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Number 06 - Elaine Sierra Wolff

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Number 06 - Elaine Sierra Wolff Empty Number 06 - Elaine Sierra Wolff

Post by InfiniteDoom March 29th 2022, 10:38 pm

Elaine Sierra Wolff

"Warm, Cold makes no difference how you come in dirtbag"

The Bio

Real Name: Elaine Sierra Wolff
Hero Name: N6 - 6 - Number 6 - Agent 6
Title:  DEVGRU (US Naval Special Warfare Development Group) Lieutenant Seal Team [Redacted]
Alignment: Lawful - Neutral
Blood type:Type AB (RH Negative)

The Looks

The Personality

A no nonsense woman, Elaine is dedicated to ensuring the safety of American citizens by any means necessary. By no means an evil woman, she can none-the-less be cruel to those deserving. With a military background she's hyper-focused on completing whatever mission objectives are placed in front of her. That being said, she isn't a stone wall, and is very empathetic, trying to find the good in even the worst of the worst. Although she won't let that search result in the loss of innocent lives. In the end, the mission, and the safety of her teammates and countrymen (and women) is placed above all else.

She's also a huge video game freak, probably one of, if not the best Call of Duty player in the world.

The Story

She was born in the lower east side of the Bronx, New York to loving parents. Elaine Sierra Wolff was manipulated by the Government she served before she could even learn to walk, or talk. The sixth test subject out of a control group of thirteen, she was secretly injected with a Super Soldier Serum when she was only an infant. While many of the other test subjects died, she survived, and as she grew up quickly realized she wasn't like other children. A few regrettable mistakes forced her to become a recluse. Sports would've been an obvious giveaway that she wasn't normal, and so she kept to herself for most of her life. Joining the JROTC in high-school, and approached for service in the military when she was only seventeen. By no means a coincidence.

On her eighteenth birthday, she joined the ARMY, and went on to go into further education at Westpoint Military Academy. Therein she took leadership courses, and graduated top of her class. From there, she went onto active duty, serving in two conflicts overseas; she was a natural. Nigh unstoppable, was an accolade placed into her military profile. She eventually tried to pass selection for the Green Berets, to no one's surprise, excelling, and outdoing even the men that she trained beside. With the Berets, she took on several sensitive missions in foreign countries, saving the lives of many of her teammates in the field, and in no short order millions of lives abroad.

By the time Elaine was twenty-three, she was a thoroughbred soldier, and a war hero to boot; quickly making Lieutenant, and had several branches vying for her service. Ultimately, this lead her to the NAVY, to train with the SEALS, the legendary prestigious Clandestine Warfare unit that would teach her everything a soldier could possibility need to know. Including, but not limited too Rapid Assault Training (RAT),  Close Quarter Combat, Applied Explosive Techniques, Defensive Driving, Unarmed/Edged weapon combat, Structure Penetration/Threat Elimination, Extreme Environment Survival, Unassisted Freefall training, Field Medicine application, Counter Surveillance, and recruitment and support of HUMINT assets (Human Intelligence).

After passing BUDS, she worked openly with the seals for three years, then... Seemingly vanishes from Military Record.
The Powers

Photographic Reflex - Perhaps the bread and butter of her arsenal, Elaine can copy the movements of another in real time with impeccable accuracy. To the point that she can learn say an entire style of fighting by watching another's body movements alone. In combat this means not only can she easily recreate an opponent's fighting style, but she can also quickly assess their hand-to-hand skill and ability, turning their own skills against them with surprisingly quick epithet. This is her hidden power, and even the ones that tested on her aren't aware that she's capable of this, assuming the Super Serum she was given as an infant simply makes her faster, and stronger.

Strength - Elaine is much stronger than the average human being, while not on the level of a true juggernaut, she has been cited with feats of strength that are supernatural, such as lifting military Humvees to free trapped soldiers, and even breaking bones from punches and kicks. Its believed she can maneuver roughly half a ton of weight with ease, though she's never actually had a reason to do so in the past.

Durability & Regeneration -  Elaine is an extremely tough cookie, having skin that is notably tougher than the average human, and the ability to survive falls from heights that are plainly abnormal. She has recovered from gunshot wounds within hours, and even found the wound healed, only a light scratch, or indent where the wound was inflicted. Even further, against lower caliber weapons, there is even a chance these calibers can shatter against her skin instead of penetrating. Ditto for knives, and blades.

Reflexes & Speed - Going hand in hand with her Photographic Mimicry, Elaine is absolutely lethal in a gunfight due to her millisecond reflexes, easily able to draw her firearm on a normal human being and fire even if they had their weapon trained on her beforehand. Of course, this also is doubly effective in hand-to-hand combat. For a non-super this woman will seem nigh unkillable. Always two, if not three or four steps ahead of the most well thought out plans.
The Weaknesses

Photographic Reflex - Elaine's photographic mimicry cannot function if she's rendered unable to see, or has her vision hindered. While this doesn't tactically neuter her by any means, she'll be hard pressed to use one of her greatest advantages if she can't visually see her target.  This makes simple things like blindfolds (bag over the head for example), flashbangs, and even pepper spray highly detrimental to her tactical effectiveness.

Strength - Elaine while strong, has never really been tasked with fighting anything near on her level, and likely doesn't realize what she's capable of. Beyond that, she needs to be well nourished for he powers to flourish. Something as simple as being denied food, and water will sap this power, making it up to seventy-five percent less potent. Greatly decreasing her potential strength.

Durability & Regeneration - While tough, she isn't invincible, and can still feel pain, and reacts to it like a normal human being. Whether that's a misunderstanding of ability is yet to be seen. Also, while her skin is much more durable, and hardened, a large enough caliber bullet (.45 onwards) will rip through her if its fired close enough. This is ditto for an opponent with sufficient enough strength. She may be able to tank a knife shot from a regular human, but another super would likely open her like a can of sardines. In addition, this ability shares the same weakness of nourishment. If she's denied food, or water for too long this will become less and less effective until she's practically at a level of being near human.

Reflexes & Speed - While by no means a pure speedster, Elaine can hang in there with a few. Although not for long, as a true to bones speedster can eventually outdo ever her photographic mimicry if they're moving faster than she can react. It's by no means to say she's a slouch, however. This ability as with most of her others suffers from a need to be well nourished to persist. If she isn't, she'll soon find even a well-trained regular soldier might be able to match her.
The Items

Elaine commonly uses, but is certainly not limited to variations of the M4A1 Carbine, FN Scar Both Gen 16/17, HK416, not to mention any other applicable weapons used by USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command). This extends to certain vehicles within reason, and sidearms. Not to mention cleared ordinance, such as flasbangs, stun greanades, tear gas, and lethal ordinance. If the military has it, she has access.

(Eventually, a suit specifically made for her will be added here as well, but I'd like to earn it through RP)

For now she uses military issue tac gear/rigs. And common BDU's colors varying to the environment, or mission at hand.
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

"You got him, Wolff?"

Her contact asked through their headsets, to which she would respond with a casual.

"Mmmhm, I got him."

A light crunch followed her words, apparently she was eating something. She watched the contact through the rifle scope of a Remington R700, floating the crosshairs right by his ear at the contact they were supposed to meet here. The man was an insurgent in a well known terrorist organization, and believed he was here to pick make a buy for several dozen AK-47's. That was partly true, but these weapons were tagged with a geo-locator. If they took them, they would be able to track them back to their hideout, and they could send in an actual team to shut them down for good. Not to say the team they had on scene here wasn't stacked, but they made sure to not be obvious. Hiding in plain sight, but mostly nowhere on the street.

"Alright, here we go... YO, What's up man, thought you forgot about me"

He said aloud to the man as he walked up, Elaine watched carefully from across a river, sitting in the back of a large van, sitting on the opposite end of it to where she was aiming out of through a small hole in the window. The distance was roughly a football field away. She kept the crunch bar in her mouth, pursed between her lips as she kept her hands on the rifle, aimed in and listening to their discourse.

'We do not forget Mr. Michaels; do you have something for me?

The man asked, audible to her through the wire her Task Force operative was wearing.

Mickey laughed, clapping and rubbing his hands together. Reaching back and popping the trunk of the jeep. He took a step back, inviting the man to observe the items. The target looked in the trunk, hands going inside and the sound of a gun slide audible. He nodded a few times.

"Come on baby, you know me... Real deal, you can start a small war with this shit. This aint that cheap knock off stuff neither, real Kalishnakov you feel me?"

The target peered in the trunk for a little longer, then nodded handing over a suitcase, and extending his hands for the keys to the car. Mickey handed him the keys, then picked up the suitcase, taking a few steps back. The man briskly walked over to the driver door, opened it and got in. She trailed him with the rifle, keeping him lined up on a Killshot, but keeping her finger off the trigger. He got in, started the vehicle, then pulled off, driving away. Mickey in turn turned to leave, walking in Elaine's direction and towards the pickup. Elaine watched on still, making sure there were no surprises.

He mumbled turning the corner and walking onwards. She briefly pulled her head back, checking the entire horizontal scene and not seeing anything out of order. It was done... The fun part came next.

"Guy creeps me out Lieutenant..."

"Yeahp, they all do rookie... Straight to pick-up, got you till the corner..."

"Yes Mam..."

"Pick those feet up Seargeant, Maxi, Twist, Roach, break cover... We're rolling. Double-Time it..."

Heard that..

The team sounded off, breaking corner and headed back. Wolff herself beginning to break the rifle down, they needed to get prepared for the next step. They would go to the local airbase, get a Task Force, and hit these guys at home. Easy as pie...

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Number 06 - Elaine Sierra Wolff Empty Re: Number 06 - Elaine Sierra Wolff

Post by Zonkes March 30th 2022, 12:57 am

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