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Arkana (WIP)

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Arkana (WIP) Empty Arkana (WIP)

Post by InfiniteDoom March 31st 2022, 2:21 pm


"Pray child, for your fate will be worse than the fates you have forced on others"

The Bio

Real Name:Arkana
Renegade Name: Black Angel
Title:Archangel Arkana - The Purifier -
Alignment: Lawful -  Good
Age: Incomprehensible - Timeless (Likely well over 80,000 years old)
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Hair: Bleach White(Angelic) - Raven Black in her human form
Eyes: Bleach White(Angelic) - Brown Human Form Or Vibrant blue whilst channeling holy power for combat
Height: 6'6 Angelic - 5'7 Human Form
Weight: Variable Angelic Form - 156 pounds to variable in human form, depending on if she's fighting.
Blood type: Angels Blood N/A

The Looks

(Human Form)
Arkana (WIP) Selene-underworld
Arkana (WIP) 94745
Arkana (WIP) Tumblr_nqk3w7T4951rxp34uo1_400
(Angel Form)

(Angel Purifier Form)
Arkana (WIP) 1847-avacyn-the-purifier

The Personality

Honorable, devout, and servitude; Arkana serves higher power with absolutely no question. So it has been, and so it will continue if things continue as she would have them. She carries a profound sense of justice and good, and is no stranger to the words 'smite', 'heresy', and 'judgment'... Evildoers should be made to kneel to justice and order.  Evildoers should be made to fear justice. Kneel and pray to god for salvation... She absolutely cannot sit on injustice.

Not to be confused with her being an easygoing, or easy to talk to individual by any means. It's tough to get into her good graces...  Doubly so in her Angelic form, where one's life story is but a look in the eyes away from being spilled out to her. It doesn't mean she won't fight against injustice and atrocities.
The Story

Ever since Arkana first opened her eyes on the celestial plane, her purpose has been innate. Never explained, but always understood. She was to be the shield against evil. One day, she would assist in caging a great serpent, casting it into oblivion, and liberating mankind from their unrepentant ways. She served in heaven, praising God for many eons. Wielding the mighty spear of Galadrix, for a time all things were known to her. Past, Present, and Future. Even seeing the events that would lead her to be stranded on Earth. Though, understanding the good she could, and would do. She would do so anyway. Selfless, and servile, she simply existed, wanting for nothing. Then something changed...

The great locks that kept the Great Serpent out of human affairs had loosened. His decrepit minions began to travel to the Mortal Plane, not only interfering, but even abducting, and attacking the humans she and her angelic sisters and brothers so deeply cared for. Initially, they were to send a few angels, but the path was decided. No agreements were uttered, and yet it was plain that it was to be Arkana to descend. For the first time in a very long time, an angel would enter the Mortal Realm to banish the evil filth that had spilled from hell... Therein again, a huge issue arose.

As Arkana breached the veil, there was a sudden influx of Chaos. As if expected, she was set upon by the hounds of hell, immediately dispatching a few when one, Gur'Ket, a Demon King struck her down with a mighty, and terrible spell. Nearly killing Arkana on contact; though instead, The Most High intervened. Content to let Arkana experience human trial. Content to let her experience what it was to be a human, if only partly. So, instead of death, Gur'Ket was briefly abolished from the realm, and Arkana fell from the skies to land softly on the Earth. Her Armor, weapons, and identity stripped.

When she awoke, her sense of justice, and knowing remained, however. She had a purpose here. She only needed to remember. Briefly, she would feel ebbs, calls even in the world. Like wisps of smoke in a dense jungle, she would follow, and the winds would change, setting her off on a different path. She was looking for something that belonged to her, and yet she had no idea what it was she was looking for. As such, she travels in search endlessly for identity. Helping the weak, sick, and downtrodden along the way.

As such, it took some time, repeated feats of heroinism that defied logic; but the humans eventually had a name for the mysterious black clad woman who seemed to appear in their darkest hours. The Black Angel. They were dismally unaware how right they were...
The Powers

Bane of Darkness - While Arkana can fight even the strongest of opponents with some effort, there is absolutely nothing that fires her up like demons, and other hell-spawn. She reacts to their presence like a lightning rod, and dispatches them with ruthless efficiency. While in her Angelic form, all but the highest-ranking members of the demonic ladder may have their eyes burned out of their sockets by simply gazing upon the archangel. Most will be compelled to flee away from the Angel using the quickest, and most efficient route possible. Even within the higher caste of the ladder, a special caution is given to an angel of this caliber; created to smite, and cull Dark Creatures

Celestial Prowess - Not much of a technical, kung-fu fighter, Arkana doesn't need to be. Able to stop immense amounts of force with a hand, and easily maneuver several-dozen tons of weight while channeling her Celestial gifts. These include the ability to discern intent, and alignment, jump extremely high, and even levitate for periods of time. She can even fly briefly, and is passively immune to mundane things like poison, radiation, and other otherwise lethal hazards. She does however have the ability to levitate at will, whether channeling or not, making it so that a fall from any height will never be lethal (Unless she's unconscious). In all respects, a particularly mighty 'woman' (Her true Angelic Form however enjoys highly enhanced versions of these effects)

Guardian Angel - Quite in line with her purpose, Arkana can sense the life force of those she deems friends and maintains a knowledge of their location. While channeling her Celestial Gifts, she could even hear them calling out to her from the other side of the planet. These people may often wonder how it seems she always knows when they're coming to visit. If they wish it, they could also call her name in duress, and she will materialize next to them through cosmic backdoors in the fabric of reality, appearing initially as pure light, then solidifying into solid form. This process takes only four seconds or so but can only be done once in a common day cycle. Arkana cannot control this, and must appear when called (Unless of course she has already been called for that day)

The Weaknesses

Bane of Light - Severe, and overwhelming human suffering can greatly diminish the Archangels ability to operate and may force her into retreat to recuperate. Though she can still fight, its simply hard to ignore people in pain. Unless the cause of the pain is actively creating more, she is very easily pulled away from a "true" threat to help those suffering. A truly nefarious individual could use this to stage atrocities to keep her out of the fight for as long as it takes to lessen the wounds of pain she can feel in her very soul and being. That being said, if you ARE the cause of the aforementioned suffering, you might want to not be in the area still...

Man's Best Friend - Arkana cannot kill humanoids. Her body, and physiology will not allow her too. As such, even if she were to attempt to do so, she will be limited to simply knocking them unconscious. Even something as extreme as impaling them with Galidrix would only put them in a state of deep sleep, with the wound healing almost immediately. The only exception to this is if she enters her purifier form, in which case any grievous wounds she inflicts on a person will also be reflected on her own person. Demons, and the truly wicked do not share this benefit however... (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic EVIL characters)

Man's Best Friend (Part ll) - Any character, of an alignment rating Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic GOOD can command Arkana leave them alone, and she will turn heel and do it without another word. Though, the downside to this is that she cannot return to within fifty feet of them for at least seventy-two hours. If she does, she'll be wracked with immense pain, and splitting headaches. Rendering her quite literally unable to do anything but writhe in pain.

Brung Low - Arkana is nothing like what she was since she entered the Mortal Plane. Her purpose was simply to come and "extricate" the demonic filth that defiled the plane, before ultimately returning to heaven. Absent her holy gear, she is quite literally mortal when not channeling. Even more, Arkana doesn't honestly know WHAT she's channeling, thinking herself just another hero like any other.
The Items

Arkana's Choker - A choker imbued with Arkana's holy essence; it allows her to converse freely with anything regardless of any pre-existing language barriers. It also causes her voice to physically harm, and mentally toil any demons that hear it, only adding to the terror she inflicts on the minions of evil. Using this, she also has the ability to 'command' lesser beings, compelling them to do the tasks she asks. They will do so for roughly an hour after hearing the command, then have their sense return to them. (On her neck)

Arkana's Vambraces - Made from a material that has no place in the human realm, these Vambraces serve as armor, and natural amplifiers of her Angelic Might. Wearing these puts an already powerful being into a realm of true Celestial Might. In addition, she gains the ability to destroy non-organic matter up to a mile or so around her with a snap (More like a thought really) of her fingers. Although this ability can only be used once every eight hours or so. Beyond that, a mortal of good alignment could wear these, and enjoy the benefits garnered from its boons. Though this item will rapidly sap their life force from continued use. Not a threat if you plan to use it for a few minutes. A few hours might see you confused as to why you have gray hairs, and a click in your knee however. (Searching)

Arkana's Battle Armor - This battle armor, made of elements which have no place on the Mortal Plane, whilst only partially covering her, magically bolsters the Archangel's defense to levels that make her seem impossible to kill. Able to survive the most extreme events and rendering her nearly completely invulnerable to conventional weapons and attacks. If Arkana finds this item, she would be one step closer to truly regaining her memory, and purpose on the Mortal plane. It won't be a full recollection of memory, but she will certainly be able to remember that she isn't a regular hero and has a certain destiny about her existence. This item will allow her to channel the Celestial energies better, and for longer periods; also giving her the ability of flight at will. (Searching)

Arkana's boots - A pair of simple black boots, the materials and elements have no true distinction on the physical plane, but like most of her ensemble resemble regular leather, give Arkana the speed of Gods. Able to move incredible distances in the time it takes a simple thought to be made, if she ever found a reason, she could run fast enough to start storms. This item will further increase her ability to channel the Celestial Energies and renders her almost completely immune to mental subterfuge. Searching

Galidrax, The Ring Finger of God - The most powerful item that belongs to Arkana, and arguably one of the strongest items on the mortal plane. This eight foot dual-pronged spear holds the knowledge of God himself, and if Arkana comes in possession of it will be indiscernible from one herself. Able to superheat this weapon to temperatures many times hotter than the core of the sun, she can cleave through nearly anything with this. With it she can channel Esoteric abilities so outlandish Mortal minds couldn't possibly comprehend them. Though, also, this item likely heralds the end of her journey in the Mortal Realm. It is the end of the road for Arkana if she picks this up, immediately remembering her fractured past, she will likely seek to destroy any Demons she can find, then repair the wound between Hell, and Earth. In her pure Angelic form, humans will not be able to see her unless she wills it. Even then, will likely forget her as soon as their eyes leave her form, unless she wills it. This is after all a weapon crafted by God, for an immortal warrior crafted by the most holy himself. If a Mortal touches this weapon, they will likely combust into dust, or if powerful enough to physically withstand it, be driven mad by the rush of information garnered over an eternity. (Searching - Legacy - Character Endgame Item)

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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