody.  

The Items

The Minions

He has connections into several Black-Market sources, and even a few in the government.

The Fluff

Anonymity: The Benefactor has taken several steps to prevent people from finding his secret location and uses a voice modulator.

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“No, you move.”

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