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Ghostface Empty Ghostface

Post by XavierSullivan23 August 17th 2022, 8:20 pm

Kendall Johnson

"If your evil that's bad karma, But if your good that's good karma."

The Bio

Real Name: Kendall Johnson
Hero Name:Ghostface
Title:The Masked Man
Hair:Blonde Short hair, With Spikes.
Blood type:AB Negative

The Looks
Got tattoo's on my neck and on my Stomach. Wears a cap backwards, and wears a chain. Got sweatpants on and a jacket with my hoodie on always.
When he fights crime he wears a ninja like suit and a mask.

The Personality
Good, Charming, Helpful, Good Looks, Caring, Likes to listen to music, likes to feed the homeless and loves to eat food.

The Story
Kendall grow up in Miami, Florida.
His mother and father divorced at just 5 years old and his dad got custody of him. It was not good when Kendall stayed with his dad. His dad uses to beat him and abuse him and where they lived at they were poor. At age 10, Kendall ran away from home and hid in the woods. He soon found out both his family members had died and he was the only child.

So now Kendall had nobody. Time goes on and he was now 18, and he was a Astronaut. One day he was scheduled to go to the moon and it was late at night. "5,4,3,2,1. Blastoff and we have liftoff." The Shuttle goes out into space and something went wrong in the shuttle. "Boom." The shuttle exploded and Kendall strange to find out was alive and he felt different. He figured out he had powers. He was stranded in space and figured out he can fly. He flew back to earth and flew to the dessert and he stayed in a cave for months, training and discovering new powers.

The Powers
Flight:Can fly super fast and can hover.  Can Shoot lighting from hands. Telekinesis. Charge with electricity to get stronger.

The Weaknesses
Has to sleep in a bed that charges him up, like a phone. Gets weak in the water. Can't be around animals. If he gets shot with a gun he goes into to a coma for 15 seconds.

The Items
Ghostface carries a knife in his pocket. In His back pocket he keeps a Glock 17.

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample
Kendall walks into the gas station and he gets a burger, fries and a drink. He sits down and he eats, talks to the people around him. Then, a masked person comes into the store and pulls his gun out and demands money. "Were's the money man, I need the money." The robber says. Everybody that was in the store ran out frightened by the man, but Kendall stays and goes to the alley and changes to his suit.

He goes back into the store and he shoots lighting from his hands, it hits the robber and the robber falls to the floor and Ghostface grabs his gun and shoots the robber in the chest. Ghostface grabs the robber and with the robber in Ghostface's hand Ghostface flies to the police station and Ghostface hands the robber to the police and Ghostface flies off into the dessert and returns to his cave.

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