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Blank Slate

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Blank Slate Empty Blank Slate

Post by jimjim221 October 15th 2022, 12:08 am

Blank Slate

"Well, this is interesting..."

The Bio

Real Name: Jonathan Rodriguez; changes name/alias frequently based on the region he is in when questioned.
Villain Name: Blank Slate, Nobody, Rando with a trap-fetish
Title Blank Slate, but usually goes by a random alias.
Alignment:  Lawful Evil
Age:  25 years old
Gender:  Male
Race: Human (Hispanic)
Hair: Black, usually curly
Eyes: Brown
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  125 lbs.
Blood type:  B +

The Looks

He wears anything to fit into a crowd.

The Personality

Having obtained a way to learn things he only dreamed of doing, he has become intensely curious and analytical. He enjoys having fun whenever he can and loves to make jokes. He is also incredibly sadistic as a result of the constant verbal abuse he experienced as a child. He loves to be praised but plays it off with false humility. Slighting him comes at a cost, one that may come much later.

While using a different persona, he can behave completely differently- and depending on his expertise, he can be skilled at hiding his true self.

The Story

He’s a guy raised in the US for the majority of his life- he was brought in at 5 years as an illegal immigrant from an (undisclosed) South American country, who slowly gained US citizenship later in his adult years. Having lived through the struggles, mistreatment, and discrimination that came from living as an immigrant with a handful of (undisclosed) learning disabilities, he became disillusioned with the structure of the society in which he lived and its education system.

He dropped out of his community college, then was kicked out of his family’s home for not being productive enough. A loner with little self-worth, he decided he would die at the hands of some random villain, so he headed to New York to throw himself between a superhuman battle. Long story short, he gets electrocuted - but instead of dying, his brain cells reverted to a neural-stem-cell state, left completely malleable and connected together in a way that made him much smarter than should be human… He’s made a conclusion that apparently some metahumans rely on a trigger for their powers to activate.

Having realized he has an opportunity to live life on a blank slate, he’s determined to be the change he wishes to see in the world, regardless of the obstacles in his path or who gets hurt.
His first plan of action? Gather information.
The Powers

Superhuman intelligence. It is currently categorized into three different aspects: 'Perfect Recall', 'Processing Speed', and 'Adaptable Expertise'.

Perfect Recall
- He can remember anything he has experienced after the moment he initially gained his powers.
- This does not extend to retaining expertise in a given field using his 'Adaptable Expertise' ability

Processing speed
- Capable of reading, observing, thinking, and listening at blinding speeds.
- Side effects include him being acutely aware of the flickering lights from most typical alternating current appliances and light sources, having difficulty maintaining a conversation with people who speak at a normal or slower pace, and still being forced to move in real-time.

Weakness: a mild concussion is enough to shut down this aspect of his power. Is able to watch an arrow move through the air in slow motion but unable to react to a bullet's movement.

Adaptable Expert
- capable of obtaining expert-level proficiency with superhuman precision in any given field, skill, or equipment that a non-superhuman (or just a superintelligent individual) is capable of obtaining.

Weakness: Can only have 10 expert skills at a time- if he were to learn a new expertise when he already has 10, he must drop 1 proficiency and retrain it again later if he wishes to swap it back later. Skills he has already learned before do not need additional requirements aside from time (which is half as much as usual) and physical ability. If he were to attempt to learn something unrelated to anything he's ever learned before, it takes twice as long to learn. This ability also does not affect regular knowledge obtained through normal training or study.

- Limitation: The time needed to obtain expert proficiency depends on the type of knowledge and requires specific rules regarding interaction and information accessibility

Weakness: a concussion will cause him to lose a proficiency at random. He does not know which one.

  • Firearm/weapon/tool
    - At least 2 minutes handling said item and must see it used at least once. Improvised usage may occur when it can be used in non-traditional ways. (Ie a rifle used as a bludgeoning weapon)

  • Martial Arts
    - At least an hour, must see at least half of the moves available to the specific discipline, he must be capable of movement during study and must physically practice said moves at least once so it can develop as muscle memory. Cannot do any moves he is physically incapable of doing ( such as things that require strength or flexibility that he does not possess).

  • Vehicle/advanced tools
    - At least 5 minutes with an instruction manual, 30 minutes without. Vehicles that are similar in design are lumped together (cars for example).

  • Language
    - At least an hour, and it must be a language a human is capable of using. Languages of power take as long to learn as it would a regular person with a bare minimum affinity to magic (magic will be added as an advancement if he gains any). Only capable of using words that have been used in a sentence at least once or that are associated with another language he already knows. Grammar, dialect, and accent depend on the source material. Languages very similar to each other are lumped together (like creole and french).

  • Field of study
    - At least an hour, and must have exposure to all the information required to understand said material. Specializations (such as physics - quantum) require an additional hour.

  • Miscellaneous skills
    - require at least an hour, but usually do not require much much information aside from what can be considered reasonably possible.

The Items

Kusari Fundo. A long chain with weights at the end - like longer-chained nunchucks but compact and made of steel. Is known to break bones. is easily hidden in sleeves.

9 mm handgun. Because he's a basic bitch.

Telescoping bo-staff (2 feet to 4 feet, to 15 feet). When extended fully, resembles a long beam of bamboo with its behavior (very flexible, capable of storing a lot of elastic potential energy, but would be impractical to use in direct combat). It is also flammable.

Prototype grappling Hook. Shoots a line (at most 20 feet) of thin, almost transparent string of amino-acid-based webbing (in a pressurized container) with a tensile strength of 1 ton (can still be cut with a sharp knife). A second button reels back in the webbing (using a spring-loaded mechanism). Can only be shot once, then reeled in once, per encounter. Instead of a grappling hook, it uses a cloth-like material that unwraps on impact and attaches to the closest surface using strong van-der-wall forces (like GeckSkin™).

Prototype Multitool. A 2'x5" mechanical toolbox that doubles as a machete sheath, a large bolt cutter, a pipe wrench, and a crowbar. Contains 2 power screwdrivers with adaptable heads (including an adaptable one for nuts), 3 different pliers, a small monkey wrench, 2 scalpels (5 attachable blades), 5 different types of needles, and two spools of wire (biodegradable spider silk and copper-lined titanium wire). Is only as strong (and as vulnerable to temperatures) as steel.

The Minions

None yet.

The Fluff

Would have a handlebar mustache if he could grow one (he can't).
Loves the smell of Vanilla.
Loves chai tea.
Listens mainly to pop and rock.
Is so embarrassed about his middle name that he hacked into every database that contains his information so that it no longer exists.

The RP Sample

An intake of breath, a soft consistent whooshing sound of cars driving through the pavement, the almost blinding blue sky or the busy pitter-patter of people walking past the water fount- hell even the water fountain are things that some people have stopped paying attention to in this plaza. Granted, these are things that these people are aware of, they just choose to ignore it. They choose to ignore the man sitting on the fountain with a cardboard sign asking for food, they choose to ignore the 'no walking on grass' sign, or the trash can. People forget whatever they find is an inconvenience. Not John though. Not anymore, even if he wanted to.

He's not here to give a lecture anyway; not that anybody would listen, not right away. Instead, he's here for the man asking for food. The man with a realistic, but completely fake limp that he noticed in the corner in his eye an hour ago. John keeps himself busy with window shopping, and watching said man. Not directly of course, always looking at the reflections found in windows, small surfaces, even other people's eyes. It was a skill he swapped with mask-making about 3 hours ago so that he could start tailing some spys.

Acute indirect observation
Chemistry (explosive)
Fashion Design
Criminal Behavior
Espionage (encryption)
Emergency medicine

10 skills... hopefully they'll be enough to do what needs to be done. The unkempt man limps away, and no one follows him. No one needs to, of course John's seen his movement before to know the fountain was a drop off for something. John heads to a coffee shop when he notices a girl heading to the same place. He pretends to drop his keys when pulling out his wallet, and she hurriedly picks it up.

She taps him on the shoulder.
"Hey, uh. You dropped your keys? Good thing I picked it up, who knows who could have stolen it..."

"Ah thanks! My boss always told me that if my stuff was a rattlesnake it would have bit me. I suck at noticing things." He smiles awkwardly. "What's your name?"

She smiles. "I'm Stephanie, how about you?"

"I'm Alex. Nice to meet you. Say, there is one fun little thing that I always notice that no one stops to look at here when the sun's at its peak. Wanna see?" John beckons her to come to the fountain.

"Alright, shoot. It's pretty much noon anyway."

He sit near the base, hair becoming slightly damp as the mist envelops him and looks straight up. She joins in and both are witness to a full double rainbow ring.

"Occasionally, water droplets are the right shape and size to refract light twice into two sets of rainbows- one of them is actually inverted. I noticed this the first time I came here."


"I know- stunning, just like you."

She scoffs. "You barely know me, knock it off."

"Fine, whatever... maybe I can know you better though if we have coffee later? Say you, to the same coffee place at 5:00? I'll pay."

She presses a finger to her lips. "I'll think about it." And gets up. "Give me your number? I'll text you if I make up my mind."

"Sure sure." He writes it on a note and passes it to her. "See ya later!"

"I said it's a maybe!"

The conversation attracts some nearby kids, which, curious as always, move over to witness the rainbow spectacle. Over a short period of time, with the parents and their interactions with the crowd, the concentration of people shift toward the fountain. Having both left due to the sudden surge of screaming chaotic gremlins known as children, John walks out of the plaza, having done what he needed to do.

In the process of looking at the fountain, he grabbed the thumb drive left underneath it with his leg. Then, he left an explosive that looks like a note with gum stuck to it. It should explode the moment it gets tampered with- which should be enough to cover his tracks and kill the guy who was originally meant to receive this. By drawing a large crowd to the fountain, he's managed to create a very long list of suspects.

As for him, well... once he goes to a restroom John takes off his mask and wig and puts both in his pockets. He doesn't exist here. Of course, there's no doubt that whatever files are here are encrypted, but hey, that just so happens to be his expertise.

Time to blackmail the mafia.

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Blank Slate Empty Re: Blank Slate

Post by FantasyBound October 15th 2022, 9:21 pm

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