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Shuriken Empty Shuriken

Post by SicilianDragon July 4th 2022, 11:51 am


"Hey, sorry to cut this short but I have class tomorrow. I'll kick the rest of your asses tomorrow!"

The Bio

Real Name: Chie Jordan
Hero Name: Shuriken
Title: Hero-for-Hire, Longshot
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 134Ibs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

A short and stout woman, Chie has broad shoulders and an athletic build. Her hair is long, about to her shoulders, and jet black. Her skin is fair and her eyes are a dark blue.
Shuriken Chie

The Personality

Chie is a fairly kindhearted and earnest woman. She is more than happy to pitch in when she feels help is needed, and remains modest and dedicated in all her ventures. Chie can get competitive and never hesitates to push her limits. She's bold but not completely oblivious, though being young and new to the world of heroes, she often comes off as naive. Chie is over everything, young, and is prone to impatience and failure weights heavy on her.

Chie's enduring persistence and willpower are a permanent facet of her character. She is stubborn and nothing short of death can stop her from risking life and limb to achieve her goals. She is willing to put in the time and effort to do what she wants and is aware of her faults, always trying to improve from them. This hasn't stopped her from making mistakes, mind you, but she always gets back up and keeps trying.

The Story

Chie's mother was a member of a powerful Yakuza that controlled most of the Kyoto area. Kyoko was a deadly hitwoman who killed members of rival gangs or law enforcement to protect the crime organization she worked for. She spent her young adult years living in luxury but her morals finally caught up to her when she went to kill a journalist who had incriminating information about the gang. Kyoko caught the man late at night in his home, where she found his wife, children, and paralyzed brother. She left no witnesses but after that day she knew she couldn't kill again.

Kyoko received her last payment before promptly dropping off the face of the earth. She shed her old name and life, fleeing to America with a pseudonym to live amongst the swarms of people in New york. Here, she met a man who managed to help her finally feel at peace and they settled down. She had a boy, then three years later, she had Chie. Kyoko taught them how to fight from an early age, worried for two children in a big city, and worried about her old life catching up to her. Chie particularly took advantage of this training and Kyoko taught her everything she knew.

Chie spent most of her childhood in Toronto as a relatively normal girl. She was sporty and close with her family, a good student, and had plenty of friends. When her brother moved out, her father took a new job in New Jersey and the family moved. Chie resented her new home. Her mother, fearful of having a beautiful young girl living on the streets of New Jersey, Kyoko doubled down on Chie's training. Chie had a few encounters with local thugs and was surprised that her mother had taught her to capably handle them. Emboldened and angry at new living conditions, she took to the streets to save others who couldn't protect themselves as she could.

Over time Chie's vigilante work expanded beyond beating up muggers and thugs and she started actively fighting organized crime in the city. Wanting to give credit to her mother for her skills, she dawned on the throwing stars her mother once used to help in her pursuits of justice! Now, however, the gangs of New jersey were starting to arm themselves to handle her. Chie is slowly becoming overwhelmed and realizing she can't stop them alone.

The Powers

Peak human physicality: Training in martial arts since the moment she could stand, playing varsity sports, and working out with her brother has made Chie an incredibly strong woman. She isn't super human in any regard but she can take much more of a beating than your average person, can run miles in minutes flat, and can lift like a bodybuilder. Compared to any enhanced person, she is relatively mundane, but against the average goon and gangster, she far excels.

Martial arts mastery: Years of training, sparring, and real-life experience has turned Chie into a surprisingly dangerous teenager. She is capable of fighting hand to hand, with a variety of melee or throwing weapons, and has adopted a mixed style of Karate, kickboxing, wrestling, and street techniques she has learned over time. Chie's skills rival a professional fighter, because as a superhero; she is one!

Inhuman accuracy/sight: Chie, like her mother before her, has eyes like a hawk. She can see in the dark fairly well and can see farther than most people. This aids in her ability to hit things from far away accurately. With any gun, crossbow, or thrown item she can hit a 6-inch target from as far as 200 feet away. This isn't even adding the addition of scopes.
The Weaknesses

Youth: Being young doesn't immediately sound like a problem until you realize the places she can not go. She can not rent cars or hotel rooms. She cannot enter bars or other such establishments. The real weakness comes from her sheer lack of experience. Chie is an impressive fighter but she lacks to experience to properly gauge how to fight in certain scenarios, especially when dealing with superpowers.

Human: Chie has no powers or additional durability. He isn't even strong for a human, he's rather weak and someone with superpowers can easily pummel or kill him in a straightforward brawl. This doesn't mean they can't hold their own in a fight inherently, just that they are at a severe disadvantage when in a battle with super-powered foes.

Social life: Chie is a very popular girl at her high school. She also has plenty of activities she participates in, such as martial arts classes, searching for a college, and a part-time job at a gas station. This, coupled with family obligations and the fact she is keeping her hero's work a secret, Chie's biggest weakness is to attack the people she holds dear to her heart or simply tells them what she has been doing.

The Items

Extendable staff: Much like robin's own, a metallic staff that extends and collapses for convenience. It's not particularly sturdy, as it is hollow but it's hard enough to pack a wallop.

Throwing stars: Her namesake, weapons she got in a weapon store in New Jersey to replicate her mother's old weapon. Hers is more streamlined and generic, being 4-prong shurikens.

Smoke bombs: A tool for a quick escape. It hides the use from sight and smell by covering them in a large cloud of smoke that slowly diminishes.

The RP Sample

Chie took to the stairs like a wild animal, jumping from rail to rail rather than running the spiraling stairs. She did her best not to look down as she began to make a great time, but by floor thirty-five she couldn't help it. It nearly made her fall to see how high up she was. She had climbed buildings and clung to gutters and drainpipes, but this height was something new. She nearly lost her grip with how clammy her hands had become, but her other hand snapped around and latched to the rail in the nick of time. With her heart racing for more than one reason, she climbed over the rail and decided for now running would do the job.

A couple of flights of stairs and Chie was already starting to regret things. Her heart was pounding so loud she could hear each pulse in her veins. She let out a groan of frustration as she realized how sweaty she would be. Why did the corrupt tycoons always have such massive buildings? Now she'd look like a fool when she took him by surprise. Assume he didn't hear her rasping breaths. As her shaking legs moved up the next flight she started to wonder if she should have come back when the elevator was fixed. Lucky for her she had finally come to the end of her journey. Propping herself up against the door she let herself have a small reprieve to regain her strength. With somewhat restored confidence she kicked down the door and faced her foe head-on. No use trying to play coy now.

Chie's foot hit the door firmly and broke through the lock, sending the door swinging open and crashing into the wall. The guards inside seemed to have prepared themselves, no doubt they saw her on one of the various cameras in the building at this point. They had flipped the deck to make an impromptu cover. One of them raised an SMG in her direction from over the desk and fired blindly to preserve the sanctity of their wooden protection. Chie yelped as she rolled out of the way, nearly sliding back down the stairs in the process. Huffing and puffing she shouted out to them in protest of their cowardly display.
"Serious? You've got me outnumbered and outgunned and you're still going to drag this out?" She Chided in annoyance.

"She's still alive, do something, you idiots!" Came the growl from the crimelord. His deep and gravelly voice boomed out. Chie was just glad she had him cornered.

Silently Chie inched towards the doorway, slowly moving to receive one of her many throwing stars. Slowly she peeked out the now tattered doorway to get a glimpse at what she was up against. The man with an SMG was standing now, a short but gruff-looking with dark skin and a fancy suit and sunglasses. Huddled behind the desk were two others. One had a similar suit on, toting a revolver and a thick mustache above his thin lips. The other was a balding old man with a hefty frame: her target. She didn't get much time to look before the SMG fired again and she was forced to slide behind the wall. Chie didn't wait this time, she was too close to victory to hold off. Leaping to the other side of the door, she threw her shuriken towards her first foe. It found its mark in his hand, causing the man to drop his weapon. His shout of pain was a signal that she had a chance to press her advantage and Chie took it readily. Pouncing forward into the room with one great bound, she threw another barrage of shurikens into his chest. It was enough to send the man back and onto the ground, blood soaking into the tears in the luxurious fabric he wore.

Chie was about to access the other two adversaries when she noticed the other bodyguard was aiming a shot at her.
"Kill her! Kill her now!" The fat man bellowed out in fear. The bodyguard obliged and took the shot as Chie darted to the side. His shot hit her in the calve and tore her leg to shreds and she fell and a gasp. Luckily, her endorphins had long since kicked in and she grits her teeth through the pain. As the Body guard realigned his shot, Shuriken flung another shuriken at him, and the bullet and throwing star collided in the air, sending it flying. Chie was quicker on the draw next time, and a series of shurikens pelted the guard until he too fell beside his comrade. The fat criminal hid behind the desk, stunned in disbeleif as he watched the girl slowly get back to her feet.

"Hey! Look, listen we can talk about this" He pleaded suddenly as he began scooting towards the discarded revolver. A shuriken pinned his hand to the ground as he reached for it.
"D-do you want money? Land? Did I sell your sister? I'll get her back I swear!" He shouted now as tears began to well up on his face. The mysterious young girl just kept advancing towards him until finally, she stood over him with a furious expression. She reached forward and he coward, but to his amazement, she merely picked up his computer.
"Wh-what?" The criminal let out in astonishment.

"You'd better call an ambulance for your guards. You're lucky, I didn't aim for any vital organs. I don't kill, unlike you Ms. Leroy" She said as she turned her back on him and began limping out of the room.
"But don't think you're off the hook. I know you keep your accounts on this computer. I think the police will be interested in your little 'side business'" She said as she looked over at him. The criminal was now reaching for the smg. She threw another shuriken, this time it landed dangerously close to his head.
"Do something good for once in your life and stay put would you?"

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Shuriken Empty Re: Shuriken

Post by Zonkes July 6th 2022, 9:30 pm

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