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Rebecca O'Day Aka Paine [WIP]

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Rebecca O'Day Aka Paine [WIP] Empty Rebecca O'Day Aka Paine [WIP]

Post by Chellizard October 24th 2022, 2:10 am

Rebecca O'Day

"It's Paine, and a pain in your ass."

The Bio

Real Name:Rebecca O'Day
Renegade Name: Paine
Title: The Bad Bitch / Queen of Razzak
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19 (29? She died - time has passed, technically.)
Gender: Female
Race: Half Human/Half Razzak
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 116 lbs
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

The Personality

Emotionally driven, Rebecca has always found herself quick to use her heart over her mind when it comes to her judgement of other's. She is quick to anger, and quicker to cut you off to spite herself than deal with animosity. Her attention for detail goes unmatched, and her aptitude to overcome obstacles is inimitable. In her youth she was rash and blind to her quick temper. Now she is able to use her emotions and channel them thoroughly through her abilities and words. She's cunning, and knows how to keep you on your toes. She is a girl that had a lot of pent up angst, and it was depleted just before her life was taken from her by the hand's of her own brother, John, better known as Doctor Necrodium. She usually smiles through her fear, and faces danger head on. It's in her blood to do so. Her natural born ability to lead has given her a subsequent lead in life, knowing how to take control of hostile situations if given the chance to diffuse it. In her youth, she would have found herself inexperienced. She's still not your best at diffusing the bomb, but she's willing to give it a go.

The Story

Rebecca, or better known as Becca or Paine, was a teenager who came from a dark and mysterious past.

Born to mother Raine and world renown hero, Brock O'Day, better known as Pain, Rebecca was born into greatness.

Her birthplace was planet ---, home to alien race Razzak. They harness their powers via an ancient matriarcal blood line passed down to their children. Raine, being the Queen of ---, had prior obligations, and prodigious concerns when she fell for the wrong man. Being one of traditions, Raine knew to follow her heart, and would not settle for any man that wasn't Brock O'Day. She had went so far as to flee her planet --- and abandon her position of power as the ruling Queen in order to seek out her relationship with Brock.

One thing led to another, and before Raine knew Rebecca had been conceived, she had finally made the hard decision to return to --- and take back her position as ruling Queen. It was only the noble thing to do. And, of course Raine wouldn't bother to tell Brock about this debaucle. She chose to keep it to herself, and keep Rebecca in the dark about who her father really was, and only gave her half truths, painting almost no picture at all. He was always too busy taking care of his entire planet to care about his daughter.

This led Rebecca to believe that the man she had made up in her mind disliked her, and wanted nothing to do with her. She was sure of it, and thus, the seed of anger began to blossom. She was three when it first planet itself into her heart, realizing that her father would never join them for any parties or celebrations or ceremonies. It would always be mother, herself, and looming Vairen. Because of Raine's commitment to Brock, even in their separation, she had created a wall of tension between herself and her right hand man to the throne, Vairen. This man had pined over the Queen since they were teenagers.

Because of this, and many other factors, Rebecca grew up with pent up animosity toward her mother as well. She knew that she would just be happier if she went back to Earth, but she also knew that --- needed her guidance and wisdom. Rebecca also knew that it would eventually fall on her shoulders to take care of --- and the future of their race, the Razzak's. Without their homeworld, they were also powerless. The Razzak people drew their ice powers from the planet itself, drawing energy and storing it inside their core. The inhabitants of the planet normally do not have to store power. They actually only take what they need to use, as energy is never created nor destroyed, it only changes forms. The planet --- was alive, and it shared it's powers with the Razzak race, the two going hand in hand as if they were created at the same time.

With her pent up emotions, she made a break for escape from --- at sixteen years of age. She had been trained for battle, and was being groomed for the crown. Vairen had made sure of that as well, even though she knew he hated her in some way or fashion. He was always short with her. All of the prepping for the crown made Rebecca more defiant. She cut off her hair. She would show up with new holes in her ears, nose, and lips. She started getting tattoos. Some of them were meaningless. Finally, she made the ultimate move. Stealing a ship, Rebecca made her way to Earth in search of her father, her initial goal being to kill him and make him regret ever ignoring her in the first place. As extreme as that feeling was, she soon found out that it was misguided.

Her initial arrival had her on countless adventures. Fight clubs where she met one of her life long friends, Sean Collin. She even robbed a bank with a villain named Chaos once. As terrible as it was, she only did it for the thrill of it all. It was to draw attention from dear old dad. Once she had found out that he was Pain, it was over. She was even more desperate for dad's attention. She made it her goal to piss him off and have him come chasing her down.

They ended up in a brawl in the street, her ego hurt more than her body. She remembered vaguely making it out alive. After time apart, and realizing that her father wasn't a total crapchute, she gave him a chance. With that she had even started to come out of her rebellious phase. She took out some of her piercings, and covered up most of her tattoos with different clothing choices. She started to let her hair grow out, and stopped dying it. As she aged and matured, she met another hero known as The Ranger, but she knew him as Rey Miller. Rey knew how to make her laugh, how to make her smile, and most importantly, how to love. The world stopped when he was around, and she felt calm when she was with him.

But of course the world never runs on love alone. Destruction and chaos always rises to the occasion. Doctor Necrodium's nefarius plans had impeded on more than just Rebecca's life. She had met with the man in secret, and he had fed her what she felt were lies, but turned out to be the truth. The monster was her brother, John Vanko. He was much older than she was, and despite his genius, his mind was twisted and he chose to destroy lives of many to save few, all for selfish reasons.

Paine had shown up on Staten Island, prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. She was met with what she felt was an honorable match. But her brother had other plans. His Tachyon Blade, designed to cut the flesh of the toughest meta humans, would impale Paine from the back, taking her life away.

Her father, Brock, apprehended John and hit him with a life shattering blow. It all but killed the monster, Necrodium somehow holding onto life to say just a few more things. Rebecca lay on the ground for a few moments before she felt her father lift her gently. She gave him a soft smile and they shared a few sweet words before she passed on to life after death.

Until now.

Her mother Raine returned to Earth in secret and exhumed Rebecca's body without permission of her peers, but returned her gravesite to a respectful status before leaving of course. Once back on ---, Raine began a ritual that would trade her own life to bring back her daughter. Because, you see, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed.

Rebecca still had unfinished business to do, and Raine's loss of her daughter weighed too heavily on her conscience to go on living without at least trying to bring her back.

Now Rebecca finds herself back where she had left off at sixteen, but this time, she's not trying to run. She's going to do what's right, and try to save her homeworld, and then go back to Earth to clean up any messes she left behind.

The Powers

Super Strength - Alike to her father, her strength is hard to scale. She has learned how to control it more over her first few years on Earth, but she has yet to undergo proper strength training to maximize her potential. She can punch hard, lift excessive amounts of weight, and does it without breaking a sweat.

Super Durability - Rebecca's skin is as tough as her ice. Her skin is nigh impenetrable, almost any weapon's ammunition bouncing off of her flesh. The only known weapons that can harm Rebecca are the Tachyon Blade, and any replica.

Ice Manipulation - The ability to create and control ice, she can also create actual creatures of ice that can come to life and fight for her*(see minions). The ice is very thick and very tough, very few can break it, it is also extremely heat resistant, the only heat that can burn it is a super powered being with otherworldly fire abilities.

Ice Meld - She can literally meld into her own ice creations and become one with it. For instance, she could theoretically create an ice dome, trapping someone inside, and then meld into the ice. As she is inside of the ice, she could theoretically use ice projectiles to harm her ice prisoner. She could also meld with her ice minion.

The Weaknesses

Boutta just spend XP on this shit, forreaaaal

The Items

Crystal Ice Hilt: This item allows Paine to create any weapon or item conceivable, attached to the hilt that she holds. This hilt is created from the crystals found in deep caves on her homeworld. It exudes a cold chill, and seems to have a constant frost decorating the surface. Only one item can be active at a time. It takes approximately three posts to make a change - one to prep the change, one to make the change happen, and one to finalize the change.

Long Curved Ice Blade - A more common choice that Rebecca has. The blade is extremely tough, light as a feather and easy to swing. Rebecca is not the most skilled swordsman ever, but she can wield this blade fairly well.

Ice Whip - A long and never ending extending whip made completely of ice, excluding the hilt of course. With her powers she creates a whip of ice from the hilt, it's length is chosen by her, she may extend it as far as her powers allow her.

Ice Gun - This is her newest creation using the crystal hilt. This weapon fires actual ice bullets, their velocity and needle like tips shredding through kevlar level defenses with ease.

Ice Armor - Placing the hilt against the chest of the wearer engages the ability to create a set of ice armor including cowl and pauldrons. The full suit encompasses the wearer, protecting them from harm. The armor is as strong as Paine's powers. If Paine pulls the hilt from the chestpiece, the armor turnst to snow and falls off of the wearer.

The Minions

Ice Friends: Paine has the ability to use her ice manipulation to create any creature she has seen in person. This even includes herself. These minions are only as strong as Paine, and in that regard, is a force to be reckoned with. They only exist for as long as Paine is in range of the creature she has made. The range is limited to ten feet, seeing as the creature usually mimicks Paine's actions, and will typically go after the target nearest Paine. The size of these creatures can range from common gnat, to elephant.

The Fluff

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