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Vox Empty Vox

Post by Nate6595 October 2nd 2022, 2:48 am


"The dose makes the poison."

The Bio

Real Name: ???
Villain Name: Vox
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: ???
Gender: Presumed Male
Race: ???
Hair: ???
Eyes: ???
Height: About 6'5
Weight: Roughly 145lbs
Blood type: ???

The Looks

Vox is a tall, looming figure. The have long arms and legs, wide…broad shoulders. Almost all features of this…person, are indiscernible.

They wear a dark green heavy coat which obscures their upper features, a white collared shirt, and heavy, brown, padded gloves. Their pants are a bit thinner, well fit to their form, and paired with a heavy set of boots. They wear what looks like some sort of makeshift gas mask, its visor has been obscured, it modifies their voice…making them sound almost robotic. They also have been noted to wear a green tie along with their attire. Due to their attire, nothing has been gleamed from how they look beneath all their clothes.

The Personality

All accounts of dealing with Vox have come up in similar ways. They’re insane, they rambled about the beauty of sound and how their medicine would help them. They had an interest in classical music and seemed well educated, knowing much of classical history and of science and medicine. There is a sort of twisted eagerness or excitement when they goes about his practice, and then a detached apathy when it is all said and done.

With what little has been gathered from reports and findings, some can assume a few things about Vox. They had formal teaching, given their knowledge of medicine…or perhaps chemistry(?) and psychology. Many have theorized that perhaps Vox has worked as a doctor or therapist, while others entertain the idea that they was a teacher or something related to his knowledge of classic music and his way of showing a strange sort of empathy towards an occasional victim.

The Story

Day 21
“Testing has begun today. All recordings will be done after prominent testing, findings, or events occur.”
“My sweet patients D-6 through D-13 have shown adverse effects to third variation of unnamed serum, suffering from immediate, and temporary deafness. My other twelve, darling patients have all been showing positive, yet mild, results.”
“Disappointment. The third variation is showing varied effects…and the positive effects are too…inconsistent and minute. An increase in the potency may cause more intense effects, though it risks more variation in the effect. Potential side effects…permanent, deafness, nausea, seizures, migraines, and…death? No, not death. Not yet.”

Day 46
“Ah, I have increased potency…as a test. Results were interesting! Ah ha. Interesting…”
“This darling batch, F-1 through F-17 all have experienced permanent deafness, though it was a difficult (difficult for them) process to get them there. The fifth strain of the serum caused their auditory senses to be overwhelmed, causing intense distress and a loss of balance. After the first thirty minutes of this, however, they lost all ability to hear. Pain persisted for a few days.”
Click. Click. Click.
“The increase of potency did not give more varied results as I assume, yet the side effects are unfortunate. It should be noted that there were variations in cases F-18 through F-29. Most notable were cases 21, 27, and 29, who all seemed to be naturally resistant to serum. While cases F-18 through F-29, with the exceptions of 21, 27, and 29, all only had a few seconds of auditory overload, their deafness set in much quicker. 21, 27, and 29 must be separated and studied further to see if their immunity is something that can be overcome.”

Day 122
“New strains are being processed. Tested last of the finished strains. Modified variation 14, it is proving…not as potent as other variations, however…the modified variation 14 has shown to have effected those with immunities, cases F-21, 27, 29, G-18, 20, and I-4 and 12. Modified 14 may be the base I’ve been searching for.”
“With this new base we will begin moving onto Meta trials.”

Day 150
“No progress. Have I hit a wall? Ha…ah, ha…”
“One of my dear patients was a “Meta”. Could conjure a small flame at their fingertips like a lighter. Despite such a…blip of a power, all strains were ineffective. Do Metas have some resistance I was unaware of? Built different?”
“Took samples from him.”

Day 246
“Modified 14, 27, and 31, all are proving to be effective, though still inconsistent. Modified 14 still only effects non-metas, though its variety in potency…ranging from mild to intense is close to what I need. Still causing deafness in a fourth of cases. Too much. Deafness is not useful…intense exposure has caused seizures. Death in three of my darling patients, one of which was self-inflicted. Ah…ha…ha. Shame. Pitiful, but shame. Perhaps if I could change the…”
“Modified 27 has shown promising results against my lovely Meta patients, yet only in Meta patients. So far there is a lack in variation of effects, all of which are too mild to be effective. Discomfort, but no loss of motor functions. Prolonged exposure is painful, but only useful in a few situations. Will add modifier to it, a strain from 15 to see if I can add variation.”
Click. Click.
“Modified 31 has intense effects on both Meta and mundane patients. Intense pain noted. Loss of motor functions and weakened constitution. Too effective though, too quick to an intense level, dosage size did not matter in application. Toning down potency causes imbalance and the whole thing falls apart…close with this one. Close.”

Day 300
“Had to put down a few of my dear patients today. A few Metas managed to organize a riot, nearly lost it all. The hired help did well and will be awarded properly. New restraints and systems shall be put into place to keep my lovely patients in place. Will need batches to replace the loss.”
Click. Click. Click. Click.
“Ha, ah...hah. Got to use a few serums in a field test. Modified 31 effective, too effective. Modified 14 turned out well, managed to effect Meta, barely, but effect was there. 27 was used to pacify those not attempting breakout. Was effective on a Pavlovian level.”
“Those who attempted breakout have been affixed in the lab, confined with the hooks we had originally used. Jaggedness made it hard to properly attach them. This was beneficial for the message that others needed to receive.”

Day 401
“Was nearly discovered. Someone investigating the lost people. A hero who caught onto the inconsistencies. Saw the patterns in the disappearances. They found the first testing site. Lost serums and strains lost the Modified 14. I would have to risk going back to recover my notes. Pointless? Maybe.”
“Got a new darling patient to test on out of it. Not all bad.”  

Day 432
“Managed to retrieve notes on Modified 14. Time away from it allowed me to think…modified further. Now it, along with 31 and 42 are showing more concrete results. Variations are acceptable, can modify level of intensity. They all just need to be more…stable. More precise.”
“Field testing shall begin soon. I will send in a few of the new hires to try it.”

Day 512
“I’ve done it.”

The Powers

Vox is human and has no special powers.

The Weaknesses

Vox, as a human, can be put down as easily as any other human.

The Items

All Serums are Permission Based

Serum 14: Unnamed Serum 14, when injected, causes the afflicted’s perceived sense of hearing to be heightened.

-In minute doses one’s hearing is increased to levels in which hearing a normal speaking voice would be enough to make one cringe or wince, a scream would be like a hard punch.

-Moderate, or average, dosages increase one’s hearing to the point where a normal speaking voice is enough to cause pain and discomfort (the pain has been described as a similar sensation to a mundane person being stabbed).

- In high dosages one’s hearing is increased to the levels in which a normal speaking voice is like getting a bone fractured.

Weaknesses of Serum 14 include:

-Vox only is able to carry enough Serum 14 that they can only use either 15 minute doses, 10 moderate dosages, or 5 major dosages.

-Serum 14 can only be injected with a high destiny needle, made to penetrate Metas of a mid-tier strength, those with enhanced durability (common issue in hospitals designed to treat Metas).

-Serum 14 wears off after about an hour. Multiple dosages don’t increase the level of hearing one has, but multiple dosages will increase the longevity of the effects (Max is 12 hours).

-Like all the serums, it is perceived sound, and it will not actually cause any damage to the target, only the sensations of pain, the serums do not have the ability to kill except in cases of seizures or self-inflicted harm. They can cause afflicted targets to pass out from the pain.

Serum 31: Unnamed Serum 31, when inhaled, like the previous serum, causes the afflicted’s perceived sense of hearing to be heightened.

-Minor appear to hold the same effects as Serum 14, it is in higher dosages differences appear.

-Medium dosages of Serum 31 are more potent, the sound of a normal speaking voice is like being stabbed, and additional cause problems with one’s equilibrium, balance becoming shaky, causing the afflicted to stagger.

-High dosages, like serum 14, cause a normal speaking voice to feel like being shot with shotgun, and at this level balance is extremely difficult to maintain, often forcing one to crawl or go down to their knees.

Weaknesses of Serum 31 include:

-Serum 31 only comes in gas form and Vox can only carry one small canister of it at a time. The canister has enough space for 12 uses of minor dosages, 6 uses of medium dosages, and 3 uses of a high dosage.

-Serum 31 is expelled from the Nebulizer which only has a range of ten feet, give or take (depending on wind/air current). Further, it must be inhaled through mouth, nose, or it can be applied to an open wound. Applying to open wound has lessened effects, only lasting for a few minutes.

-Serum 31, like 14, only lasts about an hour, though taking more than one dose increases that time (max of 12 hours).

-Like all the serums, it is perceived sound, and it will not actually cause any damage to the target, only the sensations of pain, the serums do not have the ability to kill except in cases of seizures or self-inflicted harm. They can cause afflicted targets to pass out from the pain.

Serum 42: Unnamed Serum 42 is the most potent of Vox’s serums. It was specially crafted for Metas who have a high tolerance and resistances, or even immunities, to poisons (this is just an RP mechanic, still very much permission based, but gives higher tiered/resistant characters a reason to be effected if they want to be). Serum 42 is a liquid when its syringe though can be converted to a gas via the Nebulizer, allowing it be applied either way.

Serum 42 increases the afflicted’s sense of hearing exceptionally. One’s own heart becomes like a literal beat of a drum, a normal speaking voice feels like getting a bone fractured, and at this level only those with high pain tolerance can maintain any semblance of footing.

Weaknesses of Serum 42 include:

-Serum 42 is hard and expensive to craft, so Vox only has enough for three dosages of it, either in spray or in syringe.

-Serum 42 only lasts about fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the constitution of the target. More dosages of this doubles this time.

-Like all the serums, it is perceived sound, and it will not actually cause any damage to the target, only the sensations of pain, the serums do not have the ability to kill except in cases of seizures or self-inflicted harm. They can cause afflicted targets to pass out from the pain.

Injector: A small, pistol-like weapon that Vox always keeps on their person. They seem to at least carry three just in case any are damaged or knocked from their hand and are hidden across their body. The injectors have a range of about 150 feet. In addition to the limited range, only one syringe can be loaded at a time, so after a shot the holder will have to reload.

Nebulizer: A device worn on Vox’s left wrist like a bracer. The nebulizer sprays out the toxins from its chamber in a gas form, traveling about ten or so feet, depending on the wind current. The nebulizer can spray a few clouds per canister or syringe before needing to be changed out.

Serum Canister: A gas grenade containing medium dosages of Serum 32. The cloud will spread out in about fifteen feet before dispersing with the breeze! These are hard to carry/a bit clunky and Vox can only carry about four of these at a time.

Respirator: Vox’s gas mask which has been greatly modified for their own purposes. The respirator provides air to Vox via canisters attached at its side. Despite their small size, small enough to fit three in the palm of your hand, each canister can provide air for six hours and Vox usually carries at least twelve on their person at each time. These canisters however can be damaged, either causing Vox to replace them quickly or lift the mask so they can breathe.

-Further, this mask also has an internal display which displays sounds it picks up at the bottom of the screen of the mask, acting almost subtitles for Vox to read (example, if someone was walking by it would display [footsteps from twelve o’clock]). This acts as radar, altering Vox to danger it picks up. It has a range of about sixty feet and can pick up sounds as quiet as a pin dropping when the settings are maxed out. Too much noise can confuse the system and make it hard for Vox to keep track of where everything is.  

Echo Emitter: A device worn Vox’s right wrist like a bracer. This device has a small display screen and a speaker protruding from its side. Vox uses this to play music (usually classical) at a click of a button. The speakers are as loud as speakers one would use a rock concert. While this tool works well paired with the Serums it also gives Vox’s location away and, while made of a sturdy material, an explosion from a grenade could damage it.

Surgeon Kit: A small case that Vox usually carries around with them. Within are tools and medicines meant for surgery. Saws, needles, calipers, medicines to numb or knock out patients, and many other tools needed to perform quick but effective surgery.

Cane: Vox often uses a hard, metal cane, not stronger than steel, but still plenty durable and can pack a hard hit if needed. Vox doesn’t need the cane to move around, but still uses it regardless.

The Minions

Vox has recruited an array of “well-adjusted” people to help them in their cause. They all seem to carry a similar sense of disdain for heroes, the bodies of government, and support ideas of anarchy and chaos. Violent punks who have a need or thirst for destruction, which was only fueled by Vox’s guidance. They are loyal to Vox and their cause, though a few join solely for street cred and could easily be dissuaded or “convinced” to give information. A few of the tougher members are more akin to Mercs, looking for some sort of monetary gain or have other goals that align with Vox’s.

Most of Vox’s goons are equipped with run of the mill weapons, though nothing beyond what humans could normally get. They carry a wide arsenal ranging from simple street weapons like bats, clubs, and knives, to assault weaponry like machine guns or grenades. A few have managed to get their hands on Serum canisters or injectors loaded with minute dosages of Serum 14 (Serum and injector carry same weaknesses as those listed above). Only a small handful actually carry this and tend to not be able to utilize them to their fullest potential or can easily get caught in the cloud of the canisters.

Vox’s minions are usually dressed in a similar way to them. They are dressed in overcoats or lab coats which bare the insignia of a caduceus in a purple cloud. They, like Vox, tend to wear…or at least have on their person, a gas mask which is mainly used to prevent breathing in the gas or just to hide their faces. Some carry light armor, like bullet-proof vests, but that isn’t something that is regularly supplied.  

The Fluff

Vox’s real identity is yet to be discovered. Their gender, age, or place of origin is a mystery. Some say Vox is many people, all disguising themselves as the same person, taking on one identity.

Few actually know Vox’s true goals or motives behind their actions…

Vox has a fond love of classical music and will often push for discussions on it.

Despite all the violent tendencies, in some rare cases or rumors, Vox actually has offered a sort of counseling to those in distress. They seem to play the part of a therapist pretty well.

Vox does have an antidote to all the serums and keeps them handy in their lair or temporary lair.


Vox’s main lair in an asylum in an old, abandoned company town in the upper, mountain region of Maine (this is not known yet). While Vox and his crew travel a lot, this is where the serums are primarily made and tested. The asylum is well-fortified with a secure wall and fencing, a relatively advanced security system with a PA system, cameras and alarms, as well as a large tower that oversees the grounds, and a stocked and armed security room. There is also a collection of secure cells, holding chambers, and medical rooms where people can be kept or taken care of.

Additionally, there are rooms for Vox’s minions to stay in, gardens, a cafeteria, leisure rooms, and other, almost homely, additions. Vox does have rumors and technicians who help keep the grounds stocked and maintained. In cases of emergency, there are a few escape tunnels that lead out to different parts of the surrounding town and mountains.

Vox has personally set up a few traps around the facilities, ensuring further protection from prying eyes. Traps can include pitfalls around the outer edge of the grounds, pressure plates which fire out needles with low dosages of Serum 14 and has had all the cells and captives’ rooms rigged with traps. Should the captives’ traps be activated it will vent medium dosages Serum 32 into their cells and set off an alarm that informs Vox’s minions to start putting them down. This can be activated from Vox’s room, from Vox’s study/lab, or from the main security office as well.

While in their Lair, Vox has more serums at the ready and can prepare them much faster, their supply doubles, so long as they are in reach of them.

In terms of weaknesses:
-There is a center, wide open courtyard that would be easy for an airdrop to occur, having little ways to defend against that.
-The escape tunnels, while monitored, can also be used as entry points to the asylum.
-The asylum, in case of a blackout, does have a backup system, but should that be disabled the pressure point traps and the traps in the captives’ cell will be deactivated, along with the rest of the security system.
-The asylum’s main power source comes from a nearby, small dam, only recently made operation again by Vox’s minion. Should it be disabled, backup power will only last about three to five days depending on rationing.
-While having more supply is good, this also means they are left out and about the lab, which offers ample chances to destroy them before usage as well as crippling Vox’s main means of production. Further, the extra serums will still have to be loaded into the Injector or Nebulizer.

Temporary Lair

Vox, in their travels, can easily set up a temporary lair. This lair is usually in a small abandoned warehouse or in an old apartment building. Usually much fewer traps will be set up, maybe a pressure plate or two, and a captive or two that can be held hostage. They are rarely set up with a security system and instead are patrolled by Vox’s minions, doing their best to keep a stern watch.

Vox usually does have a small lab to refresh their stock of Serums, but rarely do they have any at hand and cannot use them to add any extra to their supply.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Vox Empty Re: Vox

Post by FantasyBound October 2nd 2022, 2:52 am

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