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Natasatch the mad crackhead

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Natasatch the mad crackhead Empty Natasatch the mad crackhead

Post by Demonhunter April 22nd 2022, 6:17 pm


Natasatch The HuntMaster

"If ya’ slather yerself in peanut butter, the skin bugs can’t get ya"

The Bio

Real Name: Natasatch
Title:Hunt Master
Alignment:Chaotic… yeah just chaotic
Age: 29 (In Gnoll terms, this is OLD)
Hair:White fur with a few light grey spots.
Eyes:She only has one and it’s a light pink color
Height:7 ft 4 inches
Weight:300 pounds
Blood type:The red kind

The Looks

Natasatch very much looks like the typical gnoll, although she does have albinism, which is slightly more common in gnolls than most other species. She has the monstrous teeth, claws and mane her kind is known for, along with the ever present mad cackling. However, it is very obvious Natasatch has been through the ringer. Aside from her usual disheveled appearance she is missing her left eye, most of her left ear, several teeth all beit they are back teeth and don’t really show, and her right foot. Her right leg is supported by a peg leg, half-hazpardly tied to her stump.

The Personality

Natasatch is a walking disaster on legs.

She is constantly in a drugged out daze due to constantly being on an upper. Therefore she manages to get into the worst situations possible, by making the worst decisions possible and being a public nuisance in the process. Anything she thinks of, she thinks is the best idea ever and then she has to do whatever thing she thought of doing, no matter how stupid.
She’s always rambling about something strange and terrible, the problem is not everything is drugged stupor. On occasion, Natasatch’s strange ramblings are completely true, even if represented in words with horrendous accuracy.

The Story

Natasatch came from a deserted island of gnolls, cloaked by magic away from the eyes of humans. Their matriarchal society has flourished and their race claims dominance on the island.

In her youth, Natasatch was a Hunt Master, a gnoll that specializes in he druidic arts, and was easily the best of her kind. She was known for taking down huge prey alone and became kind of a folk hero to the gnolls. After bagging countless large beasts, she turned her attention to a horrible shadow that flew off the top of “Thunder Mountain”, a big black buzzard-like creature that Natasatch affectionately named “Igor”.

Thus she tracked Igor down and confronted him on the mountain top. The two fought, but in the end, Igor reigned victorious, leaving Natasatch gravely wounded after gouging out her eye and throwing her from the top of the mountain.

When she was found, it was certain she’d die. So to make her death comfortable, she was given Dhalia root tea, a tea that had pain relieving qualities and was given a place to die in peace.

She lived.

However, Natasatch never fully recovered. Now missing a leg, an eye, part of her ear and some teeth, Natasatch continued to drink Dhalia tea as being off it was simply painful. Her mind seemed to have rotten, perhaps from the obscene amount of narcotics she consumed or from the fall off the mountain, no one knows for sure. All she does is rant about how Igor stole her eye and that she wants it back.

The gnolls were at a loss of what to do. On one hand, this was a legend to them. Many of them grew up hearing stories of the great Natasatch as pups, they owed her such great respect. However, currently she was an old senile gnoll who’s antics were causing some trouble. The tough decision was made to put together a raft and send Natasatch to live out her life elsewhere, so her legendary legacy would not be tarnished.

And this is how a crack headed gnoll washed up on the gulf shore, ready to wreak some havoc on polite society.

The Powers

1. Crack Head Bullshit- Natasatch is incredibly durable, she manages to get herself into situations that should probably kill her and somehow end up just fine due to the effects of Dhalia tea numbing pain and discomfort. She’ll fight a god and feel just fine. She feels pain in a very muted sense, meaning a crippling wound might just give her a limp.

2. Druid- Natasatch has been a druid since she was a young pup, this gives her several abilities:

*Wild Shape- Twice per day Natasatch can transform herself into an animal she has seen before. The body of that creature is perfectly healthy no matter how much damage she’s previously taken and damage dealt to the body of the animal she's shifted to disappears when she switches back to her gnoll form. She usually chooses things like a saber-toothed hyena or a dire hyena. Once she is transformed she cannot cast spells, however her pain is still muted.

*Summon Beast: Natasatch can summon up magical beasts up to three times a day as follows
1 Dire Hyena or a swarm of bees, rats or frogs
2Giant spiders
3 regular hyenas
4 black bears
Once summoned all animals are permanent and roam off into the wild when no longer under her command. They are only regular animals and can be killed just like a normal bear, spider, hyena or whatever she has summoned.

*Speak with animals

* Shillelagh- Natasatch carries a wooden stick. When casting shillelagh, this stick becomes a magical whacking stick that hurts really bad. Does damage consistent with a iron mace.

*Stone skin- Stone skin makes her very difficult to injure. punching a Natasatch with stone skin in effect is akin to punching a literal rock. She can also cast stone skin, THEN wild shape for a very solid giant hyena that refuses to die.

3. Voice mimicking- This is actually a trait amongst gnolls that she can copy a voice like a tape recorder.

4. Basic Gnoll Strength- She is a Gnoll. She has above average strength for a gnoll… To a human it’s enough to crush a skull like a grape.

5. Poisoner’s knowledge: Natasatch knows her way around nature. She can make remedies and deadly poisons.

The Weaknesses

1.Crack Head BullShit- The crack giveth, the crack taketh away. Dhalia tea numbs pain so much, she can’t tell when she’s actually hurt real bad.

2.STUPID- Natasatch is actually incredibly stupid. Her decision making is horrible and she doesn’t know what not to fight. She will fight a god over a pizza crust in a trash can.

3.Dhalia Tea Fungus- Natasatch’s tea supply is basically unlimited as she grows it herself (easy to do as she is a druid) However, when stored incorrectly, the root can get a fungal infection that causes Gnolls to vividly hallucinate. This results in a feral Natasatch who might get a bit more violent than she normally would.

4.Withdrawls- Dhalia tea is basically a lifestyle for Natasatch now. She has to drink it almost constantly or else some of the pain she is in will come flooding back. Her body has been through hell and back and the only reason she isn’t bed ridden with pain is because she’s constantly self-medicating.

5.Talk with Animals- Animals can just choose not to listen to her unless they are summoned creatures.

6.Slow- She is missing a foot. She’s not nearly as mobile as she used to be and walks with a definite limp.

7. Poison supplies- Preparing poisons and the like requires time to gather the correct materials and some of them are quite difficult to find.

The Items

*Wooden face-bashing stick
*Iron flail
*Iron great axe

*Miniature mortar and pestle
*Several wooden tea mugs
*Many shrunken head trophies
*pocket sand
*Shiny rocks

The Minions

The Fluff

-She is unaware she is missing a foot. She is VERY aware she is missing an eye
-She is unaware that she is not every bit as respected as she used to be

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